41 Easy Santa Claus crafts for toddlers {+ Santa Hat Crafts}

Do you hear the bells ringing? Because I do and this means Christmas is fast approaching! It’s time to deck the halls, take out the Christmas tree and start some festive activities.

Are your kids excited? My toddlers are beside themselves! So while waiting for Christmas day to come, add some toddler Santa crafts to your holiday calendar!

There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than some Christmas crafting, especially if you do it as a family. When the weather is cold, bundle up together in the living room and make some Santa crafts with your toddler and other young kids.

From craft sticks & paper plate crafts to handprint Santa crafts for toddlers, you’ll find plenty of inspiration as you wait for the arrival of the real Santa Claus!

Easy Santa Claus crafts for toddlers

Here are some Santa crafts for toddlers that are as straightforward as they come. Your toddler shouldn’t require too much help to create their Santa Claus creation and preparation will be minimal too.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

popcon santa crafts toddlers can make and eat

Popcorn Santa Craft For Toddlers

Pop some popcorn and enjoy a snack while making this Santa craft for toddlers. Just keep an eye on those tiny little hands, they might have finished the whole bag before finishing Santa's beard! Well, sounds like something my toddler would do!
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santa claus paper puppet craft for toddlers

Super Cute Father Christmas Puppet

How cute is this Santa puppet?! Toddlers are sure to enjoy playing with it once they've put it together. This comes with a free template making prep easy. Simply cut the pieces and then help your toddler glue the pieces together.
Heave over to Attachment Mummy for instructions.
easy santa claus craft for toddlers

Easy Christmas Santa Claus Craft for Toddlers

This Santa craft activity is perfect even for the littlest hands. Toddlers will love making the fluffy cotton wool Santa beard! It'll also be good practice of their fine motor skills.
Head over to Journey to SAHM for more.
lantern santa craft for toddlers

Paper Santa Lantern Craft for Kids

How adorable are these cheery paper Santa lanterns? A great way to add some Santa Claus decor to the house. Follow the tutorial and your toddlers will have a fun Santa craft to display at home.
Visit Red Ted Art for instructions.
Santa crafts made from corks

Easy Santa Corks Ornament & fun

Do you keep a stash of wine corks? Put them to good use and create an army of cute little Santa Clause corks! These would look lovely as Christmas table decor. Though I have a hunch my kids would end up inventing some kind of game with them… 10-Santa-bowling?!
Visit Red Ted Art for details.
toilet paper roll santa claus craft

Toilet Paper Roll Santa Claus Toddler Craft

Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without a toilet paper roll craft or two. Take them out now and have your toddlers make this adorable Santa craft to decorate your table or windowsill this holiday season.
Visit Crafting with Kids for instructions.

santa crafts made from juice bottles

Santa Bottle Craft for Kids

<p>Turn those empty bottles into some Santa bottle crafts with your toddlers. Such a fun idea and a great way to help your kids understand the benefits of recycling too. Now, time to get take out those juice bottles I've been keeping!</p>
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toilet paper roll santa craft for toddlers

Toilet Roll Santa Craft For Toddlers

<p>And here's another easy toilet paper roll Santa craft for your toddlers to make. All you need are cotton balls, red crepe paper a red pompom and googly eyes. Not forgetting the toilet paper roll or cardboard tube, of course! Why not put a treat inside and turn them into cute gifts for friends and family?</p>
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countdown santa craft for toddlers

Santa Christmas Countdown (Free Printable)

<p>Looking for a fun and easy Christmas countdown craft activity for your toddlers? This free printable Santa Christmas countdown craft is just what you need. Each day, your little ones can practice their fine motor skills by pasting one cotton ball on Santa's beard. By Christmas Eve, he'll have a full white beard. Cute, right? </p>
Head over to Kids Activity Zone for details.

Love free printables?

