41 Easy Dinosaur Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers

It’s without a doubt that all young children are enchanted by dinosaurs. There’s something magical about these prehistoric beasts that fascinates and intrigues everyone, it seems,

So although this list of fun dinosaur activities for preschoolers is specifically aimed at 2, 3 and 4-year-olds, it’ll be appreciated by kids of all ages, from toddlers up.

You’re sure to find a dinosaur craft or learning activity that will fit the curious mind of your preschooler or toddler. From creative dinosaur arts and craft ideas to STEM, literacy and language activities. Plus plain good fun pretend play and movement games, it should be easy to add some Dino-love to your little ones’ day.

So whether you have a budding paleontologist on your hands or simply need to entertain a busy toddler or preschooler, encourage their love for these creatures through one of these fun preschooler dinosaur activities.

Not only will your 2 or 3-year-old be entertained, but these easy activities will also help enhance their gross and fine motor skills as well as broaden their creativity.

What can we teach preschoolers about dinosaurs?

Our little preschoolers are natural-born scientists. Their curiosity leads them to ask different questions, experiment with how things work and observe the world around them; dinosaurs are a particular fascination.

They’re sure to have lots of questions about these majestic creatures. and there are lots of simple facts we can teach them while enjoying a dinosaur activity or two.

Here are 5 dinosaur facts that might surprise you and your little learners.

  1. The word “dinosaur” comes from the Greek words “dienos”, meaning “terrible”, and “sauros” meaning “reptile”.
  2. There were more than 700 species of these terrible reptiles, They lived all over the world, across all continents.
  3. The Argentinosaurus were one of the biggest and heaviest dinosaurs, each weighing the equivalent of around 15 elephants. How big is that?!
  4. The Troodon were the most intelligent dinosaurs. Although only 2 meters long, small compared to others, they had excellent vision for hunting at night – better than wearing night-vision goggles!
  5. Dinosaurs might be extinct but there are animals today that have descended from these creatures, like lizards, snakes, turtles and crocodiles.

Dinosaur Art Activities for Preschoolers

Here are some fun and easy art activities for preschoolers to enjoy, toddlers too. Crafting helps develop fine motor skills and encourages creativity. Throw in the dino element and these fun dinosaur arts and crafts will also encourage imaginative play. Any craft that doubles as a toy to be enjoyed for days to come is a double win!

Here are some more simple arts and crafts ideas for little ones. Or if you want the focus to be on the doing rather than the end result, try some process art or finger painting.

Dinosaur Paper Plate crafts for 2 years old and older

Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This paper plate dinosaur craft is simple and easy. Good to make with friends or siblings, once finished, preschoolers and toddlers are sure to have fun running around the house making their dinosaurs roar at each other!
Go to Taming Little Monster for details

easy dinosaur paper sensory activity for toddlers

Easy Paper Dinosaur Craft

For this easy dinosaur craft for preschoolers, you’ll need the free printable linked below, crayons, scissors, paper fasteners (brads) and cardstock. Print the template onto cardstock and let your child color all of the different parts of the dinosaur.

Older children may be able to practice cutting out the dino pieces, while younger children will need help. Then attach the dinosaur’s head, body, and legs with the paper fasteners. Your child can then play with their own dinosaur creation however their heart desires!

For the free template go to Simply Full of Delight

Cute and Easy dinosaur arts and crafts for toddlers

Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft for Kids

Here's an adorable cupcake dinosaur arts and craft activity to try with your preschooler. Simply cut the shapes and your 2, 3 or 4 year old should be able to do the rest.
Go to Artsy Craftsy Mom for instructions
bubble wrap print dinosaurs

Bubble Wrap Print Dinosaurs

A fun dinosaur art activity for preschoolers using bubble wrap and baby-safe paints. The bubble wrap pattern gives each dinosaur a unique look – this is sure to get your preschoolers creative juices flowing.
Jump over to In The Playroom for more details.
Fun Dinosaur Puppet activities for preschoolers

