35 Simple Monkey Crafts & Activities for Preschoolers

Monkeys are so much fun. They’re cute, acrobatic and totally silly. A bit like little kids! It’s no wonder toddlers and preschoolers love them so much. 

Where else do they get the idea of jumping up and down on the bed, using the sofa as a climbing frame and polishing off a bunch of bananas before you’ve unpacked the groceries… (Only mine?!)  

Here are some monkey craft ideas for your little monkeys, specifically for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.  I.e. monkey activities for preschoolers.

Add these easy monkey crafts to your zoo-themed activities or your “M” is for monkey lessons.  Or simply because your kiddo is crazy about monkeys. 

So lets get down to monkey business and get creative with some cute monkey crafts for preschoolers.  

(Excuse the obvious puns… they’re just too good to avoid!)

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Hanging Monkey Crafts for Preschoolers

What do monkeys love to do? Hang from trees and swing from one branch to another! Take a look at these hanging monkey crafts for toddlers and preschoolers that’ll keep them busy all day long. 

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

simple handprint hanging monkey craft

1. Handprint Monkey Craft

Check out these adorable handprint monkeys swinging from one pipe cleaner branch to the other? These would be easy to turn into card or simply write a sweet message on the back: “With love, from your little monkey”.

Head over to The Best Ideas for Kids for more.

swinging monkey craft for preschoolers

2. Happy Hanging Monkey Craft

Get ready for some spins with this hanging monkey craft for 2 to 4 year olds. Start by making the monkey, then simply curl the top of the arms around the straw. Once complete, your little preschoolers will have tons of fun spinning the monkey around the branch.

Hanging monkey craft from artia_crafts.

fun and easy monkey crafts for 2 year olds

3. Hanging Around Monkey Craft

Are your little ones are still learning how to use scissors? This hanging monkey craft will be excellent practice of their cutting skills as they cut “hair” around the arms, legs and body, one snip at a time.  It might not be perfect, but it’s sure to be cute.

Hanging around monkey craft from evelina_pavlovskaja. 

For another fun way for little crafters to practice using scissors, try this 3D apple or pumpkin craft for kids

handprint monkey birthday or Valentine's card craft

4. Hanging Monkey Handprint Birthday Card

Don’t you just love handprint crafts? They make the best keepsakes and this one is no exception.  There’s so much to love about this hanging monkey handprint craft. It’ll be perfect for a special someone’s birthday.  Or for anyone that your preschooler loves to “hang out with”.

Monkey handprint birthday card from crafty_morning

For more handprint craft inspiration, take a look at these handprint birthday card ideas for kids

Free Printable Monkey Crafts & Templates for Preschool

Short on time? No worries! Here are some easy monkey crafts for preschoolers that use free printable templates.

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

paper plate monkey arts and crafts for preschoolers

5. Cute Paper Plate Monkey Craft

Put those leftover paper plates to good (and fun!) use and make this adorable monkey face craft with your preschooler. Click the link for the free printable monkey template, grab some brown construction paper and start monkeying around.

Jump over to Mom Wife Busy Life for the template

paper bag monkey puppet craft for kids

6. Paper Bag Monkey Craft for Preschoolers (Free Printable)

Here’s a fun printable monkey craft using a simple brown paper bag. If you’re considering a monkey theme for your little one’s birthday celebration, making these cute paper bag monkeys would make a fun party activity.  You could then use them for the party favors.

Visit Craft Play Learn for details

Easy Monkey Headband Craft for Preschoolers

7. Easy Monkey Headband Craft for Preschoolers

You have to agree that the cutest crafts to make are those your kids can wear, right?  Hats and headbands are a sure winner when it comes to entertaining and engaging young children beyond the crafting stage. My preschoolers have quite the collection and still bring them out to play.

So try this fun and easy printable monkey craft for some serious monkeying around!

Jump over to Simple Everyday Mom for more. 

paper puppet simple monkey craft

8. Paper Monkey Puppet with Free Template

My kids are going to love this printable monkey craft which creates an adorable paper monkey puppet. I wonder what the monkey will have to say? Or maybe it’ll be too busy scoffing all the bananas in the house…

Visit Ruffles and Rain Boots for more. 

Little Monkey Inspired Monkey Mask Craft for preschoolers

9. Little Monkey Inspired Monkey Mask Craft

Here’s another cute printable monkey craft that’s sure to inspire some fun pretend play.  Pair this craft with the book, The Little Monkey by Martha Altes. Simply download the template and the kids can complete the monkey coloring before assembling their puppet.

If you have a bit of time your little ones could paint their monkey instead.  Younger toddlers are sure to enjoy finger painting their monkey.  It’ll be a bit messy but worth it for the sensory benefits.