We have a few especially for the holidays:

handprint santa crafts toddlers can make

Festive Santa Handprint Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Jump over to Simple Everyday Mom for details.

santa pants craft for toddlers to make

Toilet Paper Roll Santa Pants

<p>Here's another fun way to use those toilet paper tubes that you've been collecting, with this Santa pants toilet paper roll craft. It'd be easy to turn these into little treat or gift boxes - kids can put candies and chocolates inside to give to their teacher or friends. </p>
Head over to Sew Simple Home for instructions.

fun and easy santa claus craft for toddlers make from toilet paper rolls

Festive Santa Toilet Paper Tube Craft

<p>There are so many things we can do with toilet paper rolls and here's an addition to the list of fun and easy Santa craft for toddlers. This one is made with tp rolls, construction paper and white felt paper for the beard. A fun, festive craft to make this holiday that's perfect for little hands. </p>
Head over to Kids Activities blog for details.

paper plate santa claus crafts

Paper Plate Santa Craft

<p>This simple Santa Claus paper plate craft for toddlers could be a fun one to plan for a playdate. Prepare the cutouts ahead of time and let the kids have fun by pasting the pieces together. </p>
Visit Simple Everyday Mom for instructions.

rocking santa claus craft for toddlers

3D Rocking Santa Craft Puppet for Kids

<p>Kids will certainly have a rocking good time making this Santa craft! This is a simple and mess-free craft activity with materials you probably have if you're a regular crafter. Once it's done, your toddlers will have a cute rocking toy to play with. </p>
Visit Easy Crafts for Kids for instructions.

Santa’s Binoculars

<p>This Santa Claus craft for toddlers is crazy adorable! Making these will definitely get them excited for Christmas Eve when they can keep an eye out for Santa and his reindeer. Make sure you have enough cookies for the big man in red and his helpers! </p>
Visit Mommyhood Life for more.

Cute Handprint Santa Claus Craft For Toddlers

Handprint crafts hold a special place in my heart and why wouldn’t they? They look so adorable and this toddler handprint Santa craft is no exception. These will make great gift tags for presents, or why not hang a Santa Claus or two on the tree?

Handprint Santa craft from doodle_nest.

Fluffy Bearded Handprint Santa Craft for Toddlers

Another handprint Santa craft to give you a smile. Toddlers are sure to love making the fluffy cotton ball beard and googly eyes. Adorable, right? I’m sure my little ones will enjoy making a Santa Claus or two.

Handprint Santa craft for kids from blooming_littlebrains.

Santa craft for toddlers

Paper plate Santa craft

Here’s a fun and easy Santa craft for toddlers, as showcased by my rather grubby-looking daughter! Along with her brother and two little friends they had a great time making Santa faces out of paper plates.

There was so much opportunity for pretend play. Their favorite was taking it in turns to deliver presents towed by their “reindeer” (their plastic motorbikes!)

Paper plate Santa craft for kids from Busy Blooming Joy

40+ easy activities handpicked for busy moms of kids aged 2 to 6 years – because Christmas needn’t be chaotic or cost a fortune!

Create gorgeous hand and footprint art with your little one

Help your kids write Santa a letter and receive a reply


Dried Santa Leaves

Transform dried leaves into a festive Santa face. All you need are some dried leaves sourced from the backyard, non-toxic paints and a paintbrush to pull off this toddler-friendly Santa craft. The end result might not be perfect, but just let your toddler experiment with the paint and have fun!

Dried Santa leaves from you_can_craft_it.

Craft Stick Santa

Time to take out another staple of your supplies for crafting with kids: craft sticks. You’ll also need a hot glue gun to stick them together to make the face of this cute Santa Claus craft. Your toddler should be able to do the rest alone. Don’t you just love how fluffy his beard is?

Craft stick Santa from gluedtomycrafts.

Trimming Santa’s Beard

Time to give Santa’s beard a trim! This fun and easy Santa craft will keep your toddler busy while giving them the opportunity to practice their cutting skills.

Santa’s beard activity from diy_mom_diary.

Paper Plate Santa Craft For Toddlers

Here’s a dead simple Santa Claus craft using another craft cupboard staple: the humble paper plate! Toddlers can practice cutting to create the red triangle that forms the base of this Santa craft. It’s also a great one to incorporate some additional learning with shape recognition – there are circles, a triangle and a semi-circle.

Paper plate Santa from craftyjulie811.

