41 Easy Christmas Tree Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Christmas is a magical time for everyone, particularly toddlers. There’s just so much to enjoy! Decorating the tree with bright and beautiful colored lights and Christmas ornaments marks the start of the festivities in our house, one of many Christmas traditions we enjoy with our little ones.

But fun with the Christmas tree doesn’t need to stop there! Christmas tree crafts are a lovely way to keep kids busy in the loooooong lead up to the big day.

This season, forget all those store-bought gingerbread house kits. Instead, let your 2 or 3 year old unleash their creativity with one of these Christmas tree crafts.

From tree-themed ornaments to Christmas tree handprint art and card designs, here you’ll find Christmas tree arts and crafts for toddlers a plenty. Your little ones are going to love making their very own uniquely decorated trees, using glittered paper, cardboard tubes, paper plates, pom-poms and more.

As a bonus, these toddler Christmas tree crafts will make wonderful keepsakes or an easy last-minute gift for Grandparents and other loved ones.

Super easy Christmas Tree crafts for toddlers (virtually no prep mess, minimal mess)

Fun and easy crafts are your best friends when you have young kids at home. Many crafts are tricky for toddlers, meaning Mother dearest ends up finishing them.

Where’s the fun in that, right?

So here are some super easy Christmas tree craft ideas that are also quick to prep and have minimal mess.

Meaning you can kick back a little and sip your gingerbread latte or mulled wine in peace. (Highly likely with Christmas around the corner and little kids at your feet, but you never know!)

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

cardboard pasta Christmas tree craft for toddlers

Cardboard Christmas Tree Pasta Craft

Pasta is such a versatile ingredient, the kids love to eat it and it's also great for crafting. So let your toddler create great memories by making this cute cardboard Christmas tree.
For even less prep you could buy green pasta and omit the dying process (which is really easy, but still one more step than you might have time for). Such a lovely easy Christmas tree craft that'll be a good test of fine motor skills too.
Visit Mimosas and Motherhood for instructions.

For another fun and engaging way to practice fine motor skills, try this simple twist-top board.

Green Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

Here’s a super simple handprint Christmas tree craft that encourages open-ended creativity. Once you’ve cut out your handprint shape, your toddler choose exactly how to decorate it. What’s more you could easily turn this sweet and simple tree into a handprint tree card or how about a gift tag?

Handprint Christmas tree from simplystrangecrafts.

Easy Christmas tree decorating

Here’s an easy sticker activity that will keep your toddler busy for hours! All you need is a large piece of paper and lots of stickers. An engaging, open-ended Christmas tree-themed art activity for little ones.

 Easy Christmas tree decorating from kristanatoddlerapproved.

For more simple fun for toddlers, try these minimal prep indoor toddler activities.

cardboard tube Christmas crafts for toddlers

Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree Craft

Aren't these so cute? This cardboard tube Christmas tree crafts for toddlers are top of my list this year! Such a clever idea to place a picture of your child at the top as a star. I can't wait to try this one out with my two.
Head over to The Soccer Mom Blog for the tutorial.

If you love getting creative with cardboard tubes, try these Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Toddlers


Felt Christmas tree decorating

Felt sticks to felt – isn’t it amazing the huge variety of things you learn when you become a mom, right?! Use this info to keep your toddler busy with this super easy Christmas tree craft. They get to decorate their very own felt Christmas tree, with felt decorations. You can then add some real twinkly lights.

Felt Christmas tree decorating from gourmetmutti.

colored salt Christmas tree activity

Colored Salt Christmas Tree

This colored salt Christmas tree is not your typical Christmas tree craft for toddlers. Your little one can decorate it over and over again – it's more sensory activity than craft. All you need is a baking tin in a tree shape and some colored salt.
It's sure to keep your 2 or 3 year old, as well as older kids, busy. I can see my two wanting to change the design every day – or as often as they change their mind over their like or dislike of porridge… Am I right?!
Head over to In the Playroom for details.

For some sensory fun themed to the festive season try these Christmas sensory bin ideas. Or these fake snow sensory activities.

pipe cleaner Christmas tree crafts

Kid-Friendly Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees Craft

Pipe cleaners or fuzzy wires are kid-friendly art materials – they're super bendy and most of the time don't require any glue. Just twist up and green pipe cleaners, stick on some red pom-poms and there you have it. How cute will these little Christmas trees look around the house?
Visit Two Kids and a Coupon for instructions.
Foil art christmas tree crafts for toddlers age 2-3

Foil Art Christmas Trees

Who would have thought to use foil to make a Christmas tree craft? Foil is actually a great canvas for fingerpainting, but in this craft you wrap it around a cardboard Christmas tree shape and then decorate it with sharpies and other pretty things – a glittery star shape is a must to finish it off. A lovely open-ended activity and craft that encourages creativity – every tree will be unique.
Visit DIY Thought for more.

