55 cute Christmas crafts for toddlers & preschoolers (including lots of stress-free, minimal mess ones)

Christmas crafts for toddlers and preschoolers need to be simple.  I mean, the simplest thing can become stressful and complicated when you have a little one in tow.  Add in Christmas and there’s a potential meltdown just around the corner. (And I don’t just mean from your toddler, right?!).

So simple, stress-free, minimal prep and, possibly most importantly, MESS-FREE Christmas crafts for toddlers are the way forward.

But handprint crafts are so cute, I hear you say.  What about some cute toddler-made/helped with Christmas cards?

You’re probably also after a toddler Christmas craft or two that you can keep forever, frame, gift and so on and so on….

Yes, I hear you. Me too!

Often these types of crafts involve thick sticky glue or paint, instantly going right against the simple, stress-free, minimal prep, mess-free toddler craft we all really want to stick to.

So… not only have I divided this list of Christmas crafts for toddlers by craft type (Christmas cards & “artwork”, ornaments, other Christmas crafts and gift wrap, gift boxes & gift bags) but also by ease.  I.e. by stress and mess potential!  As follows:

SIMPLE, MINIMAL MESS toddler Christmas crafts

Simple to put together and the messiest thing your toddler can take charge of is a gluestick.  Or you can glue and said toddler can just do the sticking.  


Often involve PVA/white school glue (can be disastrous in the hands of a toddler) or may just be a little more hassle to put together


If you have no time or patience or your toddler is a complete rebel (I had one of those until quite recently) then avoid these ones like the plague. It’s just not worth it. 

Alternatively, these toddler Christmas crafts are just that much harder to prep or finish off. Secondly, I’m going to start with some tips for doing Christmas crafts with toddlers or any toddler craft in fact.  (If you have any to add, please do let me know in the comments – I’m all ears to anything else to make crafting with my little rebels, sorry, angels easier)

So let’s get to it – loads of simple Christmas crafts for toddlers and few trickier, stickier and messier ones.  Pick and chose. Merry Christmas!

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Christmas crafts for toddlers feature

What age are these Christmas crafts for?

I think officially, toddlerhood starts at the age of 1 and ends age 3/4.  They change a lot in that time period.  Less things in the mouth, more opinion, to name a couple… These are Christmas crafts for 2 and 3-year-olds but we could easily add 4-year-olds to the list.  Possibly even 5-year-olds too.  

These Christmas crafts are for older toddlers and preschoolers

There are a few suitable for the under 2s – some Christmas crafts that younger toddlers can help with safely (for a handprint or fingerprint) and leave you with your sanity intact. Mostly. Pick and chose, carefully!  Which leads me onto…

Tips for doing Christmas crafts with toddlers & preschoolers (or any craft for that matter)

1 – Pick activities based on how much time (and sanity) you have

Limited time quickly ramps up the stress.  And doesn’t seem to matter how much time I think something will take with a toddler or preschooler in tow, it’s never enough!


2 – Remember it’s about the process of creation for your child, rather than the end result

Kids have an incredible imagination and are amazingly creative.  If you can, sit back and enjoy their creativity. Toddlers love to explore and experiment with new materials and different textures.  They may look like they’re just playing and making one heck of a mess, but they’re also hard at work figuring out the world. That’s where the learning comes.  So, if the craft looks anything like it’s meant to, that’s a bonus, not a given!

3 – If your toddler Christmas craft requires prep, try to do this out of sight your toddler

Little ones are totally unable to keep their hands to themselves, it’s normal. A perk of this particular chapter of life with little kids…

4 – Make the craft alongside your toddler

This helps them to see what it is they’re trying to achieve. Of course, they may well have zero intention of achieving the same thing as you, but, as per #2 above, that’s ok. A Christmas craft for toddlers should look like a toddler was at work… This also helps if you actually need some Christmas cards at the end of the crafting session – if you do a few yourself you may have some worth sending (though my kids efforts are always far cuter than mine, warts and all).

