39 Easy Mothers Day Handprint Crafts, Cards & Gift Ideas

While receiving flowers during Mother’s Day is a favorite, nothing compares to a gift made by the kids themselves. I love receiving sweet little handprinted cards, handprint flower bouquets, poems and so on!

The kids and I also enjoy making Mother’s Day handprint crafts altogether. We may give one to Grandma or put them on display at home. 

We all know those little hands only stay little for so long. They just grow so fast! That’s what makes these handprint gift ideas extra special, something that we as mothers will cherish forever.

This list of easy Mother’s Day handprint crafts and ideas is sure to inspire you and get you reaching for your craft supplies.

For more creative ideas and gifts for mom, check out this list of sweet Mother’s Day crafts for toddlers.

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Easy Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts for Toddlers

Let’s start off with these easy Mother’s Day handprint crafts for toddlers and preschoolers to make. Adults will need help prepare the materials and, of course, be on hand to supervise.

Arts and crafts can be tricky at this age, but it doesn’t have to be perfect – that’s what I keep having to remind myself!  The main goal for these Mother’s Day handprint ideas is to make Mom feel how special she is. 

And in the process your little one will be getting plenty of fine motor practice and sensory exposure, vital for healthy development.

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

Mother's day handprint mason jar flower vase

#1 Mother’s Day Handprint Craft Keepsake

Planning on giving Mommy fresh flowers or a new houseplant? Have your little ones turn a simple mason jar into a personalized handprint vase. A simple Mother’s Day handprint craft for toddlers that even babies can get involved in.

Visit Mama of Minis for more

mothers day crafts handprint flower serving tray

#2 Mother’s Day Serving Tray with Kid’s Handprints

How lovely is this serving tray decorated with handprint flowers? I’d love to serve food and drinks for family and friends on this tray or simply keep it proudly on display for all to see.

Head over to Making Manzanita for instructions

handprint towel for Mother's Day

#3 Mother’s Day Craft: Handprint Towel

Here’s a very handy handprint gift idea for Mother’s Day!  Perfect for kids of all ages to help with, siblings can work together to make this cute handprint dish towel for mom.

All you need is a small hand towel and different colors of fabric paint safe for children  – acrylic paint is best avoided.  

And Voila! You now have a sweet gift for Mom.

Visit Craft Bits for details

Handprint heart on Canvas craft for toddlers

#4 Heart Handprint Canvas

This Mother’s Day handprint craft is something that will be treasured for a lifetime. It’s super easy to make and another that’ll be perfect for siblings to create together. Simply wait for it dry before adding the date and heart outline and presenting it to Mom. 

It’d also make a lovely Valentine’s craft for any loved one in the family and friends too.

Jump over to Burlap and Blue for instructions

Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts for Preschoolers

Here are some more easy Mother’s Day handprint crafts, these ones ideal for toddlers and preschoolers to do at home. Or if you’re looking to get creative with a classroom of little ones, these are ideal preschool Mother’s Day handprint crafts. 

If you need a fun way to get the wiggles and giggles out midway through the craft, try some music and movement activities. Or get them out in the fresh air for some outdoor play. Nothing beats some physical excercise when no one can sit still!

Mother's Day Butterfly craft for kids to make

#5 Handprint Butterfly Mother’s Day Craft

Make Mom’s heart flutter with this adorable butterfly handprint craft.  Ideal for a school setting as a creative activity to do in a few different stages.

A preschool Mother’s Day handprint craft that’s utterly and flutterly gorgeous!

Head over to Easy Peasy and Fun for more

DIY Bookmarks Mother's Day handprint crafts for toddlers to make

#6 DIY Bookmarks for Mother’s Day

A bouquet of flowers that double as bookmarks? Yes! We’ve got one of the sweetest Mother’s day handprint gift ideas for Moms who love to read books.  Especially for those that have more than one book on the go.  (Guilty!)

Head over to Simple Everyday mom for details

Handprint heart for Mother's day

#7 Handprint Poem for Mother’s Day

Show Mom how much she is loved through this Mother’s Day handprint painting and poem. Ideal to do en masse with little ones – this is a preschool Mother’s Day craft that’ll make a lovely keepsake for years to come. 

Visit Messy Little Monster for details

mothers day crafts handprint flowers and vase

#8 Mother’s Day Handprint Bouquet 

With paint, colorful paper straws and construction paper, you can create a lovely Mother’s Day handprint bouquet of flowers with your littles. I love the 3D nature of this cheerful Mother’s Day handprint craft for preschoolers. Click the link below for the full instructions.