Washi Tape Christmas Fridge Tree

This is an easy and zero-mess Christmas tree craft ideal for toddlers aged 2-3 years old. All you need are some colorful/patterned washi tapes, refrigerator magnets and your refrigerator – of course!

Tape out a Christmas tree shape, then let them go crazy decorating it with magnets. The decor is sure to change daily, everyday will be a surprise. It’s definitely on my list of the best Christmas tree crafts to support creativity in an open-ended way, all while developing fine motor skills. Win-win!

Washi tape Christmas Fridge Tree from astheygrow.me.

Popcsicle stick christmas decoration


Simple Popsicle Christmas Tree Craft For Toddlers

A hot glue gun will make a quick job of prepping this easy popsicle Christmas tree. Once you’ve made the basic tree shape, your toddler will be free to start decorating. Why not add some sequins or glitter to add some sparkle?

Popsicle stick Christmas Tree ornament from Simple Mom Project


40+ easy activities handpicked for busy moms of kids aged 2 to 6 years – because Christmas needn’t be chaotic or cost a fortune!

Christmas activity pack sales image

Create gorgeous hand and footprint art with your little one

Help your kids write Santa a letter and receive a reply

Christmas Tree ornament crafts for toddlers 

These Christmas tree ornament craft ideas are filled with so much fun, shimmer and sparkle – the perfect ingredients for toddlers!

So if you haven’t finished decorating your Christmas tree, or haven’t even started (guilty!), these trinkets and ornaments will be a lovely addition.

I also love making Christmas tree ornaments as keepsakes and gifts for family and friends.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

For more ornament ideas, check out these adorable Christmas ornaments to make with kids.

pine cone tree arts and crafts for kids

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Isn't this Christmas tree pine cone simply gorgeous? I can't wait to try this project with my kids. A really great way to celebrate this festive holiday.
Head over Two Kids and a Coupon for more.

For more ornaments using natural materials, check out these nature-inspired Christmas tree ornaments.

easy christmas tree crafts for toddlers age 2-3 year olds

Super Easy Christmas Tree Craft

Looking for a super easy Christmas tree craft and ornament for toddlers? Check this out. It's simple to make and little ones will have a so much fun decorating it.
Visit A Plus Teaching Resources for more.
easy craft stick Christmas tree craft for kids

Craft Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

Here's another Christmas tree with popsicle sticks – if you like to craft with your toddlers I'm sure you have a few. They're also great for all sorts of little learning activities. As well as just for playing with!
Visit Moms and Crafters for more.
easy christmas tree crafts for toddlers

Funky Christmas Tree Ornaments

I'm sure your toddler will love this easy Christmas tree craft which will smell good too – the tree trunk is a cinnamon stick! It's a simple afternoon craft that'll get everyone in the festive spirit.
Head over to The Inspiration Edit for more.
easy christmas tree crafts for toddlers

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments

These cute little pipe cleaner tree ornaments will be such fun to make. Threading the beads will aid fine motor development, although you may need to give younger toddlers a hand.
Visit Red Ted Art for more.
patterned paper straw Christmas tree craft ornament

Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornament

This easy paper straw Christmas tree craft couldn't get any cuter! Plenty of opportunity to get creative by choosing straws with different patterns and colors. Such festive, cheerful Christmas décor. I can't wait for my little ones to give these a go and hang them on the tree.
Head over to Made in a Pinch for instructions.
saltdough Christmas tree craft for toddlers

Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decoration

Have you ever tried to make salt dough decorations? It's one of the easiest Christmas tree crafts for toddlers to make. Time to make some super cute ornaments like these!
Head over to In the Playroom for more.
Coffee filter Christmas tree decor

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you're a coffee addict, then there's a big chance you have coffee filters stashed in the pantry. So why not make these coffee filter Christmas tree ornaments with your toddler. It might be a bit messy, but they'll be super fun too.
Jump over to Red Ted Art for details.
Finished decorated salt dough Christmas tree ornaments

Glittery Salt Dough Christmas Trees

A cute and easy Christmas tree ornament craft for toddlers, this time using colored salt dough. Once dry, simply add star stickers, then paint on a bit of glue, we used white PVA glue) and sprinkle some glitter. We made lots of these salt dough ornaments last year – we got on a roll and my two just kept on going! It was such a fun afternoon.