Paper Dinosaur Puppet Craft

Here's a fun and easy dinosaur craft and activity for your 2 or 3 year old. Just download the free template and your kids will be playing with these simple dinosaur puppets in no time.
Visit Frosting and Glue for more
dinosaur headband crafts for 2 year olds

Dinosaur Headband Craft For Kids [Free Template]

This simple headband is the perfect dinosaur craft for a 2 year old that wants to get into dino-character and charge around the house, pretending to be a dinosaur. A fun toddler activity that'll keep little ones entertained for hours!
Jump to Simple Everyday Mom for more details
Wooden Clothespin dinosaur activities for 3 year olds

Clothespin Dinosaur Craft

Do you have extra clothespins lying around the house? These will be perfect to make chomping jaws in this cute dinosaur craft.
Visit Crafts By Amanda for more
Movable dinosaur activities for 3 year olds

Movable Dinosaur Craft for Preschoolers

Capture your toddler's interest with these majestic creatures through this easy movable Brontasaurus (?) craft that almost comes to life. Another simple dinosaur activity that will spark a preschooler's imagination.
Visit Crafts by Amanda for more
dinosaur themed paper plate mask

Paper Plate Triceratops Mask

Here’s a fun dino-themed craft and dramatic play activity for toddlers and preschoolers all in one! Your child will likely need some help with this one, so set some time aside and enjoy some parent-child bonding.

You’ll need a paper plate, scissors, a pen, string, and acrylic paint in different colors. Then simply draw the pieces of the triceratops face (head outline, beak, etc.), cut them out, and glue them together. (For step-by-step instructions illustrated with photos, check the link below.)

Once it’s complete, your child will enjoy themselves as they pretend to be a triceratops dino!

For more details see Taming Little Monsters

Dinosaur STEM Activities

STEM means “science, technology, engineering and mathematics” – all-important to a preschooler’s developing mind. With their love of dinosaurs and natural curiosity for the world around them, they’re sure to be fascinated by these easy dino-themed learning activities.

You may not be able to bring these prehistoric creatures into your living room or classroom, but these dinosaur STEM activities are sure to engage, entertain and educate.

Counting dinosaur activities for preschoolers through math links

Dinosaur Tails Counting Activity

Help your preschooler practice counting in this easy dinosaur activity. Using these colorful paperclips, they simply need to recognize the number and attach them to the dinosaur to create a "tail". It's such a fun way to learn about math and is also a good test of fine motor skills.
Go to Books And Giggles for details

Dinosaur Sorting Activity

Sorting is an important pre-maths skill as it involves the recognition of things that are similar and those that are different. So gather some toy dinosaurs and task your preschooler with sorting them by any features they can easily see.
For example, which have horns, which don't? Which look like they walk on two legs, which on four?
You can even widen their vocab by introducing the words "bipedal" and "quadrupedal". Or for young toddlers start simple and sort by color.
Visit Rainy Day Mum for more dinosaur sorting ideas

Volcano eruption – in dinosaur land!

The classic baking soda and vinegar experiment with a dinosaur theme. The chemical reaction of mixing a an acid (vinegar) with a base (baking soda), produces a foamy explosion, that will fascinate your preschooler.

Start by getting your littles ones to set up their dinosaur land complete with sand volcano. We used a tealight holder for the baking soda and my preschooler and toddler squirted vinegar on top using a pippette. Then wait for the volcano to explode.

One to take outside, this is one of many outdoor activities we’ve enjoyed over the years. This is a dinosaur activity that your preschoolers will ask for again and again!