Sensory Play Dough Santa Craft & Activity

If you’re planning a playdate in the Christmas holidays why not try this fun Santa craft and activity, perfect for toddlers. All you need is some red and white play dough and an outline of Santa’s face.

Playing with play dough is a great sensory activity, wonderfully therapeutic and good for strengthening arm, hand and finger muscles.

Sensory play dough Santa from curiositycornersensorydough.

For some sensory fun, themed to the holidays, try a Christmas sensory bin. Or what about some fake snow sensory activities.

Santa Plate Craft

This Santa Claus paper plate craft looks simple and fun, ideal for toddlers and all little kids! Pretty sure you’ll have all the materials on hand – paint, cotton balls, googly eyes and a paper plate. Then all you need are your little crafters to put it together.

Santa plate craft from growing_up_murphy.

Need easy activities for the holidays too?

There are plenty of other ways to engage the kids without having to create something:

Potato Print Santa

Here’s a different take on painting Santa’s face; potato stamping! If you have a couple of potatoes that are going soft and are about to be chucked into the compost, give this fun art activity a go. Time to let your kids get creative and stamp away.

Potato print Santa from artycraftylittlemonkeys.

fun and easy santa claus craft for toddlers

Free Printable Tissue Paper Santa Craft for Toddlers

<p>If you're looking for a quick and easy afternoon craft to make with your little ones, then this Santa craft for toddlers is for you. It's a great activity to practice fine motor skills with the coloring, paper scrunching and pasting. Cut out Santa's face and stick it onto a blank card and you've got yourself a lovely homemade card that your toddler has (mostly) made! </p>
Head over to The Keele Deal for more.

Fun Santa Hat crafts for toddlers

Wear them or use them to decorate your house this Christmas season – whichever it is, you can’t say no to one of these adorable Santa hat crafts for toddlers!

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

mini santa hat crafts for toddlers to make

Popsicle Santa Hat Craft For Toddlers

<p>Time to take out the popsicle sticks again! This time turn them into an adorable Santa hat craft. I might let my toddlers add glitter to give their hats some sparkle! (I'd recommend a glitter shaker or glitter glue which is easier for little ones to handle, which means less clean-up - double win!) </p>
Head over to Hunny I'm DIY for more.

Santa Mask and Hat

Your little ones will have the greatest time making and wearing this adorable Santa hat and mask. The colorful sequins and the gold glitter are sure to put anyone in the festive mood!

Santa mask and hat from make_like_mimi.

paper plate santa claus mask craft for toddlers

Santa Paper Plate Mask and Hat

<p>Get into the holiday spirit with these Santa Claus paper plate masks. The kids will love running around and playing at being Santa. No doubt you're going to hear the cry, “Ho, ho, ho...
Visit Midget Momma for more.

Santa Hat with Printable Template

Another Santa hat craft for toddlers that will give your little one the chance to become the big man himself, complete with hat, beard and mustache! How cute is this?

Santa hat with printable template from kidscraftroom.

Santa Hat Crafts For Toddlers

These little Santa hats will be perfect for a festive Christmas party with your little ones. Have the kids paint the cardboard red (or cheat and use red cardboard paper). Then decorate with gems, sequins and pompom balls. Once done, tie a strip of elastic each side so the hat can tie under the chin. Now it’s time to party!

Santa hat crafts from by.allisonrose.

Love crafting with your little ones? 

Here are some more crafts for toddlers:

Santa Christmas card crafts

There’s nothing cuter than giving out handmade cards at Christmas. We’ve made this snowman card and a super simple paint chip christmas tree card in the past. This year I’m going to try one of these Santa Claus cards with my toddlers. They’re sure to become a beloved keepsake to whoever receives them.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

handprint santa card craft for toddlers

Handprint Santa Claus

<p>Use your toddlers hands to make Santa's beard - cute and creative, right? This lovely Santa Claus Christmas card is a must for this year - perfect to give to loved ones. </p>
Head over to Kids Activity Zone for more.

santa cards toddlers can make

Super Simple Santa Christmas Card Design

<p>If you're short on time but really want to go the handmade route, try this easy Santas' belt card and craft. Perfect to make with toddlers this Christmas. </p>
Jump over to Red Ted Art for details.

tissue paper santa craft for kids

Santa Claus Tissue Paper Card Craft For Kids

<p>Rip pieces of tissue paper and have your little crafters crumple and then stick them to make this lovely Santa's craft and card for toddlers. Your little ones are sure to love making it. As a bonus, they get to strengthen their fine motor skills too! </p>
Head over to Simple Everyday Mom for more.

