Inside: From the healthy to the not-so-healthy, from sweet and sickly to savory, here you’ll find a bumper list of Halloween treats for toddlers

Rock on – Halloween is nearly here! Whether you’re celebrating at home or have a party planned for your tiny tots, when it comes to Halloween, the candies and treats pretty much have the starring role.

It’s time to start cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Or maybe just decorating, chopping and constructing a spookilicious Halloween treat, because, if you’re anything like me, with little ones at your feet being overambitious when it comes to food is a recipe for chaos… 

But here there’s a little bit of everything, whether you want to go all out or take the easy route.  From super duper easy Halloween treats for toddlers to slightlly trickier ones, from healthy Halloween treats to those laden with candy. You’ll also find some divinely frightening (not really) savory Halloween snacks, plus easy Halloween cookies and cupcakes. 

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Easy Halloween treats for toddlers (no-bake)

These Halloween treats for toddlers are all no-bake and often, part of the construction involves a store-bought cookie or similar – leaving the fun part of creating your spooky treat to you.  Or if you have a little bit of extra time, and patience, why not get your little ones involved. If you’re looking for Halloween treats to make with kids, loads of these fit the bill. 

spider cookie halloween snacks for kids

#1 No-Bake Spooky Spider Cookies

A cute spider aboard an iced cookie – simple, easy and one your little ones will love making as well as eating.

Halloween wafer ghost treats for toddlers

#2 Easy Chocolate Wafer Dipped Ghosts

Dip a chocolate wafer into white chocolate, then add milk chocolate blobs for eyes and noses.  These sweet ghosts are super easy Halloween treats for toddlers.

toddler halloween party treat idea

#3 Boogers on a Stick

Gross! But boogers are right up any little kids’ street, to these Halloween treats are sure to delight.  

halloween popcorn snacks for toddlers

#4 Halloween Popcorn Balls

More popcorn, but this rolled into a ball and glued together with marshmallows – deeeeelicious, as my little ones would say! Possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating – simply roll the popcorn ball in your sprinkles and candies of choice.




cinnamon and jelly worms halloween treats for kids

#5 Cinnamon Witch Bits {Puppy Chow}

Some sweet, sickly and fun finger-food for toddlers here – there is some cereal under there somewhere so there’s a touch of nutritional value to justify all that sugar…

chocolate pretzel spider halloween snacks for toddlers

#6 Chocolate pretzel spiders from Aleka’s Get Together

A fun and easy Halloween treat for toddlers to help make and look absolutely divine to eat.  I think these ones would be eaten as fast as they’re made in our house!


halloween chocolate madeleine treats for kids

#7 Chocolate Madeleine Mummies

A white chocolate drizzle plus some candy eyes and store-bought madeleines and you have yourself a spookilicious and easy Halloween treat for toddlers.  If you want to make your madeleines from scratch, click the link above for the recipe.  

halloween marshmallow snacks for toddlers

#8 Halloween Marshmallow Pops

What is it about kids and marshmallows? Always a winner and these will be even more popular with added icing and sprinkles.  Taking just a few minutes to make they’re very easy Halloween treats for toddlers

spooky halloween popcorn snacks for kids

#9 Halloween monster popcorn

Colored candy melts, sprinkles and candy eyeballs turn plain popcorn into another winning Halloween treat for toddlers. 

Spooky Graveyard cups halloween treats for kids

#10 Spooky Graveyard Dirt Cups (Perfect For Halloween!)

Let your creative juices flow with these graveyard dirt cups – you could have all manner of creepy crawlies digging around in that dirt.  

halloween candy corn bar snacks for toddlers

#11 Peanut Butter & Candy Corn Candy Bar

These will definitely be on the sweet side so cut these Halloween treat bars into bite-sized chunks for your toddler.

Halloween sweet treats for toddlers

#12 Halloween Witches brew 

A sweet and sickly witches brew!  I love those eyeball gummy candies – they really complete the look.

halloween brownies with ghosts and cobwebs

#13 Halloween Ghost Bark

Another easy Halloween treat for toddlers you can get really creative with, or your toddler can – buy a selection of Halloween cupcakes candies, toppers and sprinkles, melt some chocolate and hand the reins over to your little one (not totally, of course).

scary rice Krispie halloween treats for toddlers

#14 Halloween Rice Krispie Treats – Ghosts

More ghosts, rice krispie treats this time…

scary chocolate pretzel halloween snacks

#15 Chocolate swamp monster

These are like chocolate cornflake cakes but use fried noodles instead and, of course, have candy eyes to transform them into cute little monsters.