Measure & Graph Dinosaurs

Here's another dinosaur math activity that introduces the concept of measuring to your preschooler, using toy dinosaurs as props. Rather than use a ruler, use units they understand, such as Duplo blocks.
E.g. this dinosaur is 6 Duplo blocks tall and 8 wide, while this one is 7 high and only 3 wide. You can even get them to sort them by height, tallest first, all the way down to the shortest. By doing this you're teaching them the basics of graphing.
For more dinosaur measuring ideas visit Montessori from the Heart
Sticker matching dinosaur activities for 3 year olds

Dinosaur Stickers Matching Game

This dinosaur sticker matching game works on pattern recognition, a pre-maths skill, making it a simple and fun math activity for preschoolers. The preparation time will take less than 5 minutes. Simply grab two sets of dinosaur stickers and stick either side of a piece of paper in different orders. Then task your preschooler or toddler with matching them.
Visit Taming Little Monsters for more

Dinosaur Literacy & Language Activities for Preschoolers

Learning about dinosaurs provides plenty of opportunities to enhance the literacy and language skills of young kids. If your toddler or preschooler is starting on letter recognition, “D is for dinosaur” is a must!

Simply discussing and talking about dinosaurs will help increase their vocab and improve communication and the activities below provide some ideas on how to do this.

Learn and sing dinosaur poems and songs

Poems and rhymes are a great way to help preschoolers memorize and it’s through rhymes that they hear and discriminate between letter sounds, important when learning to read. They’re sure to love the dinosaur-themed poem below which also incorporates actions, burning off some much-needed energy in the process.

Dinosaurs – An action poem by Nancy Klein.

Spread your arms, way out wide,
Fly like a Pteranodon, soar and glide.
Bend to the floor, head down low,
Move like Stegosaurus, long ago.
Reach up tall, try to be
As tall as Apatosaurus eating on a tree.
Using your claws, grumble and growl
Just like Tyrannosaurus on the prowl.

A favorite of my toddler and preschooler is “The Dinosaur Stomp”, a rhyming song with easy actions; the link will take you to the youtube video. It’s also on Apple music.

Dinosaur Egg activities for preschoolers at home

Pop-Up Kids Dinosaur Discovery Eggs (with FREE Flashcards!)

A fun dinosaur craft and learning activity that will help your preschooler identify different dinosaurs and encourage communication and language development.
Jump over to The Soccer Mom Blog for more

Read Some Dinosaur Books

Books play an important role not just in classrooms, but also at home. They stimulate imagination, provide visual images and help diversify vocab and communication skills, laying the foundation for reading skills later in life.

To get you started, here are some best-selling dinosaur books for toddlers and preschoolers. If you have a dinosaur-obsessed youngster in your life, you can’t go wrong with any of these!

  1. My First Pop-Up Dinosaurs: 15 Incredible Pop-ups Hardcover

Get to know these long-extinct creatures through this striking, earth-toned pop-up book which includes fun facts on fifteen different dinosaurs. The geometric patterns of scales and dotted feathers will surely mesmerize any dino lover.

2. Hello, Dinosaurs! (Animal Facts and Flaps)

This delightful lift-the-flap book will showcase the coolest dinosaurs and interesting information about them. Every spread will certainly please your dinosaur-loving preschooler.

3. Touch and Feel: Dinosaur

This classic dinosaur book is filled with simple text, clear images and fun textures for your little reader at home. This will give them an idea what the dinosaurs were like from their scales to their horns.

4. Discovery Kids Dinosaurs Rumble Sound Book (Discovery 10 Button)

With fun facts, colorful pictures and 10 cool sound buttons, this dinosaur book helps teach toddlers about these long-extinct creatures in a unique way.

5. We Love Dinosaurs

This book showcases the different types of dinosaurs – tall and small, fast and slow and everything in between. Through gentle rhymes and colorful watercolor illustrations, this is a great introduction for your preschoolers to learn about the world of dinosaurs.

I consider these five books to be a must-have for your dinosaur collection. They all pose a perfect balance between education and entertainment – each in their own unique way. I’m confident that your little preschoolers will enjoy them – Happy reading!

Letter D dinosaur activities for preschoolers at home

“D” is for Dinosaur

Introduce the letter D through this fun dinosaur craft. It'll make an engaging art activity for 3 year olds embarking on new sounds. For the younger ones, you can prepare this ahead of time and let them put the shapes together to form the D.
Visit Rainy Day Mum for details

Ask your preschoolers some questions about dinosaurs

This activity is more about encouraging and developing communication skills, rather than testing their knowledge about dinosaurs. Their answers are sure to give you an insight into how their little minds work and are bound to amuse!

