50 Fun, easy fall arts & crafts for toddlers 2 & 3 years old

Sarah Peerless

Sarah Peerless

Juicy red apples, pumpkins and leaves in all shades of brown, orange and red, can only mean one thing – fall!  (Or autumn as it’s known back where I’m from.)  So it’s time to find some fun and easy fall crafts for your 2 year old or older toddler.   

These fall crafts should keep a 2 year old out of mischief for at least 10 minutes and will be easy enough for a 3 year old to have a good crack at with minimal assistance. 

Importantly these fall crafts won’t leave said toddler or the table/room/entire house completely filthy.

That’s just not my idea of fun!

Toddler crafts, for fall or otherwise, also need to be mom-friendly.

In my book that means super quick to prepare, using normal crafty materials I either have at home or are easy to come by and don’t result in one giant mess (or several toddler-sized mini messes).

When it comes to the learning aspect, nearly all crafting involves some kind of fine motor skill.  That’s pretty much a given.

Double points when said craft involves some form of activity first, getting your toddler moving and burning off some energy.

There’s plenty of opportunity for this when it comes to autumn and fall crafts; collecting and foraging for leaves and other bits and bobs you find on the ground is the precursor to many a fall craft.  So part fall activity and fall craft, perfect for 2 year olds, 3 year olds and older kids too.  

I hope these fun and easy fall crafts for 2 year olds give you some ideas to keep your little ones busy, in a constructive way.

For ease, I’ve categorized according to the type of fall craft – from leaves and trees, to apples, acorns and pumpkins. 

But first, the easiest of the fall crafts – glue and paint-free and simple to set-up – for the moments when you’re short on time and low on energy.  (These are some of the ones I’ve done with my toddler and preschooler, keeping them busy, busy, busy… and me sane!  Win, win, win!)

SUPER EASY fall crafts for 2 year olds – glue and paint-free!

There might be the occasional glue dot and there’s no escaping contact paper, but other than that these no-glue, no-paint fall crafts for toddlers are about as mess-free as you can get.

Scissors skills toddler craft finished 2

1. Easy pumpkin or apple craft for scissor skills

Toddlers love cutting and even when they’re scissor skills are still a little dodgy and leave raggedy edges this craft still turns out a treat!  You can pretty much make any round fruit with the same method, just choose an appropriate color craft and switch out the leaf.

Fall activity for toddlers

2. Birds nest scavenger collage

This is a double whammy of busyness for toddlers, part ‘Fall activity’, part ‘Fall craft’.

First, the toddlers get to scurry around the garden burning off some much-needed energy while foraging for dried leaves, seeds, seed pods and anything interesting that’ll work in a bird nest collage.

Then they should be able to sit still enough to create a true masterpiece (!).

Finally, to add the bird cut-out and the birds’ nest collage is complete!

fall-dot-sticker-printable for toddlers

3. Fall Dot Sticker Printable from Two Pink Peonies

This printable dot sticker apple is an ideal fall activity for a 2 year old toddler and for mom too. Print off the free templates (there’s a pumpkin, acorn, apple and maple leaf printable in the set) and you’re good to go. 

If you don’t have dot stickers, don’t worry! Dot markers would work just as well.

suncatcher easy fall craft for 2 year olds

4. Fall Suncatchers from Crafts by Amanda (with free template)

How about making these gorgeous fall suncatchers with your toddler?  Grab the free acorn, apple or pumpkin template to create an outline – contact paper fills the negative space of each shape.  Then it’s plain sailing – all they need to do is stick color tissue papers to the sticky contact paper.  This is such a lovely mess-free fall craft for 2 year olds. 





5. Reversible Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins  & Yarn Apple Craft & Garland from Red Ted Art

Wrapping yarn around a cardboard apple or pumpkin cutout can’t get much simpler and cute looking.

String them into a garland or hang them on door handles for Fall and add some felt eyes, nose and mouth for Halloween.

Quick and simple looking even for a toddler so these are definitely on my list for another time.

Pumpkin fall craft for toddlers

6. Pony Bead Pumpkins from Cutesy Crafts

These are going to be a must in our house – I know my eldest is going to love threading all those beads to make these little pumpkins.

7. Fall scented playdough from The Soccor Mom Blog

Not strictly a “craft” but in many ways better.  Play dough is a lovely sensory activity especially when it has the fragrances of fall locked in.  Playing with it has loads of other benefits too, from strengthening the fingers and wrists to developing communication and language skills, since there’s sure to be a lot of dialogue as your toddler explains what it is he’s making!

