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Sarah Peerless BSc – founder, owner, mom of 4 and chief multi-tasker

Hi! I’m the owner and founder of Busy Blooming Joy and the main contributor to all the articles on this site. I also review, and sometimes edit, all the other articles that feature on this site written by my side kick experts.
Mom of 4 kids, baby sleep expert plus home organisation and kids activities and crafts


Mom to 4 gorgeous kiddos. The original two Littles are now 6 and 7 and have since been joined by their baby brother and sister, twins, nearly 2.

It was my mission early on to get the sleep sorted – because I know that a well-rested babba is a happy one.  Baby sleep and all things newborn has become my bag!  

I’m a self-confessed newborn and baby sleep expert

Although I don’t have explicit baby sleep training, I have years of experience under my belt of getting babies and toddlers to sleep. This is coupled with a vast amount of reading and research on the topic.

My scientific background (I hold a science degree) has allowed me to read and, importantly, understand sleep literature and scientific research papers that focus on baby sleep sceince, sleep patterns, sleep cyles, sleep training, so on.

So, although I don’t have explicit baby sleep training (there is no formal qualification after all) I have researched and experienced the subject to death!  I have of course read a vast amount of baby sleep books written by other self-confessed experts.

Skilled and experienced in play-based learning and toddler activities 

We spent several years living and loving in the bush in my husband’s home country of Botswana, Africa, though have since moved back to South West England, where I grew up. 

Life in rural Africa led me down an unexpected path, forever having to come up with ideas to entertain and engage two busy toddlers and ensure their healthy development.  

Again, with research and endless hours at home with my toddlers, I developed an expertise in play-based learning activities, which I’m now enjoying with the twins.

And here are a few other things I love…

I love routine, order and good coffee (yup, a coffee snob). Traits have both helped and hindered when it comes to kids!

When I have a minute or two to spare you’ll find me in the garden, trying to convince plants to stay alive and create a beautiful space amongst all the kids clobber…

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