41 Fun, Easy & Adorable Nativity Crafts & Ideas for Kids

Christmas is such an exciting time – busy and stressful it may be with little kids underfoot, it’s still one of my favorite times of the year. The fun and excitement for kids is simply on another level though! And it’s all too easy to forget the real meaning Christmas – the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus.

Nativity crafts for kids provide a fun and hands-on way to explore and educate toddlers, preschoolers and older children what Christmas is all about. So here’s a long list of easy nativity craft activities to try with your little ones in the looooong wait for the big day.

From paper plate nativity crafts to ones made from toilet paper rolls, you’ll find plenty of nativity craft ideas and activities for to suit kids across a wide range of ages.

Short on time? Jump straight to the free printable nativity crafts section.

Remembering the true meaning of Christmas is such a fun way to spend time together over the holiday season. So pick a nativity craft and enjoy.

Happy Christmas!

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Easy nativity crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Do you have some popsicle sticks, yarn or even rocks? Yup, this may be all you need to make one of these easy nativity crafts with your kids.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

Cut And Paste Craft Nativity Activity

This nativity activity will only require a couple of things – character cutouts, paper and glue. This is a lovely open-ended nativity scene art project, encouraging little ones to be creative and independent. A perfect nativity activity for toddlers and easy craft for preschoolers.

Nativity activity from the.lyndsey.lou.

Fork Painting Manger Set For Christmas

This baby Jesus in the manger art project is simple and adorable. The process of this activity uses a different kind of painting technique, forks instead of the usual paintbrushes. Something new and fun to try with the kids.
Visit Our Crazy Adventures for details.

Homemade Nativity Scene Rocks

Rock painting is fun activity for little kids so why not draw each character from the Christmas story onto a rock and use them for story-telling. My 4 year old loves this type of play and is fascinated by the story of the nativity so it's sure to keep her busy.
Head over to Crafting with Kids for instructions.

Cardboard Tube Mary and Joseph

Pull out those old toilet paper roll tubes and start making this nativity craft with your kids. It's a great way to talk about the parents of Jesus. A simple, yet meaningful nativity craft for young children.
Visit Rainy Day Mum for details.

More simple Toilet Paper Roll Crafts here.

DIY Nativity Advent Calendar

This adorable DIY advent countdown calendar craft is a sweet way to help toddlers count down to Christmas. Each day, the yarn-wrapped baby Jesus gradually descends a little further from the star to the manger.
Visit This Mama Loves for more.

Crumbled Paper Nativity Craft

Here's a fun craft for a relaxed afternoon in the holidays. This nativity craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers alike as it's a good practice of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
Visit Mommy Made That for instructions.

Texture Nativity Art Project for Kids

Different materials are used in this nativity craft for toddlers to provide a fun sensory experience. Just remember to keep some bubble wrap spare so your little ones can enjoy popping some, without damaging your finished craft!
Head over to Rainy Day Mum for instructions.

Nativity Suncatcher Craft

A simple cut-and-stick nativity craft for toddlers using contact adhesive to create a cute suncatcher. In the process, they’ll be exploring simple shapes and learning how to fit them together to turn them into simple figures. Such a fun nativity craft idea that’ll brighten up your window!

Nativity suncatcher craft from allienoflashcards.

Popsicle Sticks Nativity Scene Craft

This simple nativity scene is made from ordinary craft sticks. So cute and an easy nativity craft for preschoolers. Why not turn this into a homemade ornament by adding a loop of string or attach it to a Christmas card to send to loved ones.

Popsicle sticks nativity scene craft from leeml61.

Nativity Wreath Craft Activity

Here’s a super easy nativity craft for preschoolers. Simply grab this wreath kit, or make one by cutting out the inside of a paper plate and coloring or painting green. (Or if you’re in pinch, leave as is). Add some nativity stickers and you’re done. Your little crafters are really going to enjoy this one!

Nativity wreath craft activity from andrea.murray87.

Paper Shapes Nativity Craft

Here’s a nativity craft that kids can enjoy making during a festive family gathering. All you need are circles and rectangles cut from cereal boxes or similar – good fine motor practice for little ones. Just watch their faces light up when they put them on the Christmas tree!

