50 Free Printable Halloween Games & Activities (Kids & Adults)

🎃🕷️ Introducing a Hauntingly Fun Collection of Free Printable Halloween Games for Kids & Adults! 🕸️👻

As the crisp autumn breeze descends and the moon casts an eerie glow, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is right around the corner!  

It’s that time of year when laughter mixes with a touch of spookiness, and gatherings are filled with delightful tricks and delicious treats.

To make your Halloween festivities more memorable, we’ve gathered an enchanting assortment of free printable games that are perfect for both kids and adults.

🧛‍♂️ For Little Monsters

From mythical mazes, memory games and puzzles to creepy coloring pages, whimsical word searches and charades with a spooky twist, these fun free printable halloween games will entertain and engage kids from toddlers to teens.  

All with minimal prep and zero mess!  (Simple, mess-free activities are a favorite in our house.)

From matching ghosts and witches to decoding secret messages, these games will keep the festivities going, while taking the excitement down a notch!

👻 For Grown-Up Ghouls

Who says Halloween is just for kids?  Adults can also revel in the festivities with some spine-tingling fun!

Whether it’s a gathering of friends keen to test their knowledge of the spooky season or a baby shower with a Halloween twist, these games are sure to bring out the competitive spirit and create unforgettable memories.

🌕 Ready to Embrace the Spooktacular?

Whether you’re organizing a classroom party, hosting a neighborhood gathering, or simply looking for activities to enjoy with the whole family, our free printable Halloween games will add an extra dash of enchantment to your celebration.

So grab your cauldron, light a few candles, and immerse yourself in a world of magical games that will leave you howling with delight. Let the Halloween adventures begin! 🎃👻🕸️

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Free Halloween Matching Games 

Matching games help young children develop their visual discrimination skills as well as their ability to recognise patterns. These cognitive skills are fundamental to understanding mathematical concepts later on.

They’re also fun too and a simple way to engage and occupy toddlers and preschoolers.

bat-themed free Halloween matching game printable

1. Bat Shape Halloween Matching Game {Free printable}

Here’s a simple Halloween matching game perfect for toddlers and preschoolers just starting out on shapes. A fun and engaging activity that’ll help them learn about shapes.

Visit Little Ladoo for for instructions

spider web free halloween printable game

2. Spider Web Visual Discrimination

This set of spooky spider web cards will put your child’s visual discrimination skillsto the test!  Print them out and then match each spider web with it’s identical partner – this’ll be a tough task for young kids.

You can also use the cards to create a simple Halloween memory card game, easy entertainment while waiting for the festivities to start.

Head over to Little Ladoo for details

If you’re looking for more spider crafts and activities, check out this cute pipe cleaner spider craft and this puffy web spider activity

Free Halloween Memory Game Printables

Going one step further than simply matching, try a Halloween memory game with your kids. They must find and memorise the position of matching cards to make a pair. 

Memory games are a great way to introduce a competitive element to a simple activity, allowing young kids the fun and disappointment of all that that entails…

Memory games also help develop concentration, patience and, of course, memory!

candy corn free halloween matching game for kids

3. Free Printable Candy Corn Halloween Memory Matching Game

A free candy corn themed game for kids that’ll help them understand the different emotions.

Head over to And Next comes L for details

Pumpkin Shape Memory Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers

4. Pumpkin Shape Memory Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers

A fun Halloween memory game printable, but this time with pumpkins. A fun Halloween memory game printable that’ll help kids learn their shape.

Jump over to Rainy Day Mum for more

Free Printable Kids Halloween Matching Game For Preschoolers

5. Free Printable Kids Halloween Matching Game For Preschoolers

Here’s bright and colorful free Halloween memory game printable.  There’s nothing spooky about these characters – they’re far too cute! 

Head over to Simple Everyday Mom for more

Free Printable Halloween Games For Parties

Throwing a party this spooky season? We’ve got your back with these free printable Halloween games for parties.

Whatever their age, these simple and fun games will keep your guests entertained.

For more party activities, check out these 55 Halloween party ideas for little kids.

free printable Halloween Bingo

6. Halloween Bingo (Free Printable)

Bingo is such a simple game that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy. It’s a favorite in our family and always a winner at parties.