Questions to ask your preschooler about dinosaurs:

  1. How big do you think dinosaurs were?
  2. Where do you think dinosaurs lived?
  3. Which dinosaur do think has the scariest face?
  4. How long were the arms of a Tyrannosaurus Rex?
  5. How fast could dinosaurs run?
  6. Which is your favorite dinosaur?
  7. If you were a dinosaur, which one would you be?
Learning Alphabets through dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Letter Recognition Activity (Free Printables)

If your preschooler is learning to recognize capital letters, why not get them to practice by feeding the dinosaur? The free printables will make this a straightforward dino-themed literacy activity to set up and it can be used time and time again.
Go to ABCs of literacy for more

Encourage dinosaur dramatic play

Toddlers and preschoolers love nothing better than getting into character so pretending to be a dinosaur is an activity in itself. Lots of the dinosaur crafts above provide the opportunity for dramatic play, once the craft is complete, but a dinosaur costume or two is sure to go down well too.

How about this fierce T Rex costume or maybe this friendly Stegosaurus one? This type of creative play helps build communication and is just plain fun for little kids.

Small world dinosaur play

A set of plastic dinosaurs will also offer your little ones the opportunity for dramatic play, just on a smaller scale. Perfect for rainy days indoors or move into the undergrowth outside to create a dino world with real vegetation.

A fun dinosaur activity that engages and entertains for quite some time, this is a favorite of my preschooler. Now my just walking twins are getting the idea too. If their dinosaurs are missing I’m sure to find them outside in the garden somewhere!

For more engaging play ideas for younger toddlers, try these easy activities for 18 month olds.

Dinosaur Playdough Sensory activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Playdough Mats (Free Printable)

This dinosaur activity is perfect for your playdough-loving preschooler or toddler. Playdough is a great sensory activity that also helps strengthen fingers and hands and here it incorporates letter recognition.
Visit ABCs of Literacy for more

Dinosaur Sensory Activities

Sensory activities can help stimulate your child’s sense of touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Here are some with a dinosaur theme. They provide small world play too – so more opportunity for dramatic play which enhances communication skills.

Dinosaur fluffy Slime as dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Homemade Fluffy Slime with Dinosaurs

This is a fun sensory activity that you can use to show your 2 or 3 year old the basics of fossil formation. They're sure to enjoy digging up their favorite, fossilized dinosaur, although it'll be less digging and more unsticking! A fun dinosaur activity for preschoolers that love slime.
Go to Kara Creates for instructions
Water foam dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Jurassic World Foam Play

More toy dinosaurs, this time with some foam. This hands-on water play only needs three ingredients – super easy, right? A foamy and fun dinosaur activity for prechoolers, great for those summer months outside, or what about turning the bath tub or sink into a wet and wild Jurassic world?
Go to Lil Tigers for more

For more bubble activities to do at home, check these fun outdoor activities for toddlers.

dinosaur sensory bin activities for preschoolers

Taste-safe Dinosaur Sensory Bin for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This sensory bin is a fun dinosaur activity for preschoolers and toddlers alike. Put together pumpkin seeds as sand, their favorite dinosaur toys and some plastic trees or cuttings from the garden. A taste-safe sensory activity that could keep them busy all day long!
Jump over to Taming Little Monsters for more

For more themed sensory play ideas, check out these Christmas sensory activities and these fake snow sensory bins. Or try these dry messy play ideas, perfect for any day of the year when you’re trying to keep your toddler (as well as your house) as clean as possible.

Icy Dinosaur Egg as dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Ice Excavation Activity

Ice is a great sensory activity for little kids – they seem to be drawn to the stuff. So put ice and dinosaurs together and you've got a winning dinosaur activity for preschoolers and toddlers too.
Simply freeze toy dinosaurs in water overnight, then the next day your little one can enjoy excavating the dinosaurs from their frozen eggs, a good test of fine motor and problem-solving skills.
Visit Mombrite for more details

Dinosaur Activity Sheets for Preschool & Activities With FREE PRINTABLES

This collection of free activity sheets and dinosaur printables are your go-tos for when you need a quick and easy, quiet and calming activity for your preschooler or toddler. They also provide plenty of opportunities for number, letter and sound recognition while honing their fine motor control.