Nativity craft from lifesjourneytoperfection.

Nature Nativity Activity For Toddlers

This one is more activity than craft – ideal if you’re looking for an outdoor nativity activity for your toddlers over the holidays. It’ll help bring the story of the nativity to life using pebbles and rocks in different shapes and sizes, while keeping them active and entertained.

Nature nativity activity from christcenteredfamily.

Nativity Tape Resist Art

Tape resist painting makes for a fun and easy art project for toddlers. Kids of all ages can enjoy it too – try it as a finger painting activity with babies.

All you need is painters tape, a big piece of paper and some baby-safe paint. Why not try this after you read your little ones the story of the birth of baby Jesus.

Nativity tape resist art from handsonhomeschoolmom

Easy Nativity Art Activity for Preschoolers

Do you have any leftover gems and stones from your other art projects? Why not turn them into this beautiful nativity craft. It’s a good fine motor activity that’ll help refine and strengthen the pincer grasp. Just watch younger toddlers for putting any small items into their mouth.

Nativity activity from littleoakdaycare.

Bright and Colorful Nativity Craft Sticks

Make Christmas bright and colorful with this adorable popsicle nativity craft for kids. It’s made with craft sticks, colored with bright markers, and decorated with different gems and stickers. What a festive way to share and celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

Colorful nativity craft sticks from artyprojectsforkids.

Easy Nativity Craft for Preschoolers

Create a simple and cute nativity scene using cupcake liners. It’s an inexpensive, yet meaningful nativity craft for Sunday school or at home.

Easy nativity craft from el.autobus.magico.

Birth of Jesus Christ Nativity Craft

This might not be the entire nativity scene, but it’s a significant part. A fun and easy nativity craft for preschoolers to make alongside their favorite Nativity storybook.

Jesus Christ nativity craft from farmhouse_mama_blog.

 Fingerprint Baby Jesus Art

Here’s a cute finger print nativity craft that would be perfect on the front of a homemade Christmas card. Or simply try this as a fun and festive art activity with your kids.

Fingerprint baby Jesus art from eastsidekidside.

Need some super simple toddler activities too?

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Fun nativity crafts for older kids

More simple nativity craft ideas, these ones suitable for kids a little older.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

Super Cute DIY Nativity Scene Wreath

A beautiful nativity scene and door wreath – simply gorgeous! It'll make such a lovely Christmas craft for your toddler and add to the decor too. Why not hang it on your front door or somewhere else in the house?
Head over to Mommy Made That for more.
three kings toilet paper roll nativity craft

Toilet Paper Roll Camel Craft

This nativity craft also uses toilet paper rolls, but this one depicts the arrival of the 3 wise men. Grab those toilet paper tubes and get crafting with your toddlers – they're going to love learning the story of the 3 wise men as they're busy creating.
Visit Red Ted Art for more.
fish bowl nativity arts and crafts for kids

Christmas Nativity Craft Fish Bowl

How cute is this nativity scene fish bowl? You don't use paint but these posca pens for a mess-free nativity crafts for your kids to do.
Jump over to The Inspiration Edit for instructions.
gingerbread nativity activities for toddlers

Gingerbread Nativity

You'll be impressed by how creative your little engineers can be in making a miniature nativity scene out of graham crackers, candies and frosting.
What'll be even more impressive, is if they can refrain from eating it before it's finished! And will they be able to avoid getting the kitchen covered from top to bottom in crumbs and stickiness?! It'll be fun, that's for sure!
Given the building required, you definitely classify this as a -themed STEM activity.
Visit Hess Un Academy for instructions.

Make Your Own Clay Nativity Set

Why not challenge your kids to make their own figurines out of air-dry clay and create their own modern clay nativity. This one would be a challenge for me, nevermind the kids! Maybe one to do as a family. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfect! You're making memories too. However this nativity craft turns out, it's going to be a keeper!
Visit Only Passionate Curiosity for a tutorial.

Nativity scene ornament crafts

If you’re looking for a beautiful Christmas tree ornament (making ornaments is a favorite family Christmas tradition of ours) why not try one of these nativity crafts with your kids. They make great keepsakes and are the perfect gift for loved ones. If you’re a fan of handprint crafts, there are a couple here too.