Jump over to A Little Pinch of Perfect for more

Mother’s Day Handprint Cards

A cute handmade card with some heartfelt words inside is more than enough for me on Mother’s Day – I’ve loved and cherished every one of them!

So take a look at these adorable Mother’s Day handprint cards and get creative with a sweet message. 

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

cute handprint cactus card for Mother's Day

#9 Handprint Cactus Mother’s Day Card Craft

Here’s an adorable handprint cactus Mother’s Day card for kids to make. Cute and unique too, mom will love her prickly masterpiece from her little pickle.

Jump over to Simple Everyday Mom for more

mothers day handprint card

#10 Cute Face Mothers Day Handprint Card

Here’s a fun Mother’s Day handprint card idea, to make the card look like mom! Kids will love drawing all mom’s features onto their handprint once it’s dry to create their own, hopefully beautiful, picture of mom.

Visit Easy Peasy and Fun for more

DIY Mother’s day handprint card

#11 DIY Mother’s day handprint card

You can never go wrong with a simple Mother’s day handprint card like this.  If you’re running  short on time, this is the perfect one to make with the kids.

Head over to The Purple Yarn for more

handprint lady bug card with image

#12 Love Bug Mother’s Day Handprint Card

Here’s a sweet gift from your little lovebug: a lady bug Mother’s day card with wings made from their little hands.

Jump over to Arty Crafty Kids for details

Handprint Flower Card for Mother’s Day

#13 Handprint Flower Card for Mother’s Day

Transform those cute little hands into a bouquet of flowers in full bloom. A sweet Mother’s Day handprint craft for toddlers to make.

Visit Awesomelycraft for instructions

Flower Handprint Card Craft

#14 Handprint Flowers Mother’s Day Craft

Here are some cute and colorful handprint flowers for Mother’s Day.  Write a sweet message for Mom on the back and she’ll be delighted.

Jump over to Simple Everyday Mom for details

Handprint Tulip Mother’s Day Card crafts

#15 Handprint Tulip Mother’s Day Cards

Here’s a simple tulip Mother’s Day card made from handprints.  All you need is some cardstock, scissors and glue. Bigger kids can write their own special message inside, while little ones can dictate to you.

Head over to Our Kid Things for more

unicorn handprint card craft for kids to make

#16 Magical Mother’s Day Unicorn Handprint Card

It’s no doubt that mothers are truly magical and this unicorn handprint card will show her that. Little unicorn lovers are sure to enjoy making this magical card for their magical mom!

Jump over to Pink Stripey Socks for details

Handprint card craft for kids to make

#17 A Purrfect Mother’s Day Card

To little ones, Mom is purrfect! And this is the perfect Mother’s Day handprint card to show her, don’t you agree? 

Mother’s Day cat card from nontoygifts 

If your little ones love their purring pets, take a look at these fun cat crafts for kids to make.

Handprint card craft for Mother's Day

#18 Handprint Cupcake Card

If Mom has a sweet tooth, they’re sure to love this cupcake card. A super easy Mother’s Day handprint craft that toddlers and older kids can make!

Handprint cupcake card from iheartartsncrafts

Love handprint crafts? We have more:

Handprint Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Want to give Mom something that’s both beautiful and functional? Here are some adorable handprint crafts for Mother’s Day that kids from toddlers up can make or help with.  

Most of these gifts for Mom serve a purpose, while some make cute decor to display at home. Whichever handprint gift idea you choose, Mom will know how much she is loved. 

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

handprint flower pot gift idea for Mom

#19 Handprint Flower Pot

Does Mom enjoy her plants? This flower pot handprint gift idea will be wonderful for green fingered moms.

The kids can get creative with their handprint design – pictured is a footprint butterfly, handprint flower bouquet and handprint cactus (or ice cream?!)  then they can finish by decorating the pot with other patterns and doodles.

This Mother’s Day handprint craft will deserve a special spot in the garden.

Head over to Where the Smiles Have Been for instructions

Mother's Day Handprint Canvas Totes

#20 Mother’s Day Handprint Canvas Totes

How beautiful are these handprint tote bags? A simple Mother’s Day handprint craft for preschoolers that uses eco-friendly tote bags and paint. Try the handprint flower pictured, or the kids can get creative with their own design to fit Mom’s style.