For more simple, minimal-prep and minimal-mess fun, try these easy at home toddler activities. They got me through many days of lockdown!

Free Printable Marker dinosaur art activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Dot Marker Pages (Free Printables)

Dot markers are a great introduction for preschoolers to using regular markers. They are large enough for small hands to easily hold onto and grip. They also help introduce toddlers to staying inside the lines, as well as working on hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
The other thing love about dot markers: they open the door to so many minimal mess minimal prep activities, like this one. Click the link below to print the activity sheet and you're good to go.
However, if you have a bit more time on your hands, you could try this as a finger painting activity. That would be fun!
Jump over to Two Pink Peonies for more
Free connect the dot dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Connect the Dots {10 FREE Printables!}

If your preschooler is learning and practicing numbers, this dinosaur connect-the-dots activity will be perfect.
Go to Leap of Faith Crafting for more
Cute dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Cute Dinosaur Coloring Pages (Free Printable)

A simple and easy coloring activity for any dino-loving toddler or preschooler.
Visit Kids Activities Blog for more
dinosaur dot printing art activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Do A Dot Printables [Free Activity Sheet Pack]

Here are some more simple dino-themed activites for preschoolers using dot makers. This one practices counting and letter recognition, while using the markers will help enhance fine motor skills.
Grab the free pack of printable dinosaur activity sheets through the link below.
Head over to Simple Everyday Mom
Free Printable dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Coloring Pages for Kids (Free Printables)

Another fun dinosaur coloring activity, perhaps for older toddlers and preschoolers learning letters and sounds as these ones are labeled with the dinosaur's name.
Visit In the Playroom for more
free printable maze for dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Printable Mazes (Free Printables)

Whether your preschooler is a fan of dinosaurs or just loves doing mazes, they're sure to enjoy these printable dinosaur activity sheets which will help develop problem-solving skills as they try to navigate the maze.
Go to Organized31 for details
dinosaur Tracks art activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Footprint Art (FREE Printable)

Let your toddlers have fun by letting them create their own colorful dinosaur footprint art through this simple dino stomp painting. Your little paleontologist will have a wonderful time completing different dinosaur activity sheets with the help of their favorite prehistoric accomplice.
Visit Little Bins for Little Hands for more details.
Educational dinosaur crafts for 2 year olds

Printable Dinosaur Pom Pom Mats

A fun color matching dinosaur activity for young preschoolers and toddlers that also helps practice and develop the pincer grip, necessary for good pencil control, as they pick up and place the pompom on the mat.
Go to Artsy Craftsy Mom for more details

For more free printables, check out our free Valentines handprint art templates, for some adorable, love-themed personalised artwork.

Dinosaur Movement Activities for Preschoolers

More easy and fun dinosaur activities for preschoolers, this time focussing on movement. Time to get all those wiggles out and move that body! Also known as gross motor skills, actions and games, all these activities incorporate coordination, balance and much more with a dino theme.

Try these gross motor activities for 3 year olds, for more fun and simple movement games.

Walk Like a Dinosaur

We’ve already talked about dramatic play helping with language and literacy, This dino activity will do that too, but it focuses on having a good old dinosaur stomp, having made their very own DIY dinosaur feet! Visit Team Cartwright for instructions.

Then it’s time to put on The Dinosaur Stomp and get moving!

Adorable dinosaur tail crafts for 2 year olds

Make a Dinosaur Tail

Even a novice seamstress should be able to knock up this cute dinosaur tail. Your preschooler or toddler is sure to love twirling and swishing their tail back and forth while pretending to be a dinosaur.
Go to Tip To Fairy for instructions
Yoga for fun dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Yoga

Go on an adventure with Cosmic Kids' “Tiny the T-Rex”. Your little dinosaur lovers will learn 20 different dinosaur-inspired yoga poses. They will also practice breathing and mindfulness. It's never too young to learn those skills, is it?!
Visit The Primary Parade to get the video

Go on a Dinosaur Hunt!