Grab this free printable set of Halloween bingo cards to play the spookiest (yet cutest) Halloween game ever! A fun free printable Halloween game for adults and kids that promises hours of fun whether at home or in the classroom.

Jump over to The Best Ideas for Kids for more

free halloween charades printable pdf for kids and adults

7. Fun & Free Printable Halloween Charade Cards

Who doesn’t love charades?  Well I hear there are some people, but it’s not me, and certainly not my kids!  For a fun and memorable Halloween party at home or school, this game is a must.  Acting out a Mummy unravelling is sure to be a challenge – there’s going to be plenty of giggling!

What are you waiting for? Grab the free Halloween charades printable pdf now! 

Visit Two Kids and a Coupon for instructions

free printable Pin the Nose on the Witch

8. Pin-the-Nose-on-the-Witch

A Halloween twist on pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, the game is to pin the ugly nose on the not-too-scary witch – blindfolded. Be ready for lots of laughter as the witch ends up with a nose under her armpit, across her mouth and everywhere else!

A fun game that’ll be enjoyed by kids of all ages at Halloween, from preschoolers right through to adults.

Head over to Savvy Mama Lifestyle for details

indoor Halloween Scavenger Hunt

9. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Looking for Halloween party games that’ll get the kids moving? Scavenger/ treasure hunts are the way to go. Here’s one with a fun Halloween twist.

There are 10 free printable cards, each with a clue, to hide around the house. 

Kids will have to get they’re thinking caps on to follow the trail around the house to lead them to the prize at the end! 

Visit Mama of Minis for instructions

For more activities to get little ones moving, take a look at these energy busting indoor games for toddlers.

outdoor spooky Scavenger Hunt for kids all ages

10. Printable Scavenger Hunt for Halloween

Another Halloween scavenger hunt, but this is one to do outside around your neighborhood.  It’ll be an exciting adventure as kids enjoy the spooky Halloween-themed decorations as they tick off the creepy characters and other spooky items from the free printable scavenger hunt. 

Head over to Red Ted Art for details

For more simple activities for little ones to do outside give this list of outdoor play ideas a try. 

H for Halloween printable booklets

11. Halloween Coloring Book Printable

These free printable Halloween coloring booklets will be a good way to insist on a little quiet time amongst the party madness! Or perhaps you could give them out as a party favor for kids to take home.  

Visit Sustain My Craft Habit for more

Halloween tags perfect for gift bags

12. Printable Halloween Gift Tags

Here are some cute free printable Halloween gift tags that will be perfect for those party goody bags. Bigger kids can personalize them if they wish. 

Visit Waling on Sunshine Recipes for more

Witch Hat Twister Halloween Game

13. Free Printable Witch Hat Twister Halloween Game

Here’s another free printable Halloween game that everyone loves: Twister, with a Halloween twist (of course!)  It’ll test balance, patience and flexibility and is likely to end with everyone in stitches in a heap on the floor.

This witches hat twister is a Halloween party must!

Head over to The Tiptoe Fairy for details

spooky masks for kids to make this Halloween

14. 4 Fun Free Printable Halloween Masks for Kids

Not strictly a Halloween game, but if you’re going to get into the spirit, you need to get into character.  Why not try one of these free printable Halloween masks?  Frightening or dashing? Or perhaps a bit of both!

Jump over to Kids Activities Blog for more

would your rather game for Halloween parties

15. Halloween Would You Rather Questions

Would-you-rather is a great way to find out the inner workings of someone’s mind.  Askings kids would-you-rather questions can be very entertaining as well as slightly alarming!

Add this free printable Halloween game to your list now.

Visit Play Party Plan for instructions

free printable scattegories halloween games for adults

16. Free Halloween Scattergories Printable Game

Here’s a free printable Halloween game for adults and kids to enjoy together as a family.  It’d work equally well at a festive Halloween party.

Head over to Homeschool of 1 for details

Free printable Happy Halloween Banners

17. 12 Free Happy Halloween Party Decorations

What’s a party without decorations? Get these printable Halloween banners for free! With over 12 different styles, you’ve got plenty to choose from, or you could go crazy and have a different banner in each room. 

Visit World of Printables for more

free printable Halloween Tic Tac Toe

18. Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe

A fun and easy free Halloween printable game for kids to play. Instead of using the traditional X’s and O’s, cut out the Halloween images that come with the printable. Or why not use plastic spiders, M&Ms Halloween ghouls or some small Halloween toys.  