A Keepsake DIY Nativity Ornament

This beautiful nativity ornament craft for toddlers is made from simple and interesting materials. Yes, that's a peanut in its shell you see there! I think I have some stashed in the cupboards. Time to get crafting.
Head over to Heathered Nest for details.

Felt Nativity Ornaments

Making this felt nativity craft set will be something to look forward to this Christmas season. It'll make a meaningful and inexpensive Christmas decoration or a gift for someone special. There are patterns to follow so it'll be easier for kids to assemble.
Visit Sustain My Craft for more.

Yarn Wrapped Nativity Craft

Don’t panic, this adorable nativity ornament may look complicated but it’s actually pretty simple. A key part is wrapping craft sticks in yarn – a good nativity activity for toddlers. It’ll take a bit of hand strength and coordination so will be good to refine those developing fine motor skills. Young children will need patience too (and so will you!) A sweet, and oh-so-cute, nativity craft for kids.

Yarn wrapped nativity craft ornament from rainydaymum.

Handprint Baby Jesus Ornament

Handprint crafts make such an adorable keepsake – as you do them year after year you can see how quickly they grow. (Sob.) this handprint baby Jesus ornament is definitely one I want to try. It’s going to look so cute hanging on the Christmas tree or how about on the front of a Christmas card?

Handprint baby Jesus ornament from kidscraftroom.

Nativity Salt Dough Handprint Keepsake Ornament

We love salt dough crafts and here’s a nativity themed one, perfect for the tiniest of hands. Your toddler can be your little assistant, helping to mix up the ingredients, pressing their hands in the dough and then painting the different characters onto each finger.

It’ll make such a beautiful and heartwarming craft that you’re going to want to keep forever!

Nativity handprint keepsake ornament from imaginationtree.

Love handprint crafts?

Why not try ones of our handprint craft templates, all free to download:

Stained glass nativity crafts for kids

Stained glass nativity crafts are fun to make and beautiful too. They’re sure to brighten up any window at home this Christmas.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

Stained Glass Nativity Scene Craft

This DIY stained glass nativity scene is just so colorful and gorgeous. I can’t wait to try this with my kids.

For little ones, it’ll be a good test of fine motor to cut and paste the tissue paper for little ones. You may have to help them with the nativity scene made from black construction paper, but older kids can give it a go.

I’d love to see this one hanging in one of our windows!

Stained glass nativity scene from the.lyndsey.lou.

Christmas Story Lantern Craft

This fun DIY nativity candle holder displays a memorable scene of Mary and Joseph gazing down on baby Jesus. Add a battery-operated candle inside and watch the light shine through.

Christmas story lantern craft from danikacooleyauthor.

Stained Glass Nativity Ornament

An adorable stained glass nativity craft made with simple supplies. The colorful background and black silhouettes will be so pretty lit up by the lights of the Christmas tree.

Stained glass nativity ornament from courtneylynnn12.

For more Christmas crafts check out:

Paper plate nativity crafts

Are you a fan of paper plate crafts? Look no further! Here are some nativity craft ideas for kids that use paper plates as the main material.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

paper plate nativity craft for story telling

Christmas Nativity Craft Scene with Paper Plate

What better way to share the story of Christmas with your kids than making this cute and easy paper plate nativity craft? Once done, they're going to love playing with all the characters and re-telling (and probably re-inventing) the story.
Head over to Easy Crafts for Kids for details.

Paper Plate Nativity Scene Craft

Young kids will enjoy making this easy paper plate nativity craft scene, especially when they hear how Mary found out she’ll bear a special child.

They can get really creative with this one, using their materials of choice to hand to represent the straw of the barn, you could use yarn, and what about twigs for the roof?

To make an even easier job of the characters and animals in the story, try this nativity pack of stickers.

Paper plate nativity scene from tckidscm.

Nativity Manger Lacing Craft

Here’s a fun lacing activity and nativity craft for the kids that will surely keep them busy! I can’t wait to do this with my kiddos – maybe I’ll get some peace? Here’s hoping!

