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I'm so glad you stopped by!

I'm so glad you stopped by!

If you’ve stumbled across Busy Blooming Joy it’s likely you’re looking for answers to one of the gazillion parenting challenges out there.  


At the heart of it, you’re continually striving to be the best mum you can for your kids, without losing your mind!

Yup, me too!

I’ve figured out quite a few things on this journey so far.  And I can’t wait to share these things with you.

My promise to you is to provide you with:

  1. The knowledge to make informed choices
  2. Resources to enable you to simplify, prioritize and organize
  3. Acceptance that it ain’t all rainbows and butterflies, and that’s ok

To sum it up:

I believe that true joy in motherhood comes in striving for the best and accepting the inevitable imperfections

…and occasional loss of sanity! 

Hi, I’m Sarah…

Mom of 4 kids, baby sleep expert plus home organisation and kids activities and crafts

Sarah Peerless BSc – founder, owner, mom of 4 and chief multi-tasker

Mom to 4 gorgeous kiddos. The original two Littles are now 6 and 7 and were joined by their baby brother and sister, twins, nearly 2.

It was my mission early on to get the sleep sorted – because I know that a well-rested babba is a happy one.  Baby sleep and all things newborn has become my bag!  

We spent several years living and loving in the bush in my husband’s home country of Botswana, Africa, though have since moved back to South West England, where I grew up.  Life in rural Africa led me down an unexpected path, forever having to come up with ideas to entertain and engage two busy toddlers and ensure their healthy development.  

Combined with my scientific background (I hold a science degree) I developed an expertise in play-based learning activities, which I’m now enjoying with the twins.

I love routine, order and good coffee (yup, a coffee snob). Traits have both helped and hindered when it comes to kids!

When I have a minute or two to spare you’ll find me in the garden, trying to convince plants to stay alive and create a beautiful space amongst all the kids clobber…

My expert freelance writers:

Childhood educator and kids play activity expert

Audra Smith BSc – writer, former early childhood educator & mom of 2

My interest and expertise is in providing an enriching environment and play-based learning activities for kids, to help facilitate healthy development. 

My journey started with a Bachelors of Science in Family Studies with a concentration in Child Development. I’m also a former early childhood educator with experience working at the child development centers of two major universities. 

I now have my own 2 amazing girls and have so enjoyed using my expertise to create and share engaging activities and crafts with them.

I love all things outdoors and love nothing better than drinking in the sunset after the kids are in bed with my hubbie and dogs.

ex preschool teacher, pyschology graduate, kids craft and creaative activity expert

Xyla Clarito BA – writer, former preschool teacher & mom of 1

My love and passion is with crafting and creating with young children. This led me to a career as a preschool teacher. It never felt like work!  I enjoyed every class I had with my little students – I got to sing, dance, play and get creative with them.

I loved watching and facilitating their growing minds, all the more fascinating as a graduate of Psychology.

When my daughter came along I adapted my skills in order to stay home with her. I turned my passion for crafting into a small business – firstly by making birthday invitations and party favors and, now, writing about toddler and preschool crafts.

My daughter is now an energetic six-year-old daughter and luckily she shares my love of crafts! Aside from that, we enjoy reading books, singing and watching movies together.

I love going to the beach and mountains – anything outdoors. But what I love more is a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. That keeps me going all day!

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