Check out the full tutorial here.

candy cane easy easy christmas tree crafts for toddlers

Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament

This is one of my favorite Christmas tree craft ideas on the list – who doesn't love candy canes, right? Such a lovely craft for toddlers to make and hang on the Christmas tree – they'd make great gifts too.
Head over to When is Dinner for more.
clothespin christmas tree arts and crafts for toddlers

DIY Clothespin Christmas Tree Craft

This Christmas tree list wouldn't be complete without a clothespin craft! What a clever idea to turn them into a Christmas tree arts and craft for toddlers. Pretty sure they'll enjoy decorating this tree with different garlands and buttons.
Jump over to Fun Money Mom for instructions.
spaghetti Christmas tree ornaments

Silver Pasta Christmas Tree Ornaments

Here's a fun ornament craft using a toddler favorite – spaghetti! My two had so much fun making these – breaking the raw pasta was probably the highlight -which toddler doesn't like a bit of destruction?!
Visit Busy Blooming Joy for details.
Christmas tree craft using mini clay pots

Christmas Tree Clay Pot Ornament Craft for Kids

How cute is this Christmas tree craft, made from mini clay pots? If you're not feeling up to letting your toddler loose with a paint brush (me, most days!) then you could do that part yourself, ahead of time. Otherwise, grab some paint, foam stickers, buttons and bells – and start crafting!
Head over to Darcy and Brian for more.

Paper Christmas Tree crafts

These paper Christmas tree crafts are seriously adorable and will look lovely on the wall or by the fireplace.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

Christmas tree picture frame arts and crafts for toddlers

Paper Christmas Tree Picture Frame

This Christmas tree picture frame is so simple and effective and will make such a gorgeous keepsake. We've got to try this one this year.
Head over to Soccer Mom Blog for instructions.
christmas tree craft ideas for toddlers

Paper Christmas Tree Origami Craft

Why not introduce your toddler to simple origami with these easy paper Christmas tree craft? You're going to have to help with the folding and could simplify the tree decorations by using some pre-cut embellishments or simply add a sprinkle of glitter.
Head over to Moms and Crafts for details.
3d button Christmas tree craft

3D Button Christmas Tree Craft

There's no limit to how your toddler can decorate these simple 3D Christmas trees. They can use all sorts of buttons, glitter glue, sequins and try different patterns on each of the 4 sides.
Visit Simple at Home for more details.

Paper Strips Christmas Tree Craft

For older toddlers ready to work with scissors, this Christmas tree craft will be a good exercise. For younger kids, simply buy a craft pack with paper strips and add some decorative washi tape. You could also try this on the front of some homemade holiday cards too.

Paper strips Christmas tree craft from lesactivitesdemma.

Love crafting with your kids? 

Here are some more crafts aimed at little ones:

paper tissue Christmas tree craft for toddlers

DIY Christmas Tissue Paper Tree

There are so many arts and crafts projects that use tissue paper, and here it's used to make this free-standing Christmas tree. A fun Christmas craft for toddlers that'll develop their design and building skills. A few tissue paper trees would make a fabulous festive table centrepiece too.
Head over to DIY and fun for details.
crumpled paper Christmas tree craft to practice fine motor skills

Crumpled Paper Christmas Tree Craft

This is a gorgeous festive paper Christmas tree craft might be on the tricky side for younger toddlers who may struggle scrumpling up the paper into tight enough balls. But they'd enjoy sticking on the craft buttons.
Head over to Divine Lifestyle for more.

Christmas Tree handprint art ideas

Handprint crafts are a little trickier than others but make for great keepsakes. It’s fun to check how much their hands have grown from one year to the next, as well as a little heart breaking (sob).

Anyway, you’re going to be amazed at how many different Christmas tree arts and crafts you can make with a simple handprint from your toddler.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

handprint Christmas tree craft

Easy 3D Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

You may not believe it, but all the leaves on this 3D free-standing Christmas tree craft are made from handprint cut outs! Clever, right?
Head over to Raising Whasian for more.
Handprint Christmas tree ornament craft for kids

Handprint Tree Christmas Ornament

Make an adorable Christmas tree ornament with your little one's handprint this season. You may be tempted to do more, if your patience can handle it! Remember to put your toddler's name on and date it too – this one you're going to be hanging on your Christmas tree for years to come.
Visit A Little Pinch of Perfect for more.