Halloween ghost pretzels treats for toddlers

#16 Screaming ghost pretzels from Big Family Blessings

A clever and colorful Halloween treat! Your toddler can be in charge of sticking the eyes on, if they don’t get eaten first.

scary snowman halloween desert ideas

#17 Halloween Snowman Snacks

More marshmallows and pretzels, this time made into snowmen, another favorite with little kids.  Cute and easy Halloween treats for toddlers, fun to make too.

Halloween Pudding Cups for toddler parties

#18 Halloween Pudding Cups

For a simpler version of the graveyard dirt cups, use different colored puddings and draw faces onto the side of the cup, and there you have it, an easy Halloween treat for toddlers.

halloween pretzel snacks for toddlers

#19 Halloween Pretzels

Loads more spooky pretzel ideas here for that deliciously sweet, salty combination.

Slightly trickier, no-bake Halloween treats for toddlers

These require a little more time and often skill when it comes to decorating, but are all still no-bake. Mind you, this is just my analysis – if you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, you’ll probably find these a breeze too.

Frankenstein halloween treats for kids

#20 Halloween marshmallows

Marshmallows are another firm favorite of little ones, so these ones, disguised with a candy melt coating will be a total hit with toddlers…  

Spider web cookies for halloween parties

#21 Spider web cookies

Needing just 4 ingredients, you can whip up these no-bake spooky spider web cookies in no time at all.

cute cookie witches halloween snack ideas

#22 Cookie Witches Hats

A clever use of chocolate kisses means these witch hat cookies are a cinch to make.

surprisingly cool and yummy edible Candy Corn Slime

#23 Edible Candy Corn Slime

Very sticky, very sweet, so any toddler is sure to love this edible slime.  Not ideal from a parent’s point of view but I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist trying it out!


Halloween Bat Cake snacks for kids

#24 Swiss Roll Halloween Bat Cakes

scary Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

#25 Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats

Turn ordinary rice krispie treats into freaky Frankensteins with a bit of clever icing.

Healthy Halloween treats for toddlers

SWEET but healthy Halloween treats for toddlers

Non-candy Halloween treats for toddlers that’ll still attract those with a sweet tooth.

rice cake halloween spider snacks for toddlers

#26 Halloween spider rice cakes 

Blackberries, grapes and rice cakes are all you need to make these healthy Halloween treats for toddlers.


pumpkin cookies for healthy halloween treats for toddlers

#27 Healthy Pumpkin Cookies (Gluten-Free, Vegan, Allergy-Free)

The sweetness of a Halloween cookie but with ingredients including pumpkin, maple syrup and flax these make the list of healthy Halloween treats for toddlers.

healthy fruity halloween treats for kids

#28 Halloween Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Hidden beneath all that frosting and sprinkles are strawberries!  You could go a little less crazy on the decorating for a healthier Halloween treat…

healthy pumpkin gummy halloween treats for toddlers

#29 Halloween Pumpkin Orange Gummy Recipe

Amazingly, these only contain orange juice and gelatin, a great source of essential amino acids, and water.

spooky banana fruit snacks for kids

#30 Mummy bananas

All the additions to these bananas are not ones to eat, so you can’t get healthier than this Halloween snack to make for toddlers.  

healthy baked apples for halloween parties

#31 Healthy Baked Halloween Apples

There are loads of nutrients packed into this Halloween treat with all the sweetness to keep toddlers interested.  One where the cooking will be almost as good as the eating, as your kitchen will be filled with the most divine aromas of cinnamon and spice. 

scary halloween doughnut ghost

#32 Healthy ghost donuts

A healthy donut?  Who knew! These ghostly Halloween treats are made from wholewheat flour and sweetened with maple syrup, so will keep your donut loving toddler happy.

candied apple halloween snacks for toddlers

#33 Easy Candy Apples – Autumn and Halloween Treat

There’s still a lot of sugar in this classic Halloween treat, but as long as your toddler eats the whole apple, this one just about makes the grade as a healthy Halloween treat. On second thoughts, which toddlers ever eat the whole apple…

scary apple witches halloween food crafts for kids

#34 Stuffed Apple Witches

Carved apples stuffed with nuts, raisins and sultanas and a cute witches hat! An easy and healthy Halloween snack to make for toddlers.

#35 Chocolate Covered Apple Slices

The slices of apple under all that delicioius chocolate means this one makes the list of healthy Halloween treats…

scary halloween Pumpkin face clementines

#36 Pumpkin face clementines

Spooky faces drawn onto clementines mean these Halloween treats are both simple and healthy.  You may need to scrub the skins with some sandpaper first – otherwise it can be difficult to get the pen working…

scary apple monsters halloween food crafts for kids

#37 Apple monsters

Peanut butter acts as a glue, sticking teeth and tongues into the mouth of these apple monsters – a fun and healthy Halloween snack to make.

brownies for toddler halloween snacks

#38 Halloween brownie bits

You’d probably assume these brownie bites are full of sugar, but they’re made with nuts, dried fruit and chocolate, meaning they’re loaded with nutrients and natural goodness.  A perfect healthy Halloween snack to make for toddlers.


healthy halloween treats for toddlers using celery and clementine

#39 Clementine pumpkins

A stick of celery and a peeled clementine – can’t say healthier than that, can you?