Toddler Christmas crafts: cards & “artwork”

Cards and “artwork” can be pretty interchangeable – as long as the artwork is not giant-sized you can cut it out and stick on a card or just start with the card.  And vice versa, I’m sure you get what I mean. So these two Christmas crafts for toddlers are grouped together. 


lori_loves_her_books washi Christmas tree craft for toddlers
Washi tape Christmas tree from @lori_loves_her_books

#1 Washi tape Christmas tree

A Christmas craft for toddlers at it’s best.   Strips of washi tape and some Christmas present stickers are all you need.  Then let your toddler get stuck in and see what he or she comes up with.  I’m sure it’ll be as cute as the upside-down Christmas tree on the right, way more funky than the one mom did on the left.  

Finished paintchip christmas cards toddler craft
Paint chip Christmas cards from Busy Blooming Joy

#2 Paint chip Christmas card

You can probably see just how simple this Christmas craft is, even for the littlest of toddlers.  Some green paint chip cards, sparkly Rhinestone stickers and a star is all you need.  Opportunity to practice scissor skills for older toddlers or preschoolers too.

mrs.prek3 easy Toddler christmas craft
Doily Santas from @mrs.prek3

#3 Surprised doily Santa craft

I love the surprised look!  This my favorite Santa of all these toddler Christmas crafts I think.  Choose these mini doilies if you want to fit this onto a Christmas card.  To cut your prep time to a few minutes, use a large circle hole punch and some dot stickers.

simplystrangecrafts handrint Christmas craft for toddlers
Handprint Christmas trees from @simplystrangecrafts

#4 Handprint Christmas tree craft

A cut out of your toddlers handprint and some colorful gem or Rhinestone stickers is all you need for this one.  Simple and cute, this one’s a keeper for years to come.  Just don’t forget to date it!

Rudolf Christmas card toddler craft
Rudolf Christmas card from Non Toy Gifts

#5 Rudolf Christmas card or craft

So simple and so effective, I definitely want to try some of these with my two this year.  Time to stock up on some red pompoms, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

micromacro_bari paper strips Christmas tree
Paper strips Christmas tree from @micromacro_bari

#6 Paper strips Christmas tree craft

Simply draw a triangle and then your toddler can have fun either cutting or ripping strips of paper and sticking.  A few decorations complete this simple toddler Christmas craft and card.  

Handprint angel Christmas craft or card toddler craft
Handprint angel Christmas craft or card from the Soccer Mom Blog

#7 Handprint angel Christmas craft or card

This one will take a bit more time with those handprints to cut out, but your toddler can take charge of the gluing and sticking.  Too sweet!

Triangle trees Christmas card toddler craft
Triangle trees Christmas card from Non Toy Gifts

#8 Triangle Christmas trees card

Another Christmas craft for toddlers that is so simple yet can have such a stunning end result.  Even if those trees end up a little wonky with a little one at the helm, these are sure to be a hit with whoever receives it.


Snowman Christmas card toddler craft
Snowman Christmas card from Red Ted Art

#9 Snowman Christmas card

A few different materials involved in this one: glue plus some fingerprint snowflakes to finish so this one will be a little trickier and, most likely, messier. But I think the extra hassle will be totally worth it. Such a cute Christmas card for toddlers to make.

#10 Shape & fingerprint Christmas snow scene

We did this one while practicing shapes; triangles, squares as well as trapeziums cut from scrapbook paper make up the Christmas trees. More white paint fingerprints for snow do mean there’s potential for mess but my two were pretty restraint this time.  Perhaps they’re finally growing up?! (And I’m both overjoyed and heartbroken…)


Paint resist toddler Christmas craft
Tape resist Christmas card from The DIY Nuts

#11 Tape resist Christmas tree card of craft

Tape up the shape of a Christmas tree with painters tape and let your toddler go wild over the top with some tempera paint or kids’ watercolors.  Hopefully, when dry and the tape has been removed, you’ll reveal the silhouette of a Christmas tree.  Another must-try for this Christmas.

dayinspace Christmas activity for toddlers
Christmas card smudge painting from @dayinspace

#12 Christmas card smudge painting

The key to this Christmas craft for toddlers, is to do one color at a time. Otherwise whatever colors you chose, they’ll all be mixed together and you’ll get brown. I’m all for learning color mixing, but if you want Christmas cards you can actually send, ONE COLOR AT A TIME!

