35 Mortifyingly Fun & Easy Mummy Crafts for Halloween

There’s so much to get excited about at Halloween – getting crafty and creative with some fun family crafts is one of many things I love about the spooky season. So, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love this round-up of easy mummy crafts for Halloween.

From easy paper plate mummy crafts for tiny tots to mason jar mummy decorations for big kids to make, you’re sure to find your mystical mummy craft of choice.

You won’t even need to go to the store to buy a ton of stuff that will end up hidden deep in the cupboards, these mummy crafts and projects use the simplest of materials.

And if you’re looking for some Halloween treats of the mummy variety, this post has got you covered too.

How do you make a Halloween mummy?

Wrap something in a bandage or a material that resembles a bandage and there’s a good chance it’ll look like a mummy. Crepe paper, gauze, construction paper and painters tape are ideal to imitate the wrapped bandages.

Paper plates, cups and toilet paper rolls make good mummy bodies, just wrap them in your “bandage” of choice, add eyes and, hey presto, you have a mummy.

So making a mummy should be a simple process and can be done in a huge number of different ways. Your only issue will be deciding which one of these gorgeous mummy crafts for Halloween to choose!

Easy Mummy crafts for Halloween

Not only are these Halloween mummy crafts super cute but they’re pretty simple too. Most are easy enough to make with toddlers, without you needing a bucketload of time and patience, followed by a laborious clean up.

If you’ve got a toddler or two at your feet, I’d recommend careful consideration of any craft, before starting out. Nothing is ever too simple when it comes to crafting with toddlers!

Once done choosing a Mummy craft, be sure to check out these scarily easy skeleton crafts. Or for a whole variety of fun activities for little ones this spooky season, try these Halloween crafts and activities.

Mummy pumpkin crafts for preschool

DIY Mummy Pumpkin with Gauze

A mess-free (and therefore stress-free) mummy craft ideal for toddlers and preschoolers this Halloween. You can do this one year after year too – simply unwrap the bandage from the toy plastic pumpkin (alternatively use real pumpkins), remove the eyes and start again next year.
Visit Kids Activities Blog for details.
tin can Mummy crafts for preschool

Tin Can Mummy Craft

One thing is for sure, most mummy crafts turn out to be really cute and this tin can mummy is no exception. Grab an empty aluminum can and strips of felt paper and start crafting!
Visit Crafts by Amanda for details.
toilet paper roll Mummy crafts for preschool

DIY Halloween Mummy Candy Tubes Tutorial

A cute but a little creepy mummy craft perfect for little trick or treaters. You'll need some empty toilet paper rolls, white streamers, glue, a black marker and finally some candies to fill it up with.
Head over to Drug Store Diva for details.

Love using empty toilet paper rolls for crafts? There are more cute Halloween tp roll characters in this list of toilet paper roll crafts for toddlers.

CD mummy crafts for halloween

Spooky CD/DVD Mummy Craft

Making a mummy craft for Halloween doesn’t get much easier than this! What a great way to recycle old CDs and DVDs too.
Jump over to Crafts by Amanda for details.
Mummy footprint crafts for preschool

Footprint Mummy String Art

Here's a fun footprint craft with a twist – turn it into a Mummy! Kids, especially little ones, are sure to love this activity. This yarn-wrapped footprint craft will also test and improve fine motor skills.
Head over to The Inspiration Edit for details.
Mummy bucket of sweets as crafts for preschool

Mummy Bucket

Looking for a simple mummy craft that doubles as a treat basket this Halloween? Here's another one that will hold plenty of candies, ideal for trick or treating. A fun and easy project for kids.
Head over to Hungry Happenings for details
mason jar treats as mummy crafts for preschool

Halloween Mason Jar Craft

I'd never heard of a "Boo" kit before – a Halloween treat jar for your neighbours – what a lovely idea that kids will love to make, and receive too, no doubt.
Head over to Chaos is Bliss for instructions.




Mummy crafts for preschool

Mummy Halloween Treat Cups

You'll certainly be spoilt for choice if you're after a mummy craft for Halloween that holds candies. These yummy mummy treat cups will be perfect for party favors or giveaways for trick or treating.
Visit Frugal Momeh for more.

Moving Eyes Paper Plate Mummy Craft

This isn’t just a Mummy craft, but an interactive Halloween project.  Once you’ve cut eye holes out of a paper plate, “wrap” the mummy with strips of hand-torn white paper.

Now to make the moveable eyes: glue bright colored eyes to strips of black paper and insert these through loopholes at the back. Full tutorial at the link below.