Once you’ve made a batch of this play dough you’ll be able to reuse it several times over, making it a quick and easy fall craft for your 2 year old.

Fall craft for toddlers

8. Easy Fall Leaf Craft for Toddlers from Mom In The Six

This is a really easy one that the tiniest toddler can get stuck in to (or even on to, if you’re not careful!)

Using some masking tape, attach a square of contact paper to a window low enough for your little one to reach.  Then give your toddler free reign with a selection of craft leaves, super cheap from the dollar store.


Leaf monsters fall craft for toddlers

9. Leaf monsters

Another one that involves some foraging for leaves and other Fall debris before getting started – we used a leaf for the monster’s body and seed pods for arms.

Then let your toddler go to town with some sharpies, stick on some googley eyes and mini pompoms for hair with glue dots and that’s one not-at-all-scary but super cute monster done and dusted.


10. Turkey handprint art from Felt With Love Designs

Help your toddler draw around her hand and then time to have fun coloring it in – painting or any other form of decorating would work too – if you don’t mind a bit of mess that is!

Then you just need to add the turkey beak, eye and some feet and then finally the date.  Stick it in a frame for a memory of this Fall and for many more to come!

Or this would make a lovely Thanksgiving gift for the grandparents.

Wall tree craft for toddlers

11. Paper Sticky Fall Tree from I Heart Crafty Things

Another one that uses contact paper for zero mess and clean up.  Simply punch circles out of construction paper, crumple some brown craft paper to form a trunk and then get sticking.  This is such an ideal fall craft for 2 year olds.


Halloween activity pack for toddlers


APPLE fall crafts for 2 year olds

These apple craft ideas are sure to appeal to toddlers – they all seem to love apples!   

Paper plate apple craft for fall for toddlers

12. Paper plate apple fall craft from Mombrite

This is a lovely quick fall craft, turned learning exercise, perfect for toddlers 2 and 3 years old.

You can teach your toddler about all the different parts of the apple and then practise counting out the number of seeds inside (before they get eaten – since they are just raisins!)

Fall apple lacing craft for toddlers

13. Apple lacing fall craft for older toddlers/preschoolers

This requires some slightly more advanced finger work and a bit more patience – it takes a while before it starts to resemble anything remotely apple-like.

So this fall craft is more suitable for 3 year olds and older toddlers.

My nearly 4 year old really enjoyed this (he loved making the apples ‘fly’ when he was pulling the thread through.  But like most preschoolers, after 10 minutes he was ready to move on, so it did take 3 separate sittings to finish the job.  Worth it though!

14. Apple pie paper plate craft from A Little Pinch Of Perfect

A fun and easy fall craft for any pie loving 2 year old, using real apples to stamp paint onto the paper plate.  Clever and cute.

15. Popsicle stick apple craft from When Is Dinner

These cute popsicle stick apples would make gorgeous decor for fall. You’re definitely going to need to help a 2 year old with this fall craft but I think the results will be worth it.  There’s also plenty of opportunity to practice shape and color recognition – bonus!

easy tissue paper fall craft for toddlers


16. Tissue paper apple craft

Tissue paper scrumpling, a dab of glue and some paper plates or cardboard cut into an apple shape are all you need for this easy fall craft for toddlers.  Mine insisted on using some very non-appley green which ended up looking blue, but there you go.  They were happy, which means I was too.

Tree Fall craft for toddlers

17. Apple Tree Craft for Toddlers from The Play based Mom

To make the leaves of this tree canopy, dip a loofah into some green paint.  Wait to dry and then add some finger print apples.  A lovely process art and fall craft for toddlers wrapped up in this sweet tree painting.

LEAF fall crafts for toddlers 2 to 3 year olds

The gorgeous reds, browns, auburns and other beautiful colors of the leaves are what makes fall so special.  One of my favorite fall activities is, or should I say, “was” pre-kids, simply to wander the tree-lined streets, crunching in the leaves and admiring all the autumnal colors…  

Anyway, here are some lovely toddler fall crafts using leaves in a multitude of creative ways.  

Leaf-People-Fall-Craft for toddlers

18. Leaf People Fall Craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning

With acorns for eyes instead of googly eyes and no mad-colored hair, these are the ‘people’ version of the little leaf monsters we made.  Such a cute craft and activity for toddlers to do during fall.