Footprint Christmas tree card for toddlers
Footprint Christmas tree card from Messy Little Monster

#13 Footprint Christmas card craft

Getting a clean and clear painted footprint from a toddler or preschooler can be quite a challenge. But with this one, you simply cut the footprint out to finish the card meaning you can just ignore all the smudged ones.  Another one needing a few sparkly gem stones or sequins.



Cupcake liner crafts for toddler Christmas craft
Cupcake liner Christmas cards from Lil Tigers

#14 Cupcake liner Christmas cards

Some simple folding of cupcake liners and a dash of glitter and you can end up with these two cuties.  Just perfect for the front of a Christmas card.  

Christmas tree craft for toddlers
Pompom painted Christmas tree from Crafted With Bliss

#15 Pompom painted Christmas tree

With this one, you switch up the paintbrush for pompoms making this a fun painting activity come Christmas craft for your toddler or preschooler.



Spin art Christmas tree card for toddlers from Messy Little Monster
Spin art Christmas tree card from Messy Little Monster

#16 Spin art Christmas trees

Toddlers and preschoolers alike are going to love the spin art part of this Christmas craft.  Paint and a salad spinner are the main ingredients.  Then it’s a case of cutting out a Christmas tree shape and sticking on a card.

Christmas tree ornaments to make with toddlers

Making ornaments for the tree is a must-do toddler Christmas craft.  Lovely keepsakes and perfect as gifts for doting grandparents. Well, I hope so, unless my parents are just being polite (seems unlikely, on second thoughts!).  This is a Christmas craft we’re going to continue to do every year, a favorite of many family Christmas traditions. Below is a selection of ornaments, most suitable for toddlers and preschoolers aged 2-4 years old.  For even more homemade ornaments, check out: 39 adorable Christmas ornaments for kids of all ages to make or help with


pompom christmas ornaments craft for toddlers
Pompom Christmas tree ornament from Elle Marie Home (previously the Inspiration Vault)


#17 Pom pom Christmas ornament 

Toddlers just love “posting”, aka stuffing, things through and into small spaces.  So this one will probably keep your little one busy for longer than you think.  And, it’s totally mess-free. Double win!  Grab these clear plastic baubles and festive pompoms and you’re ready to go.

Christmas baubel ornaments with wrap paper easy toddler Christmas craft
Wrapping paper baubles from Simple Fun For Kids

#18 Wrapping paper baubles

A fun activity turned Christmas craft for your toddler; similar to the last ornament craft but with an added step of cutting or shredding some wrapping paper.  Then more posting… Another no prep, no mess toddler Christmas craft you gotta love.  

snowflake ornament toddler Christmas craft
Craft stick snowflake ornaments from Thimble & Twig

#19 Craft stick snowflake craft or Christmas tree ornament

Once you’ve glued a few colored craft sticks together with a hot glue gun, the fun part of decorating is all on your little one (these festive sequins look just the ticket).  Dead simple and super cute and could also double as a Christmas tree ornament.


simpleplay.withsteph pony bead toddler ornament craft
Melted pony bead ornaments from @simpleplay.withsteph

#20 Melted pony bead ornaments

Some festive metal cookie cutters and some pony beads are the main ingredients here. It’ll be a good test of fine motor control for toddlers to pick up the little beads and arrange them inside the cookie cutter (these need to be on a baking tray lined with baking parchment).   Then simply place in a preheated oven until the beads have melted – for more details check out @simpleplay.withsteph.  

cristynsharkey tree Christmas ornament for toddlers
Thumbprint Rudolf ornament from @cristynsharkey

#21 Thumbprint Rudolf ornament

For this one you only need a thumbprint from your toddler or preschooler, the rest is up to you; you need something of a steady hand to draw on the antlers and reindeer face.  For the full tutorial check out @cristynsharkey.

