29 Scarily Easy Skeleton Crafts for Kids

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us – time to decorate the house with some spooky skeleton crafts! Or maybe you have a budding biologist who wants to learn more about the human body and how their bones connect together.

Either way, you need to learn how to make a skeleton and in this roundup of easy Halloween crafts and activities for kids, we will show you how.

From fake skeleton bones to homemade skeleton hands, not to mention several Q-tip skeleton crafts, you’re sure to enjoy this list.

You could also try these Halloween arts and crafts for kids, this list have tons of scary (but super cute) Halloween ideas too!

So don’t be spooked!

What can I make a skeleton out of?

If you’re super-duper crafty, the answer is probably anything. If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re otherwise, in which case q-tips are going to be your best friend.

Q-tips are a popular choice for skeleton crafts – they’re long and spindly with fatter, bulbous ends, perfect for a long bone, like a fibula or tibula. (That’s pretty much where my bone knowledge ends I’m afraid.)

But there are plenty of other choices, from straws and toothpicks to cardboard tubes, just read on and take a look.

How do you make a skeleton out of Q-tips (a cotton swab skeleton)?

For a Q-tip or cotton swab skeleton, the easiest option is to create a 2D skeleton by laying out the Q-tips and sticking them on paper. There are few different easy Q-tip skeleton crafts below.

Alternatively, create a 3D model by combining your Q-tips with pipe-cleaners – scroll down to see exactly how.

How do you make a skeleton out of cardboard tubes?

Cardboard tubes or toilet paper rolls can be used to make a life-sized skeleton. The kids are going to love that! Simply glue them on to big black sheets of construction board paper.

Or for a more challenging task, tie your cardboard tubes together using string.

Kids can paint the tubes if they want to as well. Check our list of arts and crafts below for ideas.

How do you make a skeleton out of paper and straws?

What better way to use paper straws than to make an adorable straw skeleton craft. Much like the q-tip skeletons, simply cut the straws to size, arrange them into a skeleton shape and stick to black construction paper.

You can use straws with a stripe of color for a unique touch or just the plain white ones.

How do you make a skeleton out of toothpicks?

You’re going to need a lot of glue, time and patience to make a skeleton out of toothpicks! As a result, there are no toothpick skeletons on this list, yet, that is.

Q-tip skeleton crafts for kids

If you want to learn how to make a skeleton out of Q-tips, you’ve come to the right place. Here are plenty of cotton swab skeleton crafts for kids, old and young.

easy cotton swab skeleton craft

Fun Skeleton Craft for Kids

Make learning fun with this cotton swab skeleton craft. Grab some q-tips, cut them into different sizes and let your kids piece them together. A great way to learn how the basics of the human skeleton.
Head over to Living Life and Learning for more.
thumbprint skeleton craft for toddlers

Thumbprint Skeleton Craft

For a fun and easy Halloween activity, this thumbprint skeleton craft is perfect for toddlers. Admit it, these little thumb skeletons are really adorable!
Head over to Living Life and Learning for details.
qtip skeleton craft ideas

QTip Skeleton craft

Another similar q-tip skeleton craft but by clicking the link you'll be able to download and print the skull and hat, giving your skeleton a bit more character. Kids are sure to have fun playing around with the position of the leg and hand bones. They look like they're dancing, right?
Visit Little Ladoo for instructions.

Skeleton Handprint

Paint your child’s hand and forearm and make a white hand and arm print onto black paper. Then just add q-tips for the finger and arm bones. A fun skeleton craft for kids of all ages.

Skeleton handprint craft from our.playfullife.

This is going to be a fun painting activity for the kids and there’s more where that came from. Take a look at these toddler-approved finger painting ideas for some fun and exploration.




Silly Skeleton Craft

Is this silly skeleton cute, or not? Oh yes, he is! Kids are sure to be excited to try this adorable skeleton craft. Use playdoh for the base, stick a straw in the middle, then add pipe cleaners and q-tips, to construct the skeleton. They can form it in any way they want, in the silliest pose they can think of!

Silly skeleton craft from teaching_juniorexplorers.

Other fun & easy skeleton crafts for kids

More skeleton craft ideas for Halloween coming up. And if you’re wondering how to make a simple homemade skeleton hand, there are some right here.

Skeleton straw craft for kids

An easy skeleton straw craft, made with, of course, straws! Simply glue to paper and add a skull. Who knows, this activity might spark an interest in science!