19. Playdough Fall craft from The Inspiration Edit

Another winning fall craft for 2 year olds that combines with playdough with craft leaves. Twist-up a stick-colored piece of playdough and stick some craft leaves on.  Done.

This will work just as well with real leaves making this another two-part activity, starting with a good forage outside.

20. Lion leaf craft with printable template from Easy Peasy and Fun

Leaves make up the lioins mane in this easy Fall craft – my eldest toddler/preschooler is going to love this one!  He’s yet to see a real lion but know that they have a big mane and ‘big sharp teeth’ – such a boy!

21. Fall leaves wreath craft from Honey And Lime

Cut the middle out of a paper plate and you have the perfect canvas for this lovely fall craft.  Then simply have your 2 year old stick the craft leaves on.  Thread some ribbon through a punched hole and hang it up. Isn’t it gorgeous!

22. Andy Goldsworthy inspired leaf pattern from Red Ted Art

For a pretty outdoor craft activity, make a pretty pattern out of leaves.  Over a few days, collect leaves in a variety of different colors with your toddler, so you can make a pattern as striking as the one above. 

A perfect fall craft for 2 year olds which will also help develop important pre-math skills of sorting and pattern making.

23. Toilet Paper Roll Leaf Stamping Fall Tree Craft from Crafty Morning

Squish a toilet roll into a leaf shape and use that to stamp leaves onto a tree.  Possibly not the best description – check out the link above for some pictures and to download the free tree template.

24. Reverse Fall Leaf Craft for Kids from This Mamas Life

For a fun art activity and fall craft for 2 year olds, tape leaves to canvas or thick painting paper using double-sided tape, then simply start painting.  Remove the leaves when the paint is dry and voila! 

You may need to help your toddler with this fall craft and encourage them to paint from the middle of the leaf out.  Painting the other way around makes it hear to get neat edges as paint will end up under the leaf.

25. Tissue paper maple leaf from Two Pink Peonies

Using the free printable and template you can easily create this tissue paper maple leaf craft with your 2 year old.  An easy toddler fall art activity that will help strengthen finger and hand muscles with all that tissue paper scrunching.

Leaf Garland Fall craft for toddlers

26. Newspaper Watercolor Leaf Garland from Red Ted Art 

I love the rusticness of this Fall craft and would love to see it hanging in the house somewhere. You’ll probably appreciate this one more than your 2 or 3 year old, but hey-ho! 

This one also breaks my normal rule of not spending too much time helping (a toddler craft should be a craft that the toddler can do, right?!) But for this Fall craft, you will definitely be taking the lead while your 2 year old assists.  

They’re going to love the painting part but the cutting will be a bit tricky. This Fall craft will be perfect for older preschoolers with more advanced cutting skills though.

coffee filter fall crafts for toddlers

27. Coffee Filter Fall Leaves Craft from Mom Brite

Fall leaves are just the prettiest, so why not make some with few supplies you have in your kitchen – coffee filters! Use the templates to cut the leaves and then your toddler can get painting.  A fun and engaging fall craft for toddlers that’ll make a lovely decoration.

leaf fall mask crafts for toddlers

28. Fall Leaf Mask from @naturskool

Why not create this gorgeous mask with your toddler? Use cardboard to make the base of the mask then simply stick some leaves on.  Add a popsicle stick so they can easily hold it when they start playing.

A lovely activity and fall craft for your 2 or 3 year old.

handprint fall crafts for toddlers

29. Handprint Leaf Wreath from @creativeandbusysquirrels

If you have a few kids to entertain and a bit of time on your hands, this handprint leaf wreath will make a lovely fall art project, ideal for preschool.  All you need are some fall-themed hues such as yellow, orange and red, willing hands and someone with good scissor skills. 

easy banner fall crafts for 2 year olds

30. Colorful Fall Leaves Banner from @annerture

If you’ve been collecting leaves in all shapes and sizes, why not try this cute leaf banner. You can use paint or markers for this fun fall toddler craft – whatever is available. Then hang them up using jute twine or yarn.

Toddler fall TREE crafts for 2 and 3 year olds

With a tree trunk as a starting point, there are so many creative ways to add leaves and create some tree-themed fall crafts for toddlers.

Forget paint brushes – think outside the box with these fall activities for toddlers.  Let them explore painting and artwork with a sponge or another material; cotton balls, Q-tips, leaves or pinecones… whatever you have to hand that is going to do the work of transferring paint to paper.

There are plenty of ideas below.

