50 Easy Transportation Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers

Trucks, cars, rockets and airplanes must be top of the list when it comes to toys that little kids love to play with, particularly little boys. For my toddler boy, it was anything with wheels! And now at the age of 4, this is still yet to change.

Whether you have a little one at home or have a gaggle (?!) of 3 or 4-year-olds in your care (hats off to you!), you’re sure to enjoy this list of easy and fun transportation crafts for preschoolers.

These art and craft ideas are perfect for your transport theme at preschool, or at home. I did several of these with my two little ones and a few of their friends when doing “school with Mommy” as they called it, back in Africa.

From air and water transportation crafts to car art projects, you’ll be sure to find something preschoolers will enjoy. Most are simply transportation-themed crafts so good to practice fine motor skills while getting the imagination and creativity going.

There are also several crafts with a more specific learning objective, from counting practice, to shape recognition as well as STEM crafts and activities – with the transport theme, there’s so much opportunity to engage little learners!

In terms of age, these transportation crafts are for 3 and 4-year-olds, your typical older toddler and preschooler age.

But if you’re looking for a fun car, boat or air transport craft for your 2-year-old, when the wheel fascination seems to start, you’re sure to find something easy enough too.

Free Printable Transportation Crafts & Activities

If you’re short on time or have a lot of preschoolers to keep entertained, a free printable transportation craft might be a good place to start.

There are lots of fun and easy activities for preschoolers with a transport theme on this list. From land and air to water transport activities there’s quite a selection. All will help those all-important fine motor skills.

For supplies and materials for these activities, check out our recommended product list.

Do a dot transportation crafts for 2 year olds

Do A Dot Transportation Art Project (with Free Printables!)

Looking for an easy transportation activity for your preschooler? Grab these free do-a-dot transportation printables, some dot markers, and get started! Little ones get to practice their fine motor skills while creating different transportation-themed pictures.
Visit The Salty Mamas for more details.
school bus land transportation crafts for toddlers

Paper School Bus Kids Craft and Photo Book

Here's a fun fold-up paper school bus photobook for toddlers and preschooler. It comes with a free printable template which they can color or print, then stick in pictures of their family, friends and classmates.
Head over to Barley and Birch for more details.
B for bus preschool craft ideas for transportation

Letter B is For Bus

Letter B is for "bus" – Introduce the letter B to your preschoolers with this fun and engaging transport activity. It's easy to prepare with a free printable template.
Go to Crayons and Cravings for details.

Alphabet Wheels Transport Activity Sheet

Here’s a fun way 2 and 3-year-olds can learn about matching colors, while for older toddlers and preschoolers they can match upper and lower case letter, all with a car theme. Grab the free printable and some dot stickers and you’re good to go.

Alphabet wheel transport activity from playtolearn_prek.

Fire Truck Craft – Free Template Included

Here’s a fun way to teach preschoolers about community helpers and fire safety. This fire truck craft includes a free printable template that you can precut; older preschoolers can practice their scissor skills, while younger toddlers can simply stick together to complete this fun transport craft.

Fire truck craft from craftingjeannie.

If you’re a lover of free printables and want to create some personalised artwork with your preschooler, check out our free Valentines handprint art templates.

Car Art Projects for Preschoolers

Of all the transport-themed crafts, cars seem to be where the love starts. From small world play to learning activities, making cars center-stage is sure to engage little ones. So here’s an extensive list of car art projects and activities that’ll engage your toddlers and preschoolers.

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

balloon car for transport craft activities for preschoolers

Juice Box Balloon Car Craft

Make a balloon-powered juice box using recycled materials found lying around at home. A lovely STEM car project perfect for preschool and home that's sure to keep little kids busy for hours.
Go to Raising Whasians for instructions.
rubber band land transport art and craft for preschool

Rubber Band Car

Here's a kid-friendly transportation craft that also doubles as a STEM activity. The twisted rubber bands should propel the car forward so make a few and your little ones can have races!
Head over to Crafts by Amanda for details.
Wood car truck for fun transportation crafts for 3 year olds

DIY Wooden Toy Cars and Trucks

Make cute little trucks and cars from scrap wood and have your toddlers decorate them (father-son bonding perhaps?). A handmade transportation craft perfect for small world play.
Jump over to Barley and Birch for instructions.
preschool craft ideas for land transportation

Clothespin Car Craft

Another fun land transportation craft made, this one is made with buttons, clothespins and straws, with the imagination of a preschooler, they're sure to keep them busy.
Visit Crafts by Amanda for instructions.

Rainbow Mini-Parade

Enjoy a mini-parade with rainbow cars made from rainbow-painted cardboard and wheels from old toys. You can use a paintbrush for a semi mess-free activity, but if you’re up to a bit of a challenge, finger painting can be fun. Kids will enjoy using their hands to paint.