Head over to Messy Little Monster for the monkey mask template 

Cardboard Tube Monkey Craft for Valentine's day

10. Cardboard Paper Roll Monkey Craft with Free Template

Are you a lover of toilet paper roll crafts?  (There’s no shame in it, I am!) Try this cute tp roll monkey craft for preschoolers to match your jungle-theme. 

Have you noticed the cute little heart ears and nose and the heart the monkey is holding?  This would make a cute Valentine’s craft or for a loved one any time of the year.

Visit Messy Little Monster for details

For more love themed ideas check out this list of Valentine’s handprint craft ideas

Father’s Day 3D Monkey Card 

11. Father’s Day Printable Monkey Card 

Here’s another “hangin’ with you” Monkey craft for preschoolers, this one designed specifically for Father’s Day.  It’ll be easy to make, thanks to the free template and video tutorial.  

Head over to Swag Grabber for instructions. 

Check out this list of cool Father’s day crafts for kids for more inspiration to tread dad on his special day.

For more crafts with templates and minimal prep activities for little ones, try the following:

More Simple Monkey Arts and Crafts for Preschoolers 

Whether you’re looking for a quick and simple monkey craft or something more involved, we’ve got a list of fun monkey craft ideas for you. These crafts can be adjusted for kids of all ages, so will be great for the whole family.

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

Easy Craft Stick Monkey for little kids

12. Easy Craft Stick Monkey

Make a cute and simple monkey craft using popsicle sticks and brown paper. A super fun and easy monkey activity for preschoolers who love these cheeky Jungle animals.

Visit Taming Little Monster for more details

Easy Egg Carton Monkey Craft for Kids

13. Easy Egg Carton Monkey Craft for Kids

This cute and easy monkey craft for preschoolers will suit our family down to the ground.  We go through eggs like they’re going out of fashion!  Which means we have tons of empty egg cartons going spare. Time to take some out and create a silly monkey with brown paint and brown pipe cleaners.

Head over to  Taming Little Monsters for instructions.

Curious George Paper Plate Mask for preschoolers 

14. Curious George Paper Plate Mask

Of all the books about monkeys and monkey characters we’ve come across so far, Curious George is a firm favorite. Here’s a simple paper plate monkey mask based that’ll be fun to make and allow your little ones play this mischievous monkey character. Watch out!

Jump over to Crafts by Amanda for more.

Monkey Cardboard Tube Craft for Kids

15. Monkey Cardboard Tube Craft for Kids

Looking for an easy afternoon craft with the kids? Here’s another simple monkey craft made out of a toilet paper tube. You can have your little ones cut the different parts or to simplify, cut them ahead of time then leave the pasting to the kids. 

Head over to Jinxy Kids for instructions. 

easy bookmark craft for 2 year olds

16. Easy Monkey Corner Bookmark Craft

Is your little one a bookworm in the making? Then this monkey craft will make the perfect activity. Your kids will never miss a page with this super cute bookmark tucked over the page corner of their current book.

Take white, brown and yellow construction paper and get cutting and folding.

Head over to Red Ted Art for instructions. 

paper plate monkey craft for kids

17. Paper Plate Monkey Craft 

Cutting and tearing paper is great for fine motor skill development so to get those fingers working try this paper plate monkey craft for preschoolers.  Or is it a pig?! The nose looks a little snout-like to me 🙂 It’s cute all the same!

Visit Rainy Day Mum for more

For more fine motor practice try this homemade twist-top board.

monkey crafts for preschoolers using cupcake liners

18. Cupcake Liner Monkey Craft

This cupcake liner monkey craft will be a sure hit at home. You can use colored liners or opt for white ones and have your little ones paint or color them. That would allow a little more creativity. Time to add this to my list of fun monkey crafts to make with my preschoolers.

Cupcake liner monkey craft from gluedtomycrafts. 

Chestnuts and Fuzzy Wire Monkey Craft

19. Chestnuts and Fuzzy Wire Monkey Craft

Do your kids love collecting chestnuts during afternoon walks to the park? Turn each into a sweet monkey by adding some fuzzy wires and googly eyes.

Chestnuts and fuzzy wire monkey craft from schulkater,

Paper Chain Monkey Arms craft for little kids to make

20. Paper Chain Monkey Arms

Here’s a unique and interesting take on a monkey craft. The monkey has paper chains for arms, adorable or what?  Linking the paper chains together and stapling them will be a good test of coordination and strength – you may need to help staple them shut.

Then, stuff the paper bag with tissue paper to puff it up and give it some shape. Now, your little ones have stuffed monkeys to add to their toy collection.

Head over to Hunny I’m Home DIY for details.