Handprint Christmas Tree

This handprint Christmas tree craft idea will be fun but perhaps a little challenging with toddlers. They tend to get a little carried away and start pressing everywhere – so watch out! It’ll make for some lovely festive artwork so if you’re feeling brave, why not give it a go.

Handprint Christmas tree from ot_room.

Want to try some handprint craft templates?

Try these seasonal handprint crafts, with free templates available for instant download:

Christmas Tree card designs

Who doesn’t adore receiving handmade cards at Christmas? Add some homemade cookies for a special and heartwarming gift. Toddler-made cards are always appreciated by family and friends.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

easy christmas tree toddler craft

Paint Chip Christmas Tree Card

So simple and ideal for toddlers, this cute Christmas tree card uses green paint chips and a few rhinestone stickers. Head down to your local paint store now!
Check out the tutorial here
paper straw Christmas art craft for kids

A Cute Paper Straw Christmas Craft

Toddlers will enjoy cutting the straws to make this Christmas tree card and craft which will make for some easy scissor skills practice. The next challenge will be lining them up from big to small to make the triangle shape of the tree, good for developing foundational maths skills.
Jump over to Honey and Lime for details.
Christmas tree picture collage card

Kid Photo Christmas Tree Card

This Christmas tree card with a photo of your toddler will make cute memorabilia for family and friends. With just a few simple supplies, you're going to melt a lot of hearts!
Head over to The Soccer Mom Blog for details.
crumpled tissue paper Christmas tree card

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree Card Craft

What about these lovely holiday cards this Christmas? Your toddler will be pleased as punch to hand out one of these handmade Christmas tree cards to family and friends.
Jump over to Irish American Mom for more.
footprint christmas card

Footprint Christmas Tree

Getting your toddler's footprint might be tricky and a bit 'tickly', but it's a wonderful activity to do together with them. Plus, it'll make a great keepsake for whoever you want to give it to.
Head over to Messy Little Monster for more.

Looking for more Christmas card inspiration? Try this snowman card craft. Or how about this this upcycled Christmas card collage.


40+ easy activities handpicked for busy moms of kids aged 2 to 6 years – because Christmas needn’t be chaotic or cost a fortune!

Christmas activity pack sales image

Create gorgeous hand and footprint art with your little one

Help your kids write Santa a letter and receive a reply



 Christmas Tree Craft Templates & Free Printables

Are your kids bugging you to put up the Christmas tree, but you haven’t got the time just yet? Grab the free template or printable from one of the Christmas tree arts and craft ideas below for a fuss-free toddler activity.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

3d Christmas tree arts and crafts for preschoolers

Easy Christmas Tree 3D Craft

Help the kids get into the spirit of Christmas with this super cute and easy Christmas tree craft for toddlers. All you need is a green pen, some fuzzy pom-pom balls and the free printable template. How fun and simple is that?
Jump over to Raise Curious Kids for more.
dot marker Christmas printables for toddlers

 Christmas dot marker printable

Dot markers and a free printable always make a fun and easy art activity for toddlers. In this free pack, there’s a Christmas tree template. Add this one to your printer queue now!

Christmas dot marker printable from The Artisan Life.

color and stick Christmas activity for toddlers

Color & stick Christmas activities

For an easy toddler Christmas craft, why not simply color a simple Christmas tree and stick some colorful pom-poms on? Print this off now for your toddler to get started on.

Color & stick Christmas activities from High Chair Chronicles.

easy Christmas tree craft for preschoolers

Fun and Easy 3D Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Here’s a little Christmas tree craft idea while you wait for the real tree. It’s super easy to make, just use the free template and your little ones can decorate it if they want to.
Jump over to Attachment Mummy for details.

Love free printables?