Rainbow parade from allsmallcrafts.

Toilet Paper Roll Vehicle

Use some old toilet paper rolls and bottle caps for this fun and easy transportation craft for preschoolers. They’ll love decorating their vehicle to make their own unique set of wheels.

Toilet paper roll vehicle from treasures4teachers.

For more creative ways to use a toilet paper tube, check out these fun and cute toilet paper roll crafts.

Match Box Car Park

Practice and review basic colors with this matchbox car park. Young kids will love parking their cars, which will be a good test of coordination, fine and gross motor skills.

Match box car park from elyamama.learning.

Another good test of fine motor is this homemade twist-top board and for plenty of gross motor practice, try these fun movement games for preschoolers.

Car Treats – An Edible Transportation Craft!

Make crafting a little bit tasty with these car treats made of crackers, mini donuts, frosting, and sprinkles. They will definitely have a great time assembling and decorating it. Perfect for a transport-themed birthday or preschool party for your 2, 3 or 4-year-old.

Car treats from creative_cub_and_playful_pup.

Other Land Transportation Crafts for Preschoolers

Expand your toddlers’ love for transportation by introducing them to more vehicles seen on land. This includes school buses, farm vehicles, trains and so on. Through these land transport arts and crafts, ideal for preschool or home learning, you can teach your little learners how they work and how they’re involved in the community.

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

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school bus transportation crafts for 3 year olds

School Bus Craft – Template Included

Preschoolers will love this super easy back-to-school bus craft. They'll enjoy adding photos of their classmates to the big yellow bus and it will definitely get them excited to be back at school.
Head over to Messy Little Monster for instructions.
popsicle stick tractor transportation theme crafts for preschool

Popsicle Stick Tractor Preschool Farm Craft

After cars, tractors are a second love of my boy toddler, now preschooler. I think it's the immense size that fascinates – those wheels! So this popsicle stick tractor craft will be much loved and a great addition to your arsenal of transport-themed arts and crafts.
Head over to Hunny Im Home DIY for more.

For some easy fun with popsicle sticks try this list of no-prep toddler activities to do at home.

train transportation crafts for 2 year olds

Recycled Paper Tube Train

Paper tubes, washi tapes, and bottle caps are all you need to create this easy transportation craft for preschoolers. Chugga, chugga, choo choo – and off they go to have some fun!
Visit Make and Takes for more details.
school bus transportation crafts for 3 year olds

School Bus Shape Craft

Let your preschooler create an easy school bus craft using basic shapes. Good for learning and becoming familiar with different shapes while creating a fun transport craft. Perfect for preschoolers at home or in class.
Go to Printables Fairy for more
snowplow land transport art and craft for preschool

Snowplow Craft with Moveable Parts

Made from recycled materials, this simple DIY snowplow transportation craft would be a fun winter activity for toddlers and preschoolers.
Visit Barley and Birch for more.
Sensory bin for transportation theme crafts for preschool

Construction Zone Sensory Bean Box

Not strictly a craft, but a construction zone sensory bin is a must for your transport theme at preschool or at home for your truck-loving toddler. Simply add rice, beans, and toy vehicles into a large tray or box and let them play!
Head over to Lorenay Lennox for instructions.

For more sensory fun of the minimal mess variety, try one of these dry messy play ideas. Or if you’re not afraid of a little bit of wet and stickiness, try one of these easy sensory activities or how about some finger painting?

Train Craft & Math Activity

This is another shape-based craft and activity, ideal for preschoolers and toddlers with shape and number recognition as well as counting practice,

Cut your shapes out of construction paper, then have your little learners piece them together to make the train engine. Write numbers onto rectangular blocks – the task is then to recognize the number and place them in the correct order.

Finally, stick the wheels on – some old bottle tops. A great art and craft idea for a transport theme, my two really enjoyed this one.

Truck Popsicle Stick Ornaments

These Christmas-themed popsicle stick ornaments will get everyone in the festive mood.

Truck popsicle stick ornaments from littleproblemsolvers.

For more cute and easy ornaments, check out these adorable Christmas tree ornaments for kids to make.

Air Transportation Crafts for Preschool

Paper airplanes are a hit with young children, but guess what? There are lots of different ways to make the “best airplane” that are both easy and fun for preschoolers. You’re sure to enjoy watching your 2, 3 and 4-year-olds zooming around the house afterward!