Finished decorated salt dough Christmas tree ornaments - easy craft for toddlers
Salt dough Christmas tree ornaments from Busy Blooming Joy

#22 Salt dough Christmas ornaments

My two loved making these last year and I must say, having come up with the decorating part of this on the spur of the moment, I’m a bit chuffed at how well they came out!  Using some festive cookie cutters, cut and then bake your salt dough ornaments, then decorate with stick-on stars and glitter.  

rudolf christmas ornaments for toddlers to make
Rudolf wood slice ornaments from Conservamome


#23 Rudolf wood slice ornaments

Another simple yet toooo cute Christmas craft that I’m going to have to try with my kids.  I can see poor old rudolf ending up with more than 2 ears though and a few too many eyes since that’s the way a lot of our crafts go at the moment, but we shall see.  (Grab your wood slices, googly eyes, mini clothespins and pompoms here).  

daily_dose_of_activities easy Christmas tree ornament for toddlers and kids
Painted Christmas tree from @daily_dose_of_activities

#24 Easy paint & decorate Christmas tree ornament craft

You could make this even simpler by doing the painting yourself or just buying some green cardstock.   That way, it’d be a very simple Christmas craft for toddlers and virtually mess-free too.

cinnamon christmas ornaments for tree toddler craft
Homemade cinnamon ornaments from Strength and Sunshine

#25 Homemade cinnamon ornaments 

This looks like more salt dough but it’s not.  These are actually made from applesauce and cinnamon – which will be a lovely sensory experience for the kids, or anyone in the vicinity I should think. I can just imagine the gentle wafting of cinnamon spice and apple as my two toddlers quietly smoosh the ingredients into a dough, Christmas music playing gently in the background while I drink a cup of coffee… Ha ha!  In my wildest dreams, but seriously, as long as I can manage to contain the mess and the sticky fingers, I’m excited to try this.

Pompom pinecone trees Christmas toddler craft
Pompom pinecone trees from Red Ted Art

#26 Pompom pinecone trees

It’s all the glue involved that puts these easy pine cone tree decorations in the slightly trickier/messier category of toddler Christmas crafts.  Other than that, it’s dead simple!  Check the link above for the full tutorial.

Clay finger print ornaments from Thimble & Twig for an easy Toddler Christmas craft
Clay fingerprint ornaments from Thimble & Twig

#27 Clay finger or thumbprint ornaments

This will make the sweetest keepsakes.  I’m thinking a thumbprint ornament for each member of the family, complete with name and year.  I’m just adding these number and letter stamps to my Amazon shopping basket right now… (I already have some Christmas cookie cutters like these.)

Spaghetti Christmas tree ornaments toddler Christmas craft
Spaghetti Christmas tree ornaments from Busy Blooming Joy

#28 Spaghetti Christmas tree ornaments

These were a hit with my two toddlers – the only difficulty was getting them to not eat the dried pasta!  Like most toddlers – pasta, particularly spaghetti (or worms as they call it), is their absolute favorite food (savory that is…)


Salt-Dough-Glitter-Handprint-Ornaments for toddlers to make
Salt dough handprint ornaments from the Best Ideas For Kids

#29 Salt dough handprint ornaments

Perfect for the littlest hands – if only I’d come across these when my two were a bit smaller.  My eldest’s hands are a little big now (the Christmas ornament would knock our tiny tree down for sure!)

Thumbprint Christmas ornament craft for toddlers
Thumbprint Christmas lights ornament craft from The Moody Blonde

#30 Thumbprint Christmas lights ornament craft

This is one for the whole family to get involved in,  each member of the family adding a print or two. Very pretty and a lovely memory for many years to come.  A clear plastic bauble, paint, a marker pen and some steady finger print makers are all you need!  To make it white, fill with faux snow.