Free Printable Halloween Word Games & Word Searches 

Spooky vocabulary at the ready! It’s time to embark on a quest to seek Halloween-themed words and phrases with these exciting wordsearches, puzzles and cross words.

Here are a selection of free Halloween printable word games and puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty.  Whatever the age of your child, you’re sure to find something suitable. 

Let the word hunt begin!

spooky crossword puzzle

19. Free Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzle

Do your kids enjoy solving riddles? If so, they’re sure to enjoy this Halloween crossword puzzle.

But not only will this free printable Halloween word game entertain and engage, it’ll help with memory, concentration, spelling and that all important spooky vocab.

Head over to Pjs and Paint for details

scary letter maze activity for kids

20. Free Printable Halloween Pop it Letter Order Mazes

This fun word game with free printable is ideal for little ones who need to practice the alphabet.  Simply connect the letters in order from A to Z.

Visit And Next Comes L for more

Free Candy Corn Color by Letter printable

21. Free Candy Corn Color by Letter 

Here’s a color-by-letter free printable Halloween game that’ll help with letter recognition. All they need to do is color the space in the shapes in the candycorn the correct color according to the key. 

Visit Rock Your Homeschool for details

halloween word search games printable free

22. Free printable Halloween word search game

Here’s a classic word search with a Halloween theme.  Such a simple and engaging activity for young children who are confident reading simple words. Perfect for a fun festive gathering at home or a simple no-prep class activity during the spooky season.


halloween word scramble free printable

23. Halloween World Scramble

Unscramble these Halloween-themed words as fast as you can!  A prize to the fastest if you want. How about some spooky spider cookies or candied applies? There are plenty of Halloween treats that’d work well as a prize. 

Of course, you don’t need to have a competive element.  This free printable Halloween word game will be an engaging way for kids to take a break from the Halloween mayhem.


Free Printable Halloween Games And Puzzles

Not words, this time some free printable Halloween games of a more puzzling nature… These will keep little hands busy and minds engaged, hopefully all afternoon! Here’s hoping…

scarily cute puzzle games for kids

24. Halloween Puzzle Crafts for kids

For a fun and simple Halloween activity for young children that’ll test scissor skills as well as patience and perseverance try this set of free printable Halloween puzzles.

The first challenge is to cut them out, then to piece them back together.

Visit In The Playroom for more

Free Printable Mazes for Kids for Halloween

25. Free Printable Mazes for Kids for Halloween

Just like they love pizzas and ice-cream, kids love mazes! So put your kids brain to work with these free printable Halloween mazes. There are 15 different mazes to complete – surely plenty to keep your chlild occupied for many a happy minute. 

Head over to Life With Kids for details

scary Sudoku puzzle for Kids

26. Halloween Sudoku for Kids

Brilliant for mathematical minds, a game of sudoku can be quite a challenge (and also a little addictive!) Rather than the classic number based sudoku, inspire your kids with this bright and colorful Halloween-themed one.

Visit The Many Little Joys for details

free printable Halloween Joke Cootie Catcher template 

27. Halloween Joke Cootie Catcher 

Here’s a fun twist on the classic paper fortune teller – a Halloween joke cootie catcher.  My eldest fancies himself as quite the comedian, so I know he’s going to love this one.

Jump over to Pjs and Print for instructions

Free Printable Halloween Math Games

Here are a delightful assortment of free printable Halloween math games that will engage young minds and make learning numbers a thrilling adventure.

From spooky counting activities to themed math puzzles, these games will not only entertain but also enhance numeracy skills in a fun and festive way.

free printable Halloween Color By Number

28. Halloween Color-By-Number

This free printable Halloween color-by-number activity for toddlers is great for color and number recognition and will be lots of fun too.

Head over to Frosting and Glue for more

number order puzzle game for kids to do this Halloween

29. Printable Halloween Number Order Puzzles

If your toddler is working on number recognition and still learning how to count, then this free printable Halloween math game will be just the ticket.  Cut the puzzles into vertical strips, muddle the pieces up, then your child can put it back together again.

They can use the image to help them get the numbers back into order. 