Mother’s Day Handprint Canvas Totes from niftymom

Salt Dough Handprint Bowl for kids to make

#21 Salt Dough Handprint Bowl

We love a salt dough craft and here’s one that’ll make the perfect Mother’s Day handprint craft and gift for Mom. She can put it on her dresser for jewelry and nick nacks.  Cute and practical too. Don’t for get to use Mom’s favorite colors!

Jump over to Messy Little Monster for details

adorable Shrinky Dinks Flower Handprint Keychain

#22 Shrinky Dinks Flower Handprint Keychain

Can you ever have enough keyrings? There are always keys floating about that need tagging so why not make this super cute handprint keychain as a gift for Mom.

Mom has no exuse to lose her keys again!

Head over to Easy Peasy and Fun for instructions

handprint apron gift idea for Mother's day

#23 Mothers Day Handprint Apron

Does Mom love to cook? This handprint apron would make a thoughtful handmade gift for Mother’s Day. Who wouldn’t be inspired to get busy in the kitchen while wearing this apron?  

(Me possibly?! My love for cooking is diminishing, the more meals and snacks I prepare!)

Visit The Craft Patch Blog for more

Coat rack handprint gift idea

#24 “LOVE” Kids Handprint Coat Rack

I’d love to have this adorable coat rack up in our hallway! A combination of handprint and footprint art spells “LOVE” – what a perfect Mother’s Day craft and gift that toddlers, preschoolers and older kids can help make.  

Jump over to The Soccer Mom Blog for more


Salt Dough Handprint Frame

#25 Salt Dough Handprint Frame

Another Mother’s Say handprint craft that uses salt dough, this time in the form of a picture frame! Combining your little one’s handprint and photo, this is will make such a great keepsake and adorable gift idea for mom.

Visit Messy Little Monster for details


Mother's Day Handprint Coasters

#26 Mother’s Day Handprint Coasters

A cute and easy Mother’s Day handprint craft for toddlers and preschoolers, who can give their coaster to Mom as a gift. Perfect for her next cuppa or glass of vino! 

Mother’s Day handprint coasters from dwellinginhappiness

This handprint gift idea would make a great gift for Dadt too. For more creative ideas just for Dad, check out these cute Father’s Day crafts for kids.

Handprint Oven Mitt for Mom

#27 Handprint Oven Mitt

This oven mitt would make an excellent handprint gift idea for a Mom who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. That’s all moms, then?!

Grab some white fabric paint and some plain oven mitts in mom’s favorite color to make this lovely Mother’s Day handprint craft. A sweet gift that will remind Mom how loved she is every time she uses it.

Handprint oven mitt from theidearoom

Handprint Craft Kits To Buy & Make As Gifts For Mom 

Life with kids is busy! Not only that, but doing activities with little ones is challenging, especially if there’s paint involved. There’s no shame in taking the easier option and buying a craft kit.  

Here are some cute handprint craft kits perfect for Mother’s Day, enabling you to make a lovely gift for mom or grandma without all the prep and planning.

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

#28 Clay Handprint Bowls Craft Kit

Love the idea of the salt dough handprint bowl but need something a little simpler? Try this clay handprint bowl kit.  Not simply a sweet Mother’s Day handprint craft but a great sensory activity too. 

Everything you need is included in the kit.  All you need to do is grab your little one and start crafting! 

#29 Mother’s Day Flower Pot Handprint Craft Kit

Similar to the handprint flower card earlier, this handprint craft kit makes a larger flower bouquet as it uses two handprints. It also comes in a kit, meaning everything is prepared and ready to go, making life with little kids that little bit easier. 

#30 Handprint Stepping Stone

If you’ve got a nice big backyard, why not create a handprint stepping stone for mom on Mother’s Day. Great for bigger kids and little ones can get involved too.

Just follow the instructions to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake that will look beautiful outside for many years to come.

#31 Family Handprint Kit

This Mother’s Day handprint idea is really special because you can include dad too. There are four transparent sheets that each family member can print their hands on. The finished product will make a beautiful center piece to your coffee table or mantlepiece.

Mother’s Day Handprint Templates with Free Printables

If you don’t have the time to spend prepping materials, another option is to chooise one of these Mother’s Day handprint free printables. All you need is a printer and some kid-friendly paint for the handprints.

Sounds easy, right? That’s the idea!

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

mothers day crafts handprint flower printables

#32 Mother’s Day Handprint Printables

Keep those little hands busy with this simple Mother’s day handprint painting that uses a lovely vase and flower free printable. Grab your paint and the 5 different Mother’s day handprint templates from the link below.