Nativity manger lacing craft from the.gingerbread.house.

Rocking Baby Jesus Paper Plate Craft

This rocking baby Jesus paper plate craft is simple to create, even for young crafters. All you need are some colored pens or crayons, a paper plate, glue and scissors. Once it’s finished, your kids will need to rock baby Jesus to sleep…. Maybe you’ll get some quiet time!

Rocking baby Jesus paper plate craft from sunhatsandwellieboots.

Free printable nativity crafts

Running low on time and looking for a nativity craft for your kids? Here are some free printable nativity crafts. Download, print and follow the simple instructions. Leave any cutting, coloring or pasting to your little ones.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

Toilet Paper Roll Nativity Craft for Kids (Free Printable)

If your family is anything like ours, you're going to have toilet paper rolls coming out your ears so this is a kid-friendly nativity set will use up a few! This nativity craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. They may need a hand putting it all together but once done it'll give them hours of creative play and learning in the days leading up to Christmas.
Head over to Printable Fairy for more.

Printable Paper Nativity Scene Set (Free Printable)

This DIY paper nativity scene is a fun and interactive way to get youong children involved in the story of Christmas. Click the link below for the free printable and get started on this fun nativity craft idea with your kids.
Head over to Little Ladoo for more more.
fun coloring nativity hat for toddlers

Nativity Hat Craft For Kids (Free Printable)

I don't know what it is, but little kids love making and wearing hats! So this nativity hat craft which depicts a traditional nativity scene is a must if you have a toddler. It'd be an ideal preschool christmas nativity crafts too – they're going to love wearing their hats for Christmas gatherings and festivities.
Visit The Primary Parade for more.
free printable nativity scene craft for kids

Nativity Scene (Free Printable)

Grab some crayons, colored pencils and this free printable template – and your toddlers can color their very own nativity scene. This is a perfect nativity craft for Sunday school or for an easy afternoon activity at home.
Visit Messy Little Monster for instructions.

Nativity Finger Puppet Craft Idea (Free Printable)

Who doesn’t love finger puppet crafts? My kids do and they can play with them over and over again. They can spark creativity and imaginative play. These nativity finger puppets are ideal for toddlers. Print out the free template and have your kids color the whole set. There you have it! Time to bring these characters to life.

Nativity finger puppet craft from Kidscraftroom.

Nativity Story Felt Board (Free Template)

Remember the true meaning of Christmas with this nativity story felt board. Download the free template and follow the simple tutorial so the kids can proudly showcase their craft while retelling the nativity story.
Jump over to Rainy Day Mum for instructions.
nativity ornaments for kids to make

Nativity Christmas Ornament with free Template

This gorgeous nativity art project is best suited to older kids as it requires a certain amount of precision to paint over the stencil. It'll look lovely hanging on the Christmas tree though, won't it?
Visit Mommy snippets for details.

Love festive free printables?

Try these ones this Christmas:

Books to read alongside your nativity crafts

The story of Christmas is so magical, children love to hear it over and over again. Before starting on a nativity craft, why not tell them the nativity story first. This will help them understand what their activity is all about – the birth of baby Jesus.

The First Christmas by Holly Berry-Byrd

A classic story of the first Christmas when Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem to give birth to baby Jesus. This is a fantastic book for toddlers, with durable flaps and popups to keep littles ones entertained as they hear the story of Jesus’s birth and the meaning of Christmas.

A Christmas Story by Brian Wildsmith

This nativity book tells a story of a young girl from Nazareth who accompanies a donkey who is searching for his mother. The wonderful events of the nativity are seen through their eyes, giving this book an innocent and child-centered approach.

The Nativity Story by Geraldine McCaughrean

A magnificent representation of the classic tale, the story of the First Christmas. The stylish illustrations and rich language make it an ideal book for older kids to read silently or aloud during family gatherings.

Which of these fun nativity crafts and activities will you try first with your kids?

Even when busy decorating the tree, preparing festive food or out shopping for loved ones, let’s try not to forget the true reason for this season. Make sure one of these lovely nativity crafts and ideas for kids is on your to-do list this Christmas.

Take your pick! And have a very Happy Christmas!


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