Head over to The Artisan Life for instructions

free printable Brooms & Ladders Halloween Game

30. Brooms & Ladders Halloween Game

Snakes and ladders is a fun and frustrating game that my kids love.  Here’s a mini version, themed to the season, ideal for little ones. Not strictly a math game, but playing provides young kids plenty of counting practice. 

Head over to The Denver Housewife for more

free printable halloween math counting games

31. Fun Halloween Counting

Make counting and writing practice fun with this spooky and cute free printable Halloween math game activity. 


Roll A Jack-O-Lantern game for kids

32. Roll A Jack-O-Lantern Printable Halloween Game for Kids

For a fun, easy & low prep activity for young kids, try this roll a jack-o-lantern printable game. This will be a fun Halloween printable game for kids that doubles as a cute learning game and tool for math.  

Visit Darcy and Brian for details

Free printable Halloween math game for kids

33. Halloween Find & Count Printable

Here’s another free printable Halloween game that will help little ones with counting and number writing skills.  They must find and count each item in the key below the main image and write in the correct number. 

This simple activity is always a winner with young kids and the cuter the graphics the better! This free printable is definitely winning on that front.


I spy free printable halloween hidden object games

34. Free Printable Halloween I Spy Game

I Spy is another name for Find & Count.  Here’s another of these fun free printable Halloween games with equally appealing graphics. 

This one will be a little trickier with many more spookily cute characters and images on the page, ideal for older toddlers/preschoolers and those just starting school.

The printable includes 2 pages – the first is shown, the second includes a key and space to write in the numbers.  Click the link below to download.

Visit Two Kids and a Coupon for more

Free Printable Halloween Hidden Object Games

Here are some more free printable Halloween games that are fun and engaging and also have an educational benefit.   Hidden object games promote visual perception and attention to detail, helping children improve their observation skills. 

Kids will need to sharpen their detective skills will enjoy the thrill of discovery with these captivating free printable Halloween hidden object games!

free printable halloween find the hidden object games

35. Free printable Halloween hidden object game

Kids can embark on a quest to find all the hidden objects in this cute and a-little-bit-freaky haunted house setting. Their powers of observation will be challenged as the hunt for the hidden ghost, bat, witches legs and so on.

Can they find all 10 before it’s time to head out trick or treating?


Halloween Seek and Color the Images free printable

36. Seek and Color the Images

Here’s a cute free printable Halloween hidden object game with a difference: find the hidden object, then color it in.  Ideal for little hands that love coloring in. 


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Other Free Printable Halloween Games & Activities for Kids

Here are yet more free printable Halloween games and activities designed to engage and entertain children.  They offer a hands-on learning adventure with a spooky twist.

Whether you’re looking for more ways to keep kids busy at a festive get together or themed activities for the classroom, you’re sure to find plenty of interest here.

Several of these free printables would work well as Halloween file folder games too.

scarily cute Cut and Paste Characters game

37. Free Printable Halloween Cut and Paste Characters

Keep your younger kids busy with these free printable Halloween cut-and-paste characters. What a fun and entertaining way to practice cutting skills.

Jump over to In The Playroom for details

free printable halloween file folder coloring games

38. Free Halloween Coloring Page Printables

A Halloween get together wouldn’t be complete without some Halloween-themed coloring pages. A fun, simple and easy to prepare free Halloween printable that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Visit Approaching Home for more

Free Halloween Lacing Cards fine motor activity for Kids

39. Free Halloween Lacing Cards for Kids

Here’s a fun free printable Halloween activity that’s sure to keep little hands busy while strengthening fine motor skills.  With the large holes and wide spacing, these lacing cards are ideal for tiny tots to have a go. 

Head over to Taming Little Monsters for instructions

For another fun lacing activity, check out this apple lacing craft. Or for endless fine motor fun, why not make this simple twist-top board for your toddler?

Free Witch Spell Printable for Kids

40. Free Halloween Spell Printable for Kids

Here’s a fun and engaging free printable Halloween game that’ll get the creative juices flowing.  Older kids will have a blast conjuring up their potion – I can imagine all sorts of icky ingredients going into the pot!

Little ones can draw their ingredients inside the bubbles or simply use the printable as coloring sheet.

Visit Mommy Made That for more

countdown calendar free printable halloween file folder games

41. Free Printable Halloween Countdown Calendar

This Halloween countdown calendar will help contain the excitement until The Big Day. Simply write in an easy activity for each day.