Moving eyes paper plate mummy craft from kidscraftroom.

Masking Tape Mummy Activity

Here’s one of the easiest mummy crafts to make this Halloween, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Cut cardboard into a basic mummy shape, paint it black and wrap in masking tape “bandage”. Add funny googly eyes and you’re done. How adorable is that? It’ll be a great quiet time activity for little ones that need to take a break from all the festivities.

For more fine motor practice, try this homemade twist-top board.

Masking tape mummy activity from mom.and.tinyfeet.

Silly Marshmallow Mummy Idea

Wait! Don’t finish all the marshmallows just yet. Use some for this next mummy craft and fun tracing activity with your little kids.

Make an outline of a mummy’s face then have your toddler trace the lines with marshmallows. And that’s it, it’s mummified! Your biggest challenge will be getting them to finish the activity before eating the marshmallows!

Marshmallow mummy from leeanndunton.

Knuckle Mummies

There are plenty of handprint crafts around, but I’ve never seen one made out of knuckle prints! What a unique and creative mummy craft and art project for Halloween.

The knuckles of a clenched fist make the mummy’s body. The arms, legs and head are made from finger and thumb prints. Googly eyes and hand drawn mouth complete the look.

Be sure to use non-toxic baby safe paint that’s gentle on the skin, like this washable tempera.

Knuckle mummies from mommassori123.

Looking for more painting ideas that don’t involve a paintbrush? Take a look at this list of fingerpainting ideas.

Mummy Paper Plate Lacing Craft

This mummy paper plate lacing craft will definitely keep little ones busy this Halloween. Not only is this a great practice of hand-eye coordination, but it’ll be a good test of patience as it will take a little bit of time and concentration.

Mummy paper plate lacing craft from virtualhallofot.

For a similar craft with a Fall theme, try this paper plate apple lacing. It’s equally fun and a good practice of fine motor too. Here are some more Fall crafts for toddlers. Or, if you have a tiny tot, try these super simple art projects and sensory activities this Fall season.

Halloween Words Mummy

Here’s a fun craft and activity for preschool this Halloween that practices letter and word recognition.

Start by writing words on cardboard, cut into a mummy shape. One by one, read out the words – the challenge is to locate the word and cover it with a strip of twisted toilet paper or paper towel until the mummy is fully wrapped!

A clever little learning activity and the paper twisting part is a great sensory activity that practises fine motor skills too.

Halloween words mummy from woven.wonder.learning.

paper plate mummy crafts for halloween

Paper Plate Mummy Craft

Ripping the paper to make the bandages in this easy mummy craft will be great for the fine motor development of toddlers and preschoolers. All you need is a paper plate, construction paper, glue and a pen to draw on that squiggly mouth. A cute and fun Halloween art project.
Jump over to Crafts by Amanda for details.

For more minimal prep simple ideas to keep those little hands occupied, try these easy arts and crafts or these indoor toddler activities.

Mummy Craft Templates

These ready-to-print mummy craft templates are great for kids and should make it easier on mom too. Win win!

brown paper bag mummy craft template

Paper Bag Mummy Craft For Kids

Your kids will have a blast making a spooky paper bag mummy craft. Just download the free mummy craft template and get cracking.
Visit Simple Everyday Mom for more.
mummy craft template for coloring

Mummy Coloring Pages

Do your preschoolers love to color? Simply download the free mummy coloring pages and get out their favorite coloring tools. They will have a blast creating colorful mummies.
Visit Kids Activities blog for details.
paper plate mummy craft template

Paper Plate Mummy Craft

Another paper plate mummy craft with big eyes and goofy teeth – click the link and grab the free template for all the necessary parts. Then add strips of paper or paper towel for bandages. A fun and easy mummy craft this Halloween.
Jump over to Simple Everyday Mom for instructions.

If you’re a big fan of free printables and templates, take a look at our free Valentine’s handprint art templates and create some love-themed memorabilia with your little ones.




Halloween Mummy Decorations

Whether or not you’re planning a festive Halloween celebration, it’s always fun to spook up the house and all the family can get involved. So for some fun mummy crafts that look the part, try one of these scarily cute mummy decorations.

mason jar halloween mummy decorations

Halloween Mason Jar Mummy Candles

Ready for some DIY Halloween mummy decorations? Give those old mason jars a makeover and turn them into mummy candles with crepe bandage or white fabric scraps. Swap real candles for battery-operated ones to make them safe around little ones.
Head over to Honey and Lime for more.
halloween door mummy decorations

DIY Halloween Mummy Door

Greet your guests with this scary mummy door. It'll be a fun Halloween project to make with the kids.
Head over to Creatively Beth for more.