Double Chocolate healthy Halloween treats for toddlers

#40 Double Chocolate Halloween Cookies (gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free)

Chocolate Halloween cookies that make the healthy list as they’re packed full of natural ingredients and sweetened with coconut sugar.

SAVORY Halloween snacks to make

Before you let your toddler go wild on all the sweet treats, start with some savory snacks.  These are not all super healthy, but most will have more nutritional value and fibre versus all the sugar-loaded candies…

cute toddler hotdog Halloween treats

#41 Mummy Hot Dogs

With some store-bought pastry, hot dogs and candy eyes these Halloween mummies are cute and simple and the perfect size for a tiny tot.

cheesy halloween bread snacks for toddlers

#42 Cheese Mummy sandwiches 

A gorified (see what I did there?!) cheese sandwhich and easy Halloween snack to make.

spider deviled eggs halloween snacks for kids and adults

#43 Spider Deviled Eggs for Halloween

Grapes and eggs are the main ingredients for these spooky and healthy Halloween snacks.

toddler Halloween cracker treats

#44 Cheese and Crackers Monsters

With a few craft cabinet staples quickly turning cheese and cracker stick packets into monsters, these healthy snacks equally belong in the easy Halloween treat section.

Healthy Halloween Snack Board treats for toddlers and big kids

#45 Healthy Halloween Snack Board

Ideal Halloween snacks to make for toddlers that want a little bit of everything, using classic fruit and veg finger food with a few sweet Halloweeny additions.

need to ask for permission

Ghostly bone breadstick snacks for toddlers

#46 Ghostly bone breadsticks

Breadsticks are a winner with toddlers so these bone-shaped ones are a must-try savory Halloween snack to make.

Stuffed mini pumpkin toddler halloween snacks

#47 Stuffed mini pumpkins

Fill some mini-pumpkins with your toddler’s savory favorite and you’ve got a snack perfect for Halloween.

scarry monster pizza halloween treats for kids

#48 Monster pizza

Another favorite with little ones – pizza!  This will also be an easy one to get them involved in.  With chopped vegetables, meats and cheeses, they can create their very own monster and then enjoy eating them, tooth by tooth…. 

delicious pumpkin deviled eggs for halloween get togethers

#49 Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

More deviled eggs – this time mini-pumpkins! 

mummy calzone halloween snacks for kids

#50 Mummy wrap calzone pizza

A bit more complex than your standard calzone pizza, but this mummified one will look just the part during the Halloween festivities.  

smaller bite-size halloween snacks for toddlers

#51 Halloween Hot Dog Spiders

Want a smaller bite-sized version of the mummy hot dogs above? These hot dog spiders are the perfect mini Halloween snack to make for little ones that can’t manage a whole hot dog.

spooky mini mummy pizzas for halloween parties

#52 Mini Mummy Pizzas

With some store-bought mini margherita pizzas and a few extra ingredients, you’ll be able to whip up a load of these savory snacks in no time, perfect for a Halloween party for kids.

Easy Halloween cookies and cupcakes for toddlers

Some of these Halloween treats easy enough for toddlers to make.

Halloween Sour Cream Sugar Cookie treats for 2 years old and above

#53 Halloween Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

With some Halloween-themed cookie cutters and a little bit of skill in the icing department, these sugar cookies will both taste delicious and look the part on your Halloween treat table or in a party favor bag.

spooky slime like cookie halloween snacks for kids

#54 Spooky Slime Cookies

A unique and a little dodgy-looking Halloween cookie, if ever I saw one! (They look a little like fluorescent green turds to me…) But toddlers are bound to love them.  Will have to give them a go this Halloween.

scary Halloween Wicked Witch Finger Cookies for kids and adults

 #55 Halloween Wicked Witch Finger Cookies

How gory are these! They don’t look at all appetizing, do they?

cute halloween monster cookie snacks for toddlers

#56 Halloween eyeball cookies

These chocolate Halloween cookies are so simple, taking less than 30 minutes to make, but you could definitely speed this up a whole lot more and cheat with store-bought chocolate cookies…





Halloween Monster Cookie snacks for kids

#57 Halloween Monster Cookies

Cute and fun, this Halloween treat will be a hit with your toddler.

delicious and cute toddler Halloween treats

#58 Peanut Butter Spiders

A clever use of peanut butter cups turns ordinary cookies into ones infested with creepy crawlies!  A perfect addition to your Halloween treat table.

chocolate dipped halloween cookie treats for parties

#59 Dipped Chocolate Halloween Cookies

For a simple cookie decoration idea, dip Halloween-shaped cookies into chocolate and there you have it: some easy Halloween treats for toddlers.