From word searches and puzzles to math and hidden object games, you’ll have plenty of free printable Halloween games to include by the end of this post!

Visit Fun A Day for more

Check out these simple Halloween crafts for more inspiration, as well as these fun ideas and activities for Halloween parties.  party ideas for

free printable puppet halloween file folder games

42. Free Printable Halloween Puppets

Kids love getting lost in a world of make believe and what better way than with some hand puppets themed to the spooky season. 

Making these printable Halloween puppets will make for a fun activity too.  Just print, color and cut!

Head over to The Savvy Sparrow for details

Play Dough Mats for kids and toddlers

43. Free Halloween Play Dough Mats

Get into the Halloween spirit with these cute playdough mats. It’s fun activity, plus a great way to practice their fine motor skills.

Visit Two Pink Peonies for more

Love free printables? 

Check these handprint craft templates:

Free Printable Halloween Games For Adults 

Don’t let the kids have all the fun! Here are some bewitching challenges designed specifically for grown-up ghouls to elevate your adult Halloween party to new heights. 

These free printable Halloween games for adults will ensure a night filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories.

Name that Tune fun game for kids and adults

44. Free Printable Halloween Name-that-Tune Game

Here’s a fun adult party game to start things off. This free printable Halloween-name-that-tune game is easy to prepare.  Just print and go. 

Let’s see who can guess the most popular Halloween songs.  Extra points for the best rendition!

A fun free printable Halloween games for adults that kids who know their music can have a go at too.

Visit the Tiptoe Fairy for more

halloween movie trivia games for adults printable free

45. Halloween Movie Trivia Game Free Printable

Are you a fan of Halloween movies? Do you love games? Let’s combine the two for some Halloween fun and see who reigns supreme when it comes to scary movie trivia.

Load your printer up and start preparing for a fun Halloween trivia game for adults with this free printable.

Jump over to A Girl and a Glue Gun for details

halloween trivia games for adults printable free

46. Free Printable Halloween Trivia

Challenge fellow Halloween enthusiasts to see who can unearth the most chilling facts behind this enchanting holiday.  This free printable Halloween trivia games for adults will put your Halloween knowledge to the ultimate test for a some spirited competition and freaky fun.

Jump over to Hey Lets Make Stuff for details

Free Printable Halloween Baby Shower Games

A baby shower with a Halloween theme makes a refreshing change.  Here are some delightful free printable Halloween baby shower games to help celebrate the arrival of a little pumpkin and add an extra touch of spooktacular joy to the occasion.

free printable baby shower games for Halloween

47. Baby Shower Names

Time for some creative thinking to help that mom name her baby. Baby shower attendees need to think of a name for each letter of the alphabet, from A all the way to Z. Extra points for names with a spooky nature, in keeping with the season!

A free printable Halloween baby shower game that’ll make a fun keepsake for the mom-to-be too.


halloween baby shower word scramble

48. Baby Shower Word Scramble

Word scrambles are popular at Halloween and at baby showers. This free printable Halloween baby shower game combines the two.

Ready, set, scramble!


free printable Baby Shower Finish Mommy's Phrase

49. Baby Shower Finish Mommy’s Phrase

Guess what’s inside Mommy’s mind by filling out this free printable Halloween baby shower game. Get the mom-to-be to fill it out too.  The one with the most correct answers wins the game.


free printable halloween baby shower word search games

50. Baby Shower Word search

Cute Halloween graphics combined with baby jargon and you have the perfect free printable Halloween word search game for a baby shower.


free printable halloween baby shower bingo games

51. Baby Shower Bingo Game

Bingo with a twist! Here each participant fills out their own bingo card, writing in the gifts they think the mom-to-be may receive from all everyone at the baby shower.  Instead of calling cards, items are crossed off as the gifts are opened.

Then shout bingo once row, columns or diaganols are completed.


Download these Free Printable Halloween Games and Activities

There you have it! 51 of the best and fun printable Halloween activities and games for toddlers, kids and adults too.   

Looking for a fun Halloween game for large groups or classroom parties? Want to enjoy a simple, yet frightful family game night at home?

You’re sure to find something to suit for a scary good time this Halloween.

Which are your favorite printable halloween games? Let me know in the comments!

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