Insanely Easy DIY Gift Box You Can Make In Under 10 Mins

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Looking for a DIY gift box you can knock up in minutes?  No time or inclination for origami?  Nope me neither – you need to know how to make a simple gift box, without learning complicated folding techniques! This rustic looking, and most importantly, INSANELY EASY, DIY gift box ticks all those errr…… boxes.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of the best DIY gift box ideas you will ever come across.  Bold, but I hope you agree!

This tutorial is short and sweet, it has to be – this DIY gift box is just too simple to be anything else.  So that leaves time for the fun bit, the decorating!  Dress this gift box up big time for a special occasion or keep it pretty naked for a simple thank you.  You decide!

Check out this post for ideas on how to decorate your DIY gift box or save this pin for later.

easy diy gift box decorating ideas

Reasons To Love This Easy Peasy Gift Box

So I’ve mentioned how quick it is, but there are other reasons to love this DIY gift box:

1. It’s unfussy and rustic, so you don’t need to be precise

It’s not meant to be precise and perfect looking.  So if your measuring is a bit out or you folding is a little bit dodgy or you punch a hole too close to the edge it doesn’t matter!  That’s my kind of crafting – I just don’t have the patience and time to fiddle about getting things just so.

2. Makes a small gift look more substantial (and more beautiful)

Ever have a gift for someone that is tiny in size and looks a bit insignificant on it’s own, a lip gloss for example?  So you end up buying something else to go with it.  So why not put your little gift in a beautiful homemade gift box? Problem solved.

3 – Cheap as chips!

As you’ll see, there’s nothing more to this box than cardboard, some twine plus a little decoration if you fancy.

3 – Kids can help make it

Older kids can help make it, it’s that simple, little ones can help decorate!

4 – It can be used again and again…

Homemade gift wrap can also be stunning but once that gift is unwrapped, that beautiful paper will be gone…

5. Perfect for a homemade gift

If you want to go all the way with homemade, there are a ton of ideas for crafty type gifts you can make yourself:

The Inspiration Behind This Simple DIY Gift Box

I recently bought a set of handmade egg cups from the potter who had crafted them, down in the stunning Western Cape of South Africa.  He was busy at his potters wheel when I picked them out and very apologetic about the box he had thrown together to display them in.  I immediately fell in love with it!

Here’s the original box with egg cups:

I have been wanting to recreate this design ever since.

With a bit of sprucing up I knew this box could be turned into something special easily – a stunning DIY gift box in the making!

If I’m ever in the area again I will have to take him a few of my efforts.  I can’t imagine he’ll mind that I took his idea.  From seeing the displays in his workshop, there’s no doubt his talents are in rather a different league to mine….

Materials Needed To Make This Easy DIY gift box

We live in the depths of the African bush.  Craft supplies are hard to come by!  I had all these materials in the house already, with the exception of the grip binders, which I found in town at the stationers.

  • cardboard box – anything bigger than a shoebox will do
  • ruler
  • pen or pencil
  • about 75cm length of string, ribbon or strong thread
  • scissors or craft knife (I found a knife much easier)
  • cutting board, if you’re using a craft knife
  • hole punch
  • a paper grip binder (used to keep papers together – see photos in tutorial if you’re not sure)
  • skewer or small hole making device (darning needle also works)

diy gift box - materials

Materials For Decorating Your DIY Gift Box

The thread you use to tie your  box together may be all the decoration you want or have time for.  Otherwise, there are a ton of things you can try.

If you’re a regular crafter you will probably have a good idea of how you want to decorate your box.  If not, and you have kids, why not get them involved?  Foot, hand and thumb prints and a bit of glitter and glue are always a go-to with my kids for some messy, colourful fun.

Otherwise you can cut shapes out of wrapping paper, thread some beads through the lid, use some ink stamps, stickers, pompoms… the possibilities are endless.

We live next to my mother-in-law who’s a hoarder of note, particularly when it comes to ribbon, embroidery thread, beads and fabric – perfect for decorating my gift boxes!

I  had so much fun decorating these little gift boxes that I decided to do a whole post on it.  Hop on over and check it out here.

How To Make This Insanely Easy DIY Gift Box: Step-by-Step Instructions

1 – Source a cardboard box

Any shape or size will do though there are a few parameters:

  • Avoid very large boxes, like packing boxes or those that big electrical devices arrive in.  These are often double thickness cardboard which does make it a little trickier to cut, fold and get a hole punch through.  Not impossible but I found the single thickness cardboard easier to work with
  • Avoid very small boxes which won’t have enough flat cardboard to play with… you need the largest side to be at least 27cm x 16cm to make a box with dimensions 8cm x 8cm x 4cm.  Any smaller than that and it becomes a fiddle and you won’t fit anything in, so what’s the point!