Toddler Fall Craft (tissue paper tree)

31. Fall Tree Craft for Preschoolers from The Play Based Mom

Another tissue scrumpling exercise to create a cute tree-themed fall craft for 2 year olds.  You can also get your toddlers to practice their cutting skills by creating a lawn of green grass at the base of the tree.




32.  Apple stamping fall tree from The Dragon Mama

Draw the trunk of a tree, and supply your 2 year old toddler with apple halves and reds and greens.  Then stand back and watch a masterpiece unfold! Or not.  Your little one is sure to have fun, anyway.

Fall tree painting craft for toddlers

33. Autumn tree painting craft with sponges from Cendu Param

Using cut up sponges for the leaves and tree canopy works a treat!  Sketch out a tree, grab your fall colored paint and let your 2  year old get to work.

34. Pine cone painted fall tree craft from Kidz Activity Zone

The leaves in this fall art activity for toddlers are made by the pine cone scales (yup, that’s what they’re called) and the tree trunk is simply brown construction paper, making for a super fun and easy fall craft for 2 year olds.

35. Colorful fall tree popcorn craft from A Little Pinch Of Perfect

In this fall toddler craft you paint the popcorn first and then stick them on your tree.  Sounds tricky, but by squirting the paint into a freezer bag and adding your popcorn, you can contain the mess completely. 

Mixing up the paint and popcorn in this way makes a lovely mess-free painting and sensory activity for 2 year olds too.

36. Pompom painted fall tree from Journey to SAHM

Rather than a paint brush, try a clothes pin and pompom, what a cute idea! Such a fun way for your 2 year old to paint the leaves on the tree.

37. Bubble Wrap Fall Tree from Red Ted Art

The bubble wrap produces a completely different effect in this fall tree craft for 2 year olds.  Paint a sky and grass background first and add leaves to the ground to create a blustery autumnal scene. 

The gorgeous fall tree craft in the photo above is definitely worthy of framing – I’m not so I could achieve the same with my toddler?!

38. Fall Leaves Tissue Paper Craft from Raise Curious Kids

What is it with tissue paper scrunched leaves?! This time it’s a fun 3D tree fall craft for your 2 or 3 year old.

handprint Fall crafts for 2 year olds

39. Handprint Fall Tree Craft from @letstalkmomming

Handprint crafts make the best keepsakes, so if you want to remember this fall, try this toddler fall craft. Use brown construction paper for a trunk, or alternatively paint it on. 

Then it’s time for some toddler-sized hand prints for the leaves.  A simply adorable fall craft for 2 year olds!

ACORN fall toddler crafts 

acorn puppet easy fall crafts for 2 year olds

40. Paper Bag Acorn Craft Idea from In the Bag Kids Crafts

This paper bag acorn craft is not only adorable, but it can turn into a fall-themed puppet. Once your toddler has finished, they’re going to love playing with their new acorn friends.   

handprint lacing acorn craft for toddlers

41. Acorn Lacing Craft from @kidscraftroom

This handprint acorn lacing is a lovely fall craft for toddlers as well as a great fine motor activity for Autumn.  The jute yarn adds a natural and rustic feel, doesn’t it?

Quick tip: to make the lacing easier for your toddler, wrap the ends of the string with a sticky tape.

SCARECROW fall crafts for 2 year olds

fun fall scarecrow paper craft for toddlers

42. Paper Plate Scarecrow Craft from Printables Fairy

This silly scarecrow is such a fun fall craft for 2 year olds. Thanks to the free printable it’ll be easy to prep. 2 year olds will have fun sticking the different parts of the scarecrow on, while 3 year olds can have a go at cutting too.  Either way, this fall art activity will help strengthen fine motor skills.

popsicle stick-scarecrow for easy fall crafts for 2 year olds

43. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow from Crafting with Kids

If you have plenty of craft sticks and googly eyes (like me, guilty as charged!), this easy fall craft for toddlers is a must. Just look how cute that little scarecrow is? 

Let your 2 year old decide whether they’ll be silly or scary. Or how about scarily cute?

PUMPKIN fall crafts for 2 to 3 year olds

Here are some cute pumpkin crafts to keep your toddlers busy this fall.

Finger print pumpkin craft and toddler activity

44. Pumpkin fingerprint craft from Mom Envy

Why not learn a poem while you’re crafting with your toddler?  There are loads of benefits to learning nursery rhyme benefits, the key one being that’s it’s really good for language development.  This fun fall craft for 2 and 3 year olds is based on the 5 little pumpkins poem:

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate,
First one said “Oh my, it’s getting late!”
Second one said “There are witches in the air,”
Third one said “but we don’t care!”
Fourth one said “Let’s run and run and run.”
Fifth one said “I’m ready for some fun!”
Ooo ooo went the wind, and out went the lights,
And five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.