Here are some of our own for the festive season:

Other fun Christmas tree crafts for toddlers

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts check out our recommended product list.

water bottle Christmas tree craft

Christmas Tree Water Bottle

Do you have any empty water bottles hidden in a cabinet? Turn them into Christmas trees using green yarn and colorful buttons. It's one of the easiest Christmas tree crafts for toddlers and you get to help protect Mother Earth at the same time.
Visit Easy Crafts for Kids for instructions.
fork painted Christmas tree art

Fork Painted Christmas Tree Craft

For your paint enthusiast toddler, replace their paintbrush with a plastic fork. This Christmas tree craft will be something new and exciting for them to work on. Finish it off with some sequins and a glittery star, and you have a beautifully painted Christmas tree.
Head over to A Dab of Glue Will Do more.
fun and easy paper plate Christmas craft

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

This Christmas tree craft for toddlers will only need a few materials – paper plate, toddler-safe paint and some dot markers. It's a fun art project that can turn into a cute hanging decoration once done.
Jump over to Mama of Minis for details.

Looking for another paper plate craft? Try this paper plate Santa mask– it’s so cute!

egg carton easy Christmas craft for preschoolers

Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers

Time to make some cute little Christmas trees using only a few materials – an egg carton, green paint and some glitter glue. These little egg carton trees are a great way to keep those little hands busy this holiday season.
Jump over to Easy Crafts for Kids for details.
ice cream cone edible Christmas tree craft for 2-3 year olds

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees

These ice cream cone Christmas trees are surprisingly easy to make – your toddler wil finish them in no time! Well, hopefully not the M&M's and frosting though. I tell you, watch out for those hands, they can be pretty fast! Try to get a photo before they get gobbled up.
Visit Burlap and Blue for details.

Felt squares & pom-pom Christmas tree

Here’s a fun and mess-free Christmas tree activity and craft for toddlers. It involves stacking squares of felt onto a rainbow hoop stacking toy or similar. Little ones are sure to enjoy unmaking and then remaking this one over and over – they do love repetition!

Felt squares & pom-pom Christmas tree from pickleandmischiefsmama.

Christmas tree playdough activity for toddlers and preschoolers

Christmas tree playdough shapes 

Playdough makes for a fun sensory activity for little kids and it’s really good for them too. It helps build strength and coordination while providing a new and interesting texture to play with. Here’s a Christmas tree-themed playdough arts and craft activity your toddler is sure to enjoy.

For younger toddlers use bigger items as tree ornaments, such as colorful pom-poms or large buttons. Older kids can probably manage smaller more fiddly things as pictured.

Christmas tree playdough shape from The Ladybirds’ Adventure.

For more sensory play ideas outside of the festive season try:

Painted Twigs Christmas Tree

Send your toddler on a scavenge and collect as many twigs as they can to make this easy Christmas tree craft. When they have gathered enough sticks, simply paint them in different colors and leave them to dry. Then arrange and glue onto paper – don’t forget to add the star!

Painted twigs Christmas tree from christineis2ndbest.

Cardboard Tube Roll Christmas Tree

Do you have cardboard tubes left over from wrapping paper? Or some old toilet paper rolls? If you’re looking for some entertaining Christmas tree arts and crafts for toddlers, this could be it!

Trim a stack of tube rolls to form a triangle then glue or tape them together. Then paint and decorate. Leave it as it is to display on a table or add a string and turn it into a Christmas tree ornament.

Carboard tube roll Christmas tree from madebymeliverpool.

40+ easy activities handpicked for busy moms of kids aged 2 to 6 years – because Christmas needn’t be chaotic or cost a fortune!

Christmas activity pack sales image

Create gorgeous hand and footprint art with your little one

Help your kids write Santa a letter and receive a reply



Tips for crafting with little ones

1 – The simpler the craft the better!

2 – Try focus on the process of creation, rather than the end result

3 – Try to prep crafts in advance of little fingers!

And if you’re short on patience, consider saving the craftiness for another day. Rather put some tunes on with some music and movement activities. Or try some fun physical games. Or for activities which involve a little bit of sitting still, messy play is really engaging (and doesn’t always have to be super messy!)

Which Christmas tree arts and crafts idea will you try first with your toddler?

With Christmas is fast approaching, your little kiddos are sure to be getting excited! From homemade decorations, to cards there’s plenty to chose from in this list of Christmas tree crafts. Sure to keep them occupied while you start decorating.

Which magical and festive Christmas tree craft you’re going to start on first? I can’t wait to hear your crafting stories.


On the hunt for more festive and creative fun? Check out these adorably cute Christmas crafts for toddlers or these exciting Christmas activities to do at home.

We also have nativity crafts and Santa crafts. Plus all the details to write Santa a letter.

Here are some more crafty ideas for special occasions:


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