Simply hide toy dinosaurs around the house or garden, then set your kids on a mission to find them. A fun dinosaur activity to get preschoolers moving and looking -remember not to hide those dinosaurs too deep in the undergrowth – obvious is best when it comes to hiding things for little kids!

Dinosaur Fossil Activities for Preschoolers

Has your toddler or preschooler ever wondered how fossils are formed? Let their imagination come to life and help them understand the process with these hands-on dinosaur fossil activities.

dinosaur Excavation activities for preschoolers

Fossils For Kids: Go On A Dino Dig!

This is a fun sensory activity and messy play idea with two steps, both of which your preschooler can get involed in. First is to make the 'mud', which uses cupboard staples. Click the link below for the recipe. Once you've made up the mixture, bake it in the oven with the dinosaurs submerged until hard, which takes about an hour.
Allow to cool, then supply your budding archeologists with tools to dig up and dust off their favorite, fossilized dinosaurs.
Go to Little Bins for Little Hands for more
DIY Bones for dinosaur activities for preschoolers at home

DIY Dinosaur Bones

Looking for a cheap and simple way to make dinosaur bones? Making their very own bones is an easy dinosaur activity for 3 year olds or any budding paleontologist. Once done, why not put them in a big plastic bin and fill with sand – preschoolers and toddlers will have a great time finding their homemade dinosaur bones.
Go to Leap of Faith Crafting for more information
Fun dinosaur salt dough activities for preschoolers

Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Who said salt dough is only for Christmas ornaments? These salt dough dinosaur fossils are fun and easy to make and would make great gifts or keepsakes too.
Once complete, hide them in the sandbox or in a sensory bin and your little ones can go fossil hunting. You can also turn this into a matching game where you have to pair each dinosaur with it's imprint.
Lots of opportunities for this fun salt dough dinosaur craft for 2 and 3 year olds.
Jump to taming little monsters for more

Other Fun Dinosaur Activities for Preschoolers to Do at Home

Want to keep your dino-loving 2, 3 or 4-year-old busy at home? Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy dinosaur activity or one that’s a little more in-depth, there are plenty of ideas right here.

Fine Motor Skills as dinosaur activities for preschoolers

Dinosaur Clothespin Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers

Fine motor skills play an important role in a child's development, and this activity provides plenty of opportunities to practice. One example would be playing with clothespins and turn it into a fun dinosaur activity with your preschooler!
Go to Beth Ann Averill for more details
fun dinosaur crafts for 2 year olds and older

DIY Dinosaur Terrarium Night Light

Is your little dinosaur lover afraid of the dark? Your toddler is sure to enjoy making their very own dino-themed night light, which will look cute on their bedside table and help calm night fears.
Visit The Tip Toe Fairy for instructions
fun sticky wall dinosaur activities for 3 year olds

Dinosaur Sticky Wall

It's time for some creative play with this fun and simple dinosaur activity for preschoolers. Let your toddlers trace dinosaurs on colorful paper and stick them on the wall one by one. This is such a good practice of their concentration as well as fine motor skills.
Go to In the Playroom for more details.
DIY Nest for fun dinosaur activities for preschoolers

DIY Dinosaur Nest – Inspired by Disney’s Gigantosaurus

Here is a dinosaur arts and crafts idea inspired by one of the episodes of Disney’s Gigantosaurus. They're sure to enjoy decorating the nests and eggs of the dinosaurs, and putting them together with their corresponding mother dinosaur!
Visit Make and Takes for more information

Little ones are sure to grow their love for these mighty beasts with these fun dinosaur crafts and activities

Dinosaurs may be extinct but their ability to capture the imagination of young children is timeless. These dinosaur-themed arts, crafts and sensory activities should encourage this fascination, offering hands-on and engaging learning ideas, to stimulate the growing brain of your toddler or preschooler.

With so many ideas to choose from, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is which one to try first!


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