Other Toddler Christmas crafts & decor

Paper plate crafts, Santa crafts, Rudolf crafts, hopefully, cute enough to decorate your home, this chunk of Christmas crafts for toddlers and preschoolers has a bit of everything.


Hdazzi Christmas activity for toddlers
Window decorations from @Hdazzi

#31 Christmas window decorations 

Contact paper, some construction paper or card (for the outlines) and some fun bits and bobs to embellish is all you need for this activity come Christmas craft for toddlers.

learnandplay4kids Christmas wreath craft for toddlers
Tissue paper wreath from @learnandplay4kids

#32 Paper plate & tissue paper Christmas wreath craft

Paper plates are just made for a Christmas wreath craft. Another toddler Christmas craft that’s good fine motor practice and the end result is just lovely.  Perfect for the front door.

Beaded Christmas wreath craft for toddlers
Beaded Christmas wreath craft from Red Ted Art

#33 Beaded Christmas wreath craft

Another Christmas wreath craft, this time even simpler; using beads and pipe cleaners this one is completely no prep and mess-free.  Putting the wreath together is good threading practice; unlike the wreath before, this one definitely won’t be big enough for the front door.  Could well keep your little one busy for some time though – my daughter loves to thread!

piglets_pen Stamp and sticker Christmas tree craft for toddlers
Stamp & sticker Christmas trees from @piglets_pen

#34 Stamp & sticker Christmas tree craft

Cut out a Christmas tree shape and grab an empty TP roll from your collection (only me?!).  The stickering and stamping is then all up to your toddler or preschooler. Twine and a star to finish.

lilstarzhomedaycare easy Christmas craft for toddlers
Paper plate baubles from @lilstarzhomedaycare

#35 Paper plate baubles

More sticking practice here.  Tissue paper circles will cut your prep to no time at all. Otherwise, grab one of these large hole hole punches or some dot stickers.

Felt Christmas tree toddler craft
Felt Christmas tree craft from Hunny I’m Home DIY

#36 Felt Christmas tree craft

Add one of these felt Christmas trees to your shopping basket, some festive foam glitter stickers and you’re away… Gluing on some sparkly pipe cleaners, optional.

myboredtoddler easy Christmas craft for toddlers
Easy sticker Christmas wreath from @myboredtoddler

#37 Sticker Christmas wreath craft

Thought the last paper plate wreath craft was simple? This one beats it hands down!  No explanation needed…


Paint chip Christmas tree craft for toddlers
Paint chip Christmas tree craft from Messy Little Monster

#38 Paint chip Christmas tree craft

Simple and very effective, I just love paint chip crafts!  The clever addition of a cork means these cute Christmas trees will stand up – they’d make sweet table decorations perhaps? Stock up on craft buttons here.

mrs.prek3 easy snowman Christmas craft for toddlers
Paper plate snowman craft from @mrs.prek3

#39 Paper plate snowman craft

A  bit more cutting prep required here, but these snowmen are so darn cute!  If you regularly do crafts with your toddler, you’ll probably have all the supplies to hand. (If not grab them here: construction paper, cotton wool balls, dot stickers, paper plates.)

craftyjulie811 paper plate Christmas craft for toddlers
Paper plate Santa from @craftyjulie811

#40 Paper plate Santa craft

Sweet and simple Santa’s – another must-do Christmas craft for toddlers.

toddler Christmas craft snowglobe
Snowglobe Christmas craft from Messy Little Monster

#41 Make a snowglobe craft

A bit more complex but toddlers and preschoolers can help mixing up the glitter mix inside and will have tonnes of fun shaking their very own homemade snowglobe and watching all the sparkle rain down.  

housingaforest reindeer craft for toddlers
Shredded paper Rudolf craft from @housingaforest

#42 Shredded paper Rudolf craft

I love the rustic look of this Rudolf and am picturing a string of these in a Rudolf garland hanging somewhere in the house.  Just need to find someone with a paper shredder…

Cotton ball snowman craft for toddlers
Cotton ball snowman craft from Mombrite

#43 Cotton ball snowman craft

Cotton ball sticking is the main part to this Christmas craft.  Toddlers will then have fun sticking on the snowman’s face, hat and mittens. Click the link above for the free printable.  