Water Bottle Mummy Craft

These adorable Halloween mummy decorations use recycled bottles. Simply wrap them in gauze stick on googly eyes. The final touch are the glow sticks, to light them up!

Bottle mummy craft from good2growdrinks.

Adorable Paper Plate Mummy Craft

Another paper plate mummy craft, easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers, good looking enough to double as decorations for Halloween. Use your favorite glitter or washi tape for a glamorous and sparkly mummy! These are so adorable, right and will look gorgeous hanging from the ceiling or simply sitting on the window sill.

Paper plate mummy from thefamilyedit.

Mummy Yarn Craft Decoration

Here’s a super cute mummy craft that’ll appeal to kids of all ages. The first step is cutting the yarn into pieces, good for little ones to practice their scissor skills. Next, half fill mummy-shaped cookie cutters with glue.

Now the fun begins! Kids will start the mummification process aka dropping strips of yarn into the glue. These will take a few days to dry up.

Leave them as is or string them together for some mummy bunting.

Mummy yarn craft from whereimaginationgrows.

Yummy Mummy Food for Halloween

For some edible mummy crafts for Halloween, why not mummify some treats and snacks? Whether you have a class party at school or need to prep some party favors, these yummy mummy food ideas are sure to help.

If none of these Mummy treats take your fancy, we’ve more spookilicious Halloween treats for you to chose from. And if you have a little festivities planned and aren’t sure how to keep the littlees occupied, try these Halloween party ideas.

halloween rice krispy mummy food

Mummy Rice Krispie Treats

Here's a fun and delicious treat to make for Halloween. Just follow the classic Rice Krispie Treats recipe, drizzle with white chocolate and finish with candy eyes. They're almost too cute to eat!
Head over to Kathryn’s Kitchen Blog for instructions.
halloween hotdog mummy food

Halloween Mummy Dogs Recipe

Celebrate Halloween with these deliciously spooky mummy dogs – perfect to serve as an appetizer! Using just 4 ingredients, these are so easy to make and you'll be done in no time.
Visit Kathryn’s Kitchen Blog for more.
halloween sugar cookies mummy food

Spooky (but Cute!) Mummy Sugar Cookies

Give some sugar cookies a Halloween makeover, with candy eyes and strips of white icing. Yum yum!
Visit Messy Momma Crafts for instructions.
Mummy Candy Bar Favors

Mummy Candy Bar Favors

Are you looking for fun Halloween party favors to hand out this October? Turn candy bars into a gang of spooky mummies by wrapping each one with crepe paper and finishing with googly eyes.
Head over to Artsy Fartsy Mama for instructions.

Mummy White Chocolate Truffles

Ready for some sweet treats? Give these mummy white chocolate truffles a try. I love the way they're looking up, just like they're watching you. Adorable!
Visit Eating on a Dime for more details.

Mummy Toast

A savoury mummy snack ideal for little ones who love tomato sauce – all of them right?! Simply spread on a piece of toasted bread, add the cheese strips and olives as eyes. What a cute and yummy mummy food to serve this Halloween!

Mummy toast from tanjanien.

Mummy Juice Boxes

In charge of supplying drinks for a Halloween party? These juice box mummies are simple enough for toddlers to make. Simply wrap crepe bandage around each juice box – you’ll need two or three layers to cover all the print. Then stick on the mummy’s eyes.

Mummy juice boxes from teno.hira.

Chocolate Covered Apple Slices

Don't be fooled by all the gooey chocolate! Hidden inside it is a delicious crunchy slice of apple. So I guess this can pass as a healthy treat, right?
Head over to Pastry and Beyond for details.

Mummy Wrap Pizza Calzone

Give that regular pizza a twist and turn it into a mummified one. Sure to be a huge hit during the Halloween festivities.
Head over to easy budget recipes for details.

Mini Mummy Pizza

Mini mummy pizzas are a fun and easy food to make for Halloween. All you need are some store-bought mini pizzas and a few extra ingredients like cheese and olives. There you have it, a perfect mummy craft and snack for kids.

Which of these fun mummy crafts is your favorite?

I hope you have fun creating an adorable mummy craft or two this Halloween. I can’t wait to hear which of these simple craft mummies is your favorite? I can’t decide between the footprint mummy string art and the Halloween door!


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