45. Pumpkin stamped art from In The Kids Kitchen

No one likes eating soft or bruised apples but don’t chuck them on the compost yet!  First, try some apple stamping.

This is a lovely process art activity turned craft that I’ve yet to try with my toddlers – with those two in the house, there’s never an apple left!

But we did play at apple bobbing this morning and some of those apples are looking a little worse for wear… so we might be able to justify using some for stamping soon enough.

Handprint pumpkin craft for toddlers

46. Handprint pumpkins from The Frugal Foot Doc  

Who doesn’t love handprint crafts?  They make such adorable keepsakes.  However, they can be a bit tricky, even with an amenable toddler.  Nevertheless, these Halloween handprint pumpkins look well worth a try!  

Paper plate pumpkin craft for Halloween

47. Super simple paper plate pumpkin craft from Mom Brite

This fall craft will make a fun and easy art project for a 2 year old and older toddlers will be able to help with the cutting out too.  

string art pumpkin craft for 2 year olds

48. String Art Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft from Red Ted Art

This fun pumpkin craft is a slightly simpler version of the paper plate apple lacing one.  Here you wrap the yarn around paper fasteners rather than having to thread it, making it an easy fall craft for 2 year olds.  It’s sure to keep older toddlers busy too.  

It’s mom-friendly to0, only requiring a few basic craft supplies that are easy to prepare.

pumpkin marble painting for 3 year olds

49. Marble Painting Pumpkin Craft from Simply Full of Delight

For an easy and fun fall craft activity, give marble painting a try using the pumpkin-shaped free printable.

You’ll be amazed at how simple and adorable this fall craft activity is, and your 2 or 3 year olds will be fascinated by this process of painting while rolling marbles around.  It’s like killing two birds with one stone! A win-win situation I must say.

Other easy fall crafts for 2 year olds

cute pinecone turkey fall toddler crafts


50. Pinecone Turkey from @millennialadventurer

This pinecone turkey craft will definitely keep your toddlers busy! Paint the pinecones with fall-themed colors, a brown pompom ball for the head, then finish with googly eyes, beak and wattle.

There you have it! A cute little turkey pinecone, perfect as a fall table centerpiece or put it on the mantlepiece.

Easy fall crafts for 2 & 3 year olds with PRINTABLES


51. Learn Numbers Counting Game & Craft from Yes We Made This

I really liked this one because it’s both a craft that gets the fingers working and a learning exercise in counting.

Start by printing the template – you can find it for free on the link above.  You can print in either color or black and white.  I went for the black and white option partly because I’m bit of cheapskate but also because my toddlers love coloring!

My two spent a good 10 minutes coloring the tree green and the apples red.  I then cut the apples out and we practiced counting different numbers of apples and putting them on the tree.  Finally, we glued them all on.

A bit of crafting, a bit of counting.  Done and done!

printable autumn coloring page for 2 year olds

52. Autumn Leaf Printable Activity from In the Playroom

We all know Autumn is coming when the weather is getting colder and wetter. And what better way to keep the kids busy when stuck indoors all of a sudden than some fall-themed coloring pages for toddlers? 

This easy coloring activity should keep older toddlers and preschoolers busy as they work on their fine motor skills while appreciating the wonderful colors of fall.



The Fab-BOO-lous Activity Pack includes:

  • fun games to play with family and friends
  • cute Halloween crafts, easy snacks plus sensory play ideas
  • activity sheets galore – from shadow match, to I-Spy, dot-to-dot, mazes and more
  • easy no-prep activity ideas for outside and indoors
  • your Halloween bucket list – decide what to do and check off as you go

Templates, directions and everything you need for a fun-filled and stress-free Halloween included!


Which fall craft for toddlers will you try first?

Will you try a beautiful fall tree or perhaps a juicy red apple? There’s certainly plenty of fall art for toddlers to choose from.

Whichever you chose, my hope is it keeps your little one busy for long enough for you to grab a cup of tea and enjoy this magical season!


Looking for more activities this fall, excited about Halloween?  Check these out:

Is it too early to think about Christmas? Never!

For more easy toddler activities to keep your little ones busy indoors and out check out:

Feeling super organised?  Check out these Easter crafts: 


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