Visit The Best Ideas for Kids for the templates

Pineapple Mother’s Day Handprint Craft with Free Template

#33 Pineapple Mother’s Day Handprint Free Printable

Here’s a cute and easy Mother’s Day handprint craft to make for Mom on her special day. How gorgous is that poem? Mom will feel royally chuffed! 

Grab the template from A Little Pinch of Perfect here

Sunshine free printable Mother's Day Card

#34 “You are My Sunshine” Mothers Day Handprint Template

Time to brighten up Mommy’s special day with this adorable “You are My Sunshine” Mother’s Day handprint craft. Grab the free printable template below. 

Head over to A Little Pinch of Perfect for the template

Printable Poem Flower Pot for Mother’s Day

#35 Printable Poem Flower Pot for Mother’s Day

A simple Mother’s Day handprint template with the most gorgeous message.  I’d just love to receive this one. 

Visit Crafty Morning for more

Loving these free handprint craft templates?

Here are some more to have on hand:

We also have the following Christmas crafts and activities with printables, free for instant download:

Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts for Grandma

We all know that there’s a special day for Grandparents but why not give Grandma some love and appreciation on Mother’s Day too. Have a go at these Mother’s Day handprint crafts for Grandma and see her smile from ear to ear. 

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

Heart Handprint Canvas for Grandma

#36 Heart Handprint Canvas for Grandma

A special Mother’s day handprint craft for Grandma that’ll look gorgeous hanging on the wall. It’s made out of little handprints with a sweet poem around it.

This one would be lovely to do as a finger painting activity with a baby – a beautiful Mothers Day baby handprint idea that would make mom or Granny feel very special.

Jump over to Crafty Morning for instructions

Free printable Handprint Poem for Grandma

#37 Handprint Poem for Grandma

Another sweet and heart warming Mother’s Day handprint template, this time for Grandma. She’ll love the beautiful poem and is sure to cherish forever.

Visit Little Halo J for more details

Adorable Handprint Craft for Grandma

#38 Adorable Mother’s Day Handprint Craft for Grandma

If you’re looking for a sweet gift for Grandma, this free printable handprint gift idea will do the trick. Just print out the the template and add your child’s handprint.

Visit A Hundred Affections for more

mother's day handprint crafts for grandma

#39 Grandma’s Garden

This sweet handprint gift idea for Grandma is great for siblings to make together, but if that’s a bit tricky they can each do their own. Use their handprints as flowers and when dry, they can add some butterfly stickers to decorate.

Grandma’s Garden from artsymomma_amanda

Love sensory activities?

Handprint crafts have a lovely sensory element to them.  Here are some more sensory ideas for little ones:

FAQS on Mother’s Day Handprint Crafts & Ideas

How do you make a good handprint?

To make a good handprint apply firm, even pressure to your child’s painted hand, moving along each finger one at a time.  The key is to keep their hand still and ensure good contact between the skin and paper.

Here are some tips to help you get the perfect children’s handprints:

  1. Find a willing helper to help with little ones, to hold them, pass the paper and paints, have wipes on hand and so on
  2. Do a test run or two to practice applying the right pressure
  3. Make a few copies and pick the best 
  4. Have wipes and/or soap and water nearby 
  5. Apply a nice even coat of paint directly to your child’s hands
  6. For an alternative to paint trace around your child’s hand onto card or paper, paint or color it then cut it out 
  7. If your little one is getting a bit grumpy, stop and try another time, DON’T GIVE UP! 

What paint to use on your child’s hand?

Not all paints are the same and not all safe. Since you’re working on little hands,  make sure you only use non-toxic child-friendly paint. Try these washable tempera paints or these Crayola Finger Paints. And if you’re feeling festive, here’s a set of washable tempera glitter paint

Just a little reminder: Even if these paints are labeled as non-toxic, most babies and toddlers have sensitive skin. So do a patch skin test first. 

What paper is best for handprints?

For handprint crafts, we recommend using heavyweight cardstock paper. This is less likely rip, wrinkle or tear while you’re in the process of getting your tot’s handprints.

If you’re planning to hang their artworks on the wall try a blank canvas

Which Mother’s Day Handprint Idea Do You Like The Most?

It doesn’t matter which of these Mother’s Day handprint ideas you choose, mom is going to be chuffed!

My personal favorites (if any of my nearest and dearest are reading…) are the DIY handprint bookmarks (I love to read), shrinky dink handprint keychains (super cute) and the handprint oven mitts (always in constant use)… 

Which are yours? Let me know in the comments!


For more engaging activities to keep the kids busy, check these out:


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