Surprised Paper Doily Santa Craft & Card

I’m really loving Santa’s surprised look in this easy Santa Claus craft for toddlers. Simply use mini doilies and blank cards to make it a Santa card instead.

Surprise paper doily Santa craft from mrs.prek3.

Santa Claus ornament crafts for toddlers

Is your Christmas tree still missing a few decorations? We love making a few Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree every year.  It’s a favorite Christmas tradition of ours because they make such great keepsakes.

So if you’re looking for a Santa Claus-themed ornament, you’ve come to the right place.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

wood slice santa craft for toddlers

Santa Wood Slice Ornaments

<p>If you're a lover of everything rustic, try these wood slice Santas. So simple and stunning - the perfect keepsake ornament and an easy Santa craft to make with toddlers. I can see us making a few of these and giving some away as gifts. The grandparents are going to love these! </p>
Visit The Country Chic Cottage for details.

For more ornaments using natural materials, try these nature-inspired Christmas ornaments.

fun and simple nikolaus sterne or santa stars

Nikolaus Sterne or Santa Stars

<p>For a unique and original take on our favorite bearded character, try these Santa stars this holiday season. Make a few with your toddler, string them together and you have a lovely Santa craft and garland to hang on the wall or Christmas tree.</p>
Jump over to Red Ted Art for details.

air dry clay santa ornament craft for toddlers

DIY Handprint Santa Ornament Craft

<p>This fun handprint Santa ornament is a winner for kids and parents alike. The kids will enjoy painting their hand-shaped salt dough ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree. For the parents? They get to enjoy this sweet memorabilia for years to come. I can't wait to make this craft with my toddlers!</p>
Head over to Midget Momma for instructions.

If you love salt dough crafts, why not try making these adorable salt dough Christmas tree ornaments – a favorite Christmas craft of ours.

And if want some easy handprint crafts, try one of our free templates:

DIY Santa Belly Christmas Tree Ornament

Head over to Making of a Mom for details.

Craft stick Santa Claus ornament

Here’s another popsicle stick craft idea – a very slimline Santa Claus craft that toddlers are sure to enjoy making. Fun and simple too – ideal for little ones. Once done, tape some string at the back and hang the mini Santas on the Christmas tree.

Craft stick Santa Claus ornament from arijana_creative_time.

Santa Shell Ornaments for Toddlers

Maybe your Christmas is not all white and snowy. Perhaps it’s a little more tropical – warm, sunny and sandy? If so, here’s the perfect Santa ornament craft for toddlers to make. Simply head to the beach for some shells to paint. Of course, you could make these anywhere, using shells you collected in the summer or store-bought ones. A beautiful and unique Santa craft that’ll add that je ne sais quoi to your Christmas tree.

Santa shell ornaments from handcrafted.by.evelyne.

Santa Paper Chain Ornament

Who wouldn’t say no to this fun and easy Santa craft for toddlers? My elder two loved making paper chains last year, but rapidly ran out of steam and I ended up finishing them off! But here they only need a short chain and will have so much fun turning the chain into Santa Claus.

All you need is red and white construction paper and markers to draw the face, belt and buttons. This might be a little big for the Christmas tree, but I’m sure we’ll find plenty of other places to hang it!

Santa paper chain ornament from growing_up_murphy.

Write a Santa letter

Not strictly a craft and I’m sure you don’t need any reminding (my kids start badgering me long before December), but writing Santa a letter is a fun activity and creative too, just in a slightly different way.

These are the templates I made up for my little ones – download them for free from the Santa letter writing post.

Which Santa craft will you try first with your toddler?

Are you excited for the holidays? We are and just can’t wait to make some of these fun and easy toddler Santa crafts to stave off the excitement in the run up to the big day!
There are so many cute ideas to choose from, but I have my favorites – which are yours? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Christmas!

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