Skeleton straw activity from waterfordupstart.

skeleton hand x-ray craft ideas

X Ray Handprint Craft

Preschoolers will love creating these x-ray skeleton handprint crafts. No paint needed -just paper! And a steady hand for some serious cutting.
Head over to Simple Everyday Mom for details.
fun pasta skeleton craft for preschool

Human Body: Skelton Pasta Craft

Some dried pasta shapes, glue, paper and a little bit of imagination – and hey presto! You have a very cute pasta skeleton to display at Halloween. It's fun to make and great practice of fine motor skills for toddlers and other young kids!
Another great way of practicing their fine motor skill is through this homemade twist-top board or with this apple lacing craft.
Jump over to Kids Activities Blog for details.

Sticks and Stones Skeletons

Sticks and stones may break my bones but Halloween won’t spook me! It’s time to go outside and pick up some loose sticks and stones – throw in some dried acorns too! Then simply get the kids to arrange them to form a skeleton. Don’t you just love using these materials found in nature?

Speaking of nature, how about giving these nature ornament crafts a try? The kids will have tons of fun collecting acorns, stones, twigs, etc. – just like they did with this skeleton activity.

Sticks and stones skeletons from brightbuttonschildcare.

skeleton hand print xray craft for toddlers

Easy Skeleton Handprint X-Ray Craft for Kids

This easy skeleton handprint x-ray craft for kids is a fun way to understand just how many bones are in the human hand and how small they can be – just look at all those carpal bones! Once they're done, they can hang it up by the window. A lovely decoration for Halloween too.
Jump over to Mom Brite for details.
build a skeleton hand crafts for kids

Moving Hand Model – a STEM Project

Let your kids explore the different bones, tendons, and muscles of their hands by building this skeleton hand model STEM craft. They'll be amazed at all the wonderful things their hands can do!
Head over to Steam Powered Family for details.

Human Skeleton Craft

This life-sized skeleton craft is a great Halloween craft and activity for kids of all ages. Use small and large toilet paper rolls to make the skeleton frame and Qtips for the hands. Big black cardboard was used as a canvas. How incredible is this?

For more fun and creative ways to use toilet tube rolls. take a look at these cute toilet paper roll crafts for toddlers.

Human skeleton craft from you_can_craft_it.

Paper Plate Skeleton Craft

Turn paper plates into an adorable skeleton craft! Cut different bone shapes out of the paper plates. Then punch holes and tie together with string or yarn. The kids might want to sing along as they go – “The head bone’s connected to the neck bone…”

Toddlers will enjoy this paper plate craft activity for sure, much like this paper plate Santa too! It was a sure hit at home.

Paper plate skeleton from wyah.creations.

DIY skeleton craft costume for kids

Super Easy DIY Kids X-Ray Skeleton Halloween Costume

If you're short on time and in need of an easy last-minute Halloween costume, why not try this DIY skeleton costume. It's easy enough for kids to help out with but would also be fun to do as a family.
Head over to Kids Activity Blog for instructions.

Inverse Skeleton Painting

Here is a fun skeleton craft art project for the kids. First, make a skeleton using painter’s tape stuck to white paper. Then paint over the whole skeleton with black paint and allow to dry. Remove the tape slowly to reveal the skeleton. Don’t these skeletons look great?

Baby safe paint would be a better option for the kids, try using powdered tempera or non-toxic acrylic paints

Inverse skeleton painting from threeintwoblog.

Mr. Skeleton

Hello there Mr. Skeleton! This skeleton craft for kids cleverly uses cotton swabs, plastic forks and a spoon with a cardboard backing. So simple and effective.

Mr. Skeleton craft from you_can_craft_it.

cookie cutter skeleton craft for preschool

Simple Halloween Skeleton Craft for Toddlers

These little cookie-cutter shaped skeleton crafts are fun and easy to decorate. Make a few and join them together for some festive Halloween bunting.
Head over to Rainy Day Mum for instructions.1

Hanging Skeleton Bird Cage

Made with two hanging baskets and a plastic skeleton bird, this skeleton cage will look perfectly creepy outside your house!
Visit Big Bears Wife for instructions.

If you need more Halloween decors, check out this list mummy crafts for toddlers. Surely there’s one (or two) that will fit your liking.

Skeleton Craft Templates & Free Printables

Who doesn’t love printables? I, for one, love printable templates – especially if they’re free. They’re such a time-saver and a great starting point for any crafts and projects for kids.