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

dragon paper airplanes for transport craft activities for preschoolers

STEM Adventures with Dragon Paper Airplanes

These dragon paper airplanes will take the traditional paper planes to a whole new level. Preschoolers can help with the assembly and then experiment with their different dragon-shaped paper airplanes: which fly the furthest will probably be the thing they care about the most!
Head over to Hess Un Academy for instructions.
easy hot air balloon transportation theme crafts for preschool

Dr Seuss Hot Air Balloon Craft

"Oh, The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss is such a great book, no wonder it's a huge hit with kids of all ages. So here's a fun hot air balloon transportation craft that your preschoolers will love and enjoy.
Visit Easy Craft for Kids for details.
air transportation theme crafts for preschool

Easy Straw Rockets with FREE Printable

For a fun air transportation craft for your 3-year-old, check out this easy straw rocket activity. You do need a bit of puff to launch them, but once they get the hang of them little kids will love seeing how far and fast they can get their sky rocket to go – they were a hit with my two.
Head over to Raising Whasians for more.
airplane preschool craft ideas for transportation

Airplane Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This airplane paper roll craft is a fun way to educate your toddler or preschooler of an old-fashioned by-plane. An easy transportation craft that will help stimulate their minds and encourage imagination
Go to Conserva Mome for details.
rocket transportation theme crafts for preschool

Rocket Craft for Preschoolers

Aside from cars and airplanes, spaceships and rockets are popular among preschoolers. So, in a few super easy steps, they can create this colorful rocketship. They will have a great time counting down till blast off!
Jump over to Messy Little Monster for more.

Paper straw rocket craft

Either you print out a rocket template or have your toddler draw one, this paper straw rocket craft will still be as fun.

Paper straw rocket craft from le.club.des.bidouilleurs via Instagram

Toilet Paper Roll Airplane Craft

Another easy airplane toilet paper roll craft, but this one you paint and then decorate – sure to get your preschoolers creativity going.

Toilet paper roll airplane from hekolbeekboys.

Popsicle Stick Helicopter

Help your toddler or preschooler make a cute airplane using glue, clothespins, and popsicle sticks. For a little less mess, simply skip the painting.

Popsicle stick helicopter from playideas.

Egg Carton Mini Copters

Turn an egg carton into cute mini helicopters. This easy DIY toy and transportation craft is a fabulous way to recycle your old egg cartons and would definitely keep my helipcoper-loving preschooler busy for hours!

Egg carton mini copters from playbahrain

Easy Serviette Parachute

I kept my toddlers and preschoolers busy for several afternoons by making a simple serviette parachute.

Tape some string or yarn to each corner of the fabric with some painter’s tape. And for the weight, let them choose their favorite character – Playmobil people are perfect.

My two loved this one and regularly asked to make more and more. A good STEM activity too – you can really make them fly far.

You’ll find plenty more tried and tested activities for outside in this list of easy outdoor activities for preschoolers.

Rocket Ship Name Craft

This transportation craft is an easy name and letter recognition activity for preschoolers. Cut out shapes from construction paper and add the relevant letters to each, then, have them put them together in the correct sequence to form their rocket.

Pretty sure your toddlers will enjoy this – just like my kids did – and they make a great keepsake too.

DIY Rocket Ship Juice Box

My preschooler became a little obsessed with rockets when we were learning about transportation at “school with Mommy”. This rocket craft is hardly Pinterest-worthy, but he loved it and played with his creation (which was mainly my creation) for hours.

Just goes to show that the best crafts aren’t necessarily the prettiest! The body of the rocket is made from a juice box and we used cardboard to make the cone on the top and the legs of the ship.

The yellow tissue paper flame was the final, and very important (!), addition. Such a fun air transportation theme craft for preschoolers.

Water Transportation Crafts for Preschoolers

How do ships sail? How deep can a submarine go underwater? What makes a boat float? So many things for your preschooler to learn and experiment with! Let your preschoolers explore different means of water transportation with these fun-filled arts and crafts.

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

Sponge Boat Craft

Sail away with this fun water transportation craft for 2 and 3-year-olds. All you need is a sponge, popsicle stick, some markers and cardboard. With that all set, your preschooler will be ready to set sail!

Boat craft from artia_crafts.

Potato Stamp Boat

Make cute sailboat art using potatoes. Just dip them in different colors and press them onto the blue cardstock to make adorable boats. It’s a great summer activity that’ll make potato stamping super fun!

Potato stamp boat from ourkidthings.

Footprint Sailboat Craft

Use your toddler’s footprints to make this cute sailboat artwork. You will need a bit of time and patience to get a good footprint but if the outcome is as good as those above, this water transportation craft for preschoolers will be so worth it.

(Make sure you use baby-safe paints for hand and footprint crafts.)

Foot print sailboat craft from preschoolactivities.

You could also turn this into a cute birthday card for someone who likes boats or loves sailing. Check out these handprint and footprint birthday cards for more inspiration.

Egg Carton Sailboat

Upcycle egg cartons to make sailboats that your toddler or preschooler can decorate. They’re then sure to have fun boarding their favorite characters to their boat and setting them sail.