Candy Corn Halloween Sugar Cookies

#60 Candy Corn Halloween Sugar Cookies

An easy and effective Halloween twist on a delicious sugar cookie, but be warned (the clue is in the name) these will be sweet so make them small for little tummies if you want to avoid sugar-induced hyperactivity! 

Halloween cupcakes for toddlers (including cake pops & other baked treats)

Plenty of tasty treats in this section – from Halloween cupcakes with eyes to those with witches hats, plus plenty of Halloween cupcake decorating ideas, there’s a bit of everything,

yummy halloween cupcake desert snacks for kids

#61 Gory Halloween Cupcakes

Who knew a walnut with a blob of jam on top could look quite so gruesome!  What a genius idea to turn any cupcake into a gory Halloween treat for toddlers.

vegan healthy halloween cupcake treats for toddlers

#62 Vegan Ghost Cupcakes

Some swirls of vanilla buttercream and candy eyes atop a healthy cupcake and you have yourself some ghostly toddler Halloween treats…. Not fussed about going vegan and short on time?  Store-bought chocolate cupcakes and frosting will do the job.

spider cupcakes halloween snacks for toddlers

#63 Spider infested cupcakes

You don’t need to be a dab hand at decorating to get the festive look. Icing, sprinkles and some plastic spiders and cupcake toppers is all you need.

Halloween Mummy cake pops perfect for party deserts

#64 Halloween Mummy Cake Pops

A bite-sized Halloween party idea for toddlers that can never finish piece of cake… (That’s all of them, right?!).

Candy Overload Halloween Brownies for kids and adults

#65 Candy Overload Halloween Brownies

Toddlers will have fun sprinkling in their candies of choice when the brownies are still hot out of the oven and I’m sure will be impatient waiting for them to be cool enough to eat…you too probably!

cute Ghost Mini Muffins toddler halloween snacks

#66 Ghost Mini Muffins

Clever and cute, ghostly Halloween treats for toddlers will be a fun addition to the festivities.

witch hat cupcakes Halloween treats for 2 year olds

#67 Witch Hat Cupcakes

These witch hat cupcakes really look the part and are sure to be a hit with your toddlers, though I have the feeling mine might be quick to ask for some ice-cream to go in the cone…

Mini Orange Halloween Cupcakes treats for kids

#68 Mini Orange Halloween Cupcakes

These dainty and adorable pumpkin cupcakes look easy enough for any decorating novice to have a crack at, so definitely, one for me to try…

colorful monster brownie toddler halloween snacks

 #69 Monster Brownies

I love the bright colors of these hairy monsters which turn a normal looking brownie into a spectacular Halloween treat for toddlers.

yummy pumpkin cupcakes

#70 Pumpkin Cupcakes

Another simple Halloween cupcake decorating idea for these delicious pumpkin treats.

healthy vegan cupcake halloween treats for toddlers

#71 Vegan Mummy Cupcakes

White icing and a steady hand are all you need to mummify some chocolate cupcakes. 

Spiderweb Marbled Orange Cakesicles for desert parties

#72 Spiderweb Marbled Orange Cakesicles

Pumpkin patch cupcake toddler Halloween treats

#73 Pumpkin patch cupcakes

Mini pumpkin candies are all you need to turn a simple iced cupcake into mini pumpkin patches.

spooky Cinnamon Roll halloween snacks for kids

#74 Cinnamon Roll Intestines

I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat something this gory-looking, but I’m sure it won’t bother little kids, who probably won’t quite know what these cinnamon rolls are convincingly replicating…

Halloween ice cream treats for toddlers

No list of toddler Halloween treats would be complete without ice cream, now would it! Just a few here to choose from, but they all look so divine you won’t need to look any further.

halloween ice cream treats for kids

#75 No churn Halloween ice-cream

This Halloween ice-cream is made with condensed milk, meaning there’s no need for a fancy ice cream maker.  What a divine-looking Halloween treat for toddlers.  

toddler Halloween sherbet treats for parties

#76 Monster Sherbet

Straight out the box, these monster sherbets will suit the time-poor.  This is my Halloween ice-cream of choice, for sure!

witch sundae halloween party desert ideas

#77 Halloween Ice Cream – Friendly Witch Sundaes

A bit of time and skill is required for these ice-cream sundaes but if you have either of these I think these will be worth it.

SUMMARY: Halloween treats for toddlers

Hopefully, this bumper list of toddler Halloween treat has given you plenty of ideas to get you started, whether you’re planning to celebrate at home or host a room full of little ones.  If that’s you, you may also need some party ideas to keep those busybodies from tearing the place apart… check out:

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Happy Halloween!

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