Craft stick Christmas tree craft
Craft stick Christmas tree craft from Thimble & Twig

#46 Craft stick Christmas tree craft

Simply glue some green craft sticks into a triangle (or get some green craft paint out) and then your toddler can stick and glue the pompoms to decorate.  Would also look good hanging on the Christmas tree.

Paper plate Santa craft from @swissperscotton

#47 Paper plate Santa craft

A fun and cute Santa craft for toddlers and preschoolers – more cotton wool and red paint needed!


hdazzi puffy paint melting snowman
Puffy paint melting snowman from @Hdazzi

#48 Puffy paint melting snowman

Lots of potential for mess and stickiness here but if it ends up as cute looking as the one above, I think it could be worth it.  Click the link above for the tutorial.

Christmas footprint craft for toddlers
Night before Christmas footprint craft from Messy Little Monster

#49 Night before Christmas footprint craft

I’m dying to try this one with my two this year; if I can get it as neat looking as the one above I’ll be chuffed (and surprised) and may even have a go at hand-writing the text.  Otherwise, I may just use the free printable via the link above.   

Paper plate Christmas tree craft for toddlers
Paper plate Christmas tree craft from Red Ted Art

#49 Paper plate Christmas tree craft

The trickiest part will be tying on the paper baubles to this fun Christmas craft – one for mom I think.  Worth it to see a couple of these hanging around the house.  

kidscraftyloft rudolf craft for toddlers
Glitter handprint reindeer craft from @kidscraftyloft

 #49 Glitter handprint reindeer craft

Simple construction paper shapes, a wrapping paper bow and your toddler’s handprints and you’re set.  My favorite Rudolf craft so far!

Christmas gift wrap, gift bags & gift boxes for toddlers to make/help with 

Finally on this list of Christmas crafts for toddlers and preschoolers, is Christmas gift wrap, gift bags and gift boxes which toddlers can help make or decorate.  Like all the cute Christmas cards you’re going to make, doing a few of these might actually tick a few things off your Christmas to-do list.  

Homemade box decorating for toddlers at Christmas
Homemade box decorating from Busy Blooming Joy

#50 Decorate a homemade gift box

Toddlers and preschoolers can help decorate these insanely easy DIY gift boxes (they take less than 10 minutes).  They can either stamp or print the cardboard before you construct the box or decorate it once complete, with some simple sticky snowflakes as in the picture above.  For more decorating ideas, check out 15 Simple And Stunning Gift Box Decoration Ideas.

Christmas cookie cutter stamped gift bag for toddlers from myboredtoddler
Christmas cookie cutter stamped gift bag from @myboredtoddler

#51 Cookie cutter stamped gift bags

Got some cheap plastic cookie cutters hopeless for cutting cookies or playdough with?  Yup, me too. What they are perfect for, is stamping with paint… So why not brighten up some plain white gift bags for a cheaper and more personal look.

kate2tea potato stamped wrapping paper
Potato stamped wrapping paper from @kate2tea

#52 Potato stamped wrapping paper

A long stretch of butcher paper, potatoes and some deftness with a kitchen knife is all you need for this one.  Let your toddler go to town stamping and fingers crossed you’ll end up with some useable wrapping paper.

Wrapping up

Phew, what a list.  Let me know which Christmas craft you’re going to try with your toddler or preschooler? I’d love to know.

In the meantime, Happy Christmas! 

Rather try a Christmas activity?   

Looking for more Christmas arts and activities for your littles? Take a look at these:

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