Egg carton sailboat from ourtripswithtwo

boat transportation crafts for 3 year olds

Rocking Boat Paper Craft with Video Tutorial

Here's a water transportation craft idea that will totally rock! Have your preschooler make this rocking paper boat craft in different colors with different details. Such a fun transportation craft for 2 and 3 year olds.
Head over to Artsy Craftsy Mom for the complete instructions.

DIY Propeller Boat

For preschoolers who are fascinated by understanding how things work, this boat STEM activity is sure to engage. Fill the bathtub and see how far watch this cute boat can go! Lots to learn with this fun transportation craft.

DIY propeller boat from toddler_ed.

Edible Boat Craft

Here’s another fun way toddlers can learn about water transportation. It’s a tasty boat lunch made out of watermelon, cheese, pretzels, and some salami. This is also a great way of getting them involved in helping them prep the lunch and try new foods.

Boat lunch from creative_cub_and_playful_pup.

DIY Floating Egg Carton Boats

Here’s another fun water transportation craft I did with my preschoolers. Similar to the boat egg carton craft above, but again, much less picture-worthy. We wrapped the egg cartons in tin-foil to make them water-tight.

My preschoolers and their friends enjoyed blowing them across the water-filled plastic shell. Lots of learning opportunities here, making it perfect for a transport theme.

Best taken outside, this is one of many simple outdoor activities we’ve tried.

Paper Plate Transport Crafts

Paper plates are cheap and so versatile – there are so many crafts and activities you can do with them. We’ve enjoyed many a paper plate craft in our house. (These paper plate Santa faces were a hit!)

So here are some fun transportation crafts for preschoolers made with paper plates.

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

easy plane transportation crafts for 3 year olds

Paper Plate Plane in the Clouds

This paper plate plane in the clouds is a simple idea that incorporates paper plates and with cotton clouds and airplane toys – a fun way to craft and play with your preschoolers
Visit In The Playroom for instructions.

Rocking Paper Plate Submarine Craft

This rocking paper plate submarine is a great water transportation craft for preschool. This is so simple! Just use a paper plate for the base, yellow paint for the submarine, and blue tissue paper for the ocean.

Ripping the tissue paper into pieces and gluing them onto the plate will be a good test of fine motor and a fun sensory activity. There are so many easy ways to stimulate their senses using simple materials.

Rocking paper plate submarine craft from redtedart.

Paper plate cars

These paper plate car crafts for toddlers and preschoolers look easy and fun. Cut the plates in half first and you have your basic car shape. Spread glue or paint and then decorate.

Paper plate cars from Artlabtry via Instagram

Easy Fire Truck Paper Plate Craft

Here’s a simple fire truck paper plate craft for preschoolers. Start by having them paint the paper plate red. Once dry, add the different parts of the truck.

Fire truck paper plate craft from myparentsjob.

Police Car Craft

Introduce community helpers through this police car craft.  It’s a simple transportation craft activity that your 3-year-olds will enjoy.

Police car craft from teachingtinyhumansabcs.

ACCESSORY arts and crafts for your transport-theme

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

DIY Paper Tunnel

With colored construction papes and decorative tape you can create these DIY paper tunnels for toy cars. Have your preschooler decorate them if they want to. Pretty sure this activity will keep them busy!

DIY paper tunnel from mycrafty_home.

DIY garage for transportation theme crafts for preschool

DIY Cardboard Toy Car Parking Garage

Is your toddler tired of playing with cars on the floor? Here's a fun DIY cardboard parking car garage that could keep them engaged all day long!
Visit A Mother Thing for details.
cardboard parking transportation theme crafts for preschool

DIY Cardboard Parking Garage

This cardboard parking garage is an absolute must-try for your car-loving preschooler. They will have fun playing with it and it's a good practice to pack away their toy cars by putting them in the garage. Win, win!
Jump over to Messy Little Monster for more
transport craft activities for preschoolers

Painters Tape Tracks

Make this track or road for cars using painter's tape. A fun gross motor activity for toddlers and preschoolers alike and good practice of hand-eye coordination.
Check Rekindle My Dwelling for more.
Carboard car wash for transportation crafts for 2 year olds

Simple and Fun DIY Cardboard Car Wash

Keep your toddler preoccupied by helping them make this DIY cardboard car wash. A fun transportation craft for preschoolers, who are sure to enjoy pushing each car through the car wash and pretending to wash them.
Go to A Mother Thing for instructions.

Which transport-themed craft will you start first?

So there you go – 50 different fun and easy transportation crafts for preschool. There are so many ideas, from rocket ships, submarines and trucks to train and car art projects, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Time to crank it up a notch and get crafting!


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