Try and find boxes that are undamaged by water or too crumpled.

Don’t worry too much about print/logos etc.  This will be on the inside of the box so by the time you’ve put the gift inside you will only see the underside of the lid.

Do try and avoid stickers on the inside of the lid – they are very difficult to get off and ugly left on!

2 – Cut a large piece of cardboard from the box

Just cut it roughly at this stage.  Don’t try and cut the exact size, it’s easier just to tidy up the sides after and when you’ve decided on the size.

easy diy gift box - 1

3. Decide on the size of your gift box

After making MANY of these easy DIY gift boxes and experimentation, I’ve come up with the following dimensions as a guide to make different sized gift boxes:

  • Large gift box – 20cm by 14cm, depth of 7 cm
  • Medium gift box – 17cm by 13cm, depth of 6.5cm
  • Small gift box – 13cm by 10cm, depth of 5cm
  • Tiny square gift box – 8cm by 8cm, depth of 4cm

You can check out what these different sizes look like at the end of this tutorial.

For these boxes you need to start with the following sizes of flat cardboard:

  • Large gift box – 45cm by 34cm
  • Medium gift box – 42cm by 30cm
  • Small gift box – 33cm by 23cm
  • Tiny square gift box – 26cm by 16cm

Of course you can make this any size you want, depending on the size of cardboard you’re starting with and the size of the box you want to finish with, but these should be a good starting point.

I’m making the medium gift box in this tutorial.

4. Measure out and cut to size your piece of carboard

Using the dimensions you’ve decided on at the previous step, measure out and cut your piece of carboard to size.  You may only need to trim a few edges depending on what size you want your box to be and the size you started with.

easy diy gift box - 2

4. Mark out the box edges and fold lines

Mark up your carboard as in the diagrams.  The first one has all the lines and the second one has the measurements and labels so you know what is what. (I marked this one out with a marker pen/sharpie so you can see a bit more clearly but I normally use a regular pen or pencil.)

Remember to use the side of the box with the logos/any print when marking up – this will then be the inside of the box.

diy gift box template with measurements

5. Cut out the gift box outline

As in diagram and photo below.

You can see that the corners of the lid flap are cut off – I just did this free hand by eye.  You could always measure and mark these lines if you prefer.

easy diy gift box - 5

6. Fold all the edges but the lift flap edge

I found the easiest way to do this was fold the cardboard against the ruler – you need to push with your hands close to the join line, otherwise the naughty cardboard can fold in a different place.  If it does don’t panic !  Just start again – you won’t notice that crease when it’s finished. That’s the beauty of this box!

The reason I recommend to fold the lift flap last is that when you fold and tie up the box you may find you need to re-fold the lid flap.  Maybe it was just me and my too quick measuring but chances are things will be a bit out!

easy diy gift box - 6

7. Punch holes into the corners and lid flap

You need a bit of force here, firstly to get the cardboard into the hole punch and secondly, to get it far enough into the punch that it doesn’t just cut a semi-circle out of the side (as I found out a few times in the beginning).  Practice on a bit of scrap cardboard first.

You need to punch a total of 9 holes as shown in the photo below:

  • 2 at the top of each side = 8
  • 1 in the lid flap

easy diy gift box - 7

8. Attach the paper grip binder

Use a skewer to make a hole and push the paper grip binder through and press the arms either side to secure:

diy gift box grip binder

9. Grab your twine, string, thread etc

You will need around 75cm total length:

  • 4x 15cm lengths, 1 for each corner
  • 1x 15cm length for the lid tie

easy diy gift box - 6

10. Tie each side together

Use a nice strong knot to make the box sturdy.  You can use a bow, but tie it after the knot so it can’t come undone.

easy diy gift box - 8

11. Fold the lid flap

Check where the lid flap needs to fold by shutting the lid and seeing where it lines up.  You may even need to trim the sides of the box so that the lid shuts nice and cleanly.

11. Make the lid tie

Fold the last piece of twine in two, push the folded end through the hole and loop the two ends through.  You can now shut the box by tying the loose end around the grip binder.

easy diy gift box - 9

easy diy gift box - 10

12. Admire your finished box!

Pretty awesome!

Now seeing as that was so quick, you should have a few minute to spare to decorate!  Read this next post for some stunning decorating ideas.  Happy box making!

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