For some simple and minimal prep fun, check out these easy toddler activities to do at home. Or give these easy arts and crafts a try to keep the little ones entertained.

Paper Skeleton Kids’ Halloween Decoration

Paper Skeleton Kids’ Halloween Decoration

Have your preschoolers make their own paper skeleton this Halloween. Just download the free skeleton template, for a fun activity with the kids where they'll get to learn the different bones and parts of the body too.
Head over to Yes We Made This for more.

Play-doh Skeleton Activity

Let your kids make their own skeleton using white play-doh. Just print out the free outline template and then they can construct their play-doh skeleton on top. This will make a fun sensory activity and a great way to strengthen fine motor skills all while learning about the human body.

Play-doh skeleton from preschool_mama.

For more ideas to practice their fine motor skills, check out this list of sensory activities. Or if you want minimal-prep activities, try one of these dry messy play ideas.

bone chips to use for easy skeleton craft

Skeleton Bone Chips

Use the printable template and your edible bones to have fun builing a skeleton. Preschoolers and young kids will get to practice counting and writing too.
Visit The Primary Parade for more.
easy printable skeleton craft for preschool

Easy Skeleton Halloween Craft

Here's an easy skeleton Halloween craft and activity for younger kids. It comes with a free printable spooky skeleton template that they can enjoy putting together. Good practice of fine motor skills too.
Visit Simple Everyday Mom for details.
sensory bin skeleton craft for preschool

Sensory Bin with Bone Letter Worksheets

Learning about letters and getting your preschoolers to practice their writing skills just got a bit spooky! So, grab some skeleton hands and start digging letters!
Head over to The Primary Parade for more.

Halloween is over? Don’t worry, we have more! Try one of these Christmas sensory bins and these fake snow sensory activities for the kids to do at home.

coloring page for skeleton craft ideas

Skeleton coloring pages

These free skeleton coloring pages will be fun this Halloween so grab those crayons and let your kids color away.
Visit Kids Activities Blog for details.

A big fan of free printable templates and would love to make more of these cute art activities with your toddler? Check out our free Valentine’s handprint art template.

skeleton play dough game for easy skeleton craft

Printable Halloween Skeleton Play Dough Game

Roll the dice and complete the skeleton – a fun and simple activity for the kids. Click the link for the free template and have fun putting the skeleton together.
Visit Mommy Made that for details.

Once done with these indoor crafts and activities, take the kids outside for some fun outdoor activities. This will be a good exercise for their gross motor skills!




Edible skeleton crafts for kids

If you’re planning a festive Halloween party this year, what better way than some edible skeleton treats. You can prepare them in advance or make them during the festivities. A perfect way to keep kids entertained while creating something they can eat.

You could also add in some exciting games and activities for the kids, take a look at these super fun Halloween party ideas.

Marshmallow Skeleton

Here’s an easy edible skeleton craft for your toddler. Simply stack a couple of white chocolate pretzels on a stick, then, top it with a big white marshmallow. For the face, melt a few chocolate pellets in a dish and draw on eyes, nose and mouth with a toothpick, that’s if the kids can be patient enough! So adorable, right?

Marshmallow skeleton from krissie_sweet_shoppe.

bone breadsticks for easy craft ideas for toddlers

Bloody Bone Breadsticks

Looking for a spooky side dish to make with the kids for a festive Halloween event? You only need 3 ingredients for these delicious skeleton bones so grab your apron and start baking.
Visit Moms Dinner for instructions.
healthy and easy skeleton craft for kids

Skeleton Veggie Tray

Make your Halloween extra special and healthy with this skeleton veggie tray. It's fun, creative and full of goodness. Yum yum!
Go to Plate in 28 for instructions.

Skeleton Sugar Cookies

Here’s another yummy treat to make for Halloween. First, bake some skeleton-shaped sugar cookies (you can use any recipe for this). Your kids can then decorate them with royal icing. And enjoy!

Skeleton sugar cookies from preschool_mama.

For more spooky treats to fill up those hungry tummies, check out these yummy Halloween treats for toddlers.

Which skeleton craft will you try first?

I hope you enjoyed this collection of skeleton-themed crafts and learning activities for kids.

Will you be making any of these projects this Halloween? I hope you do! Let us know in the comments which your favorite is.

For more arts, crafts and activities for preschoolers and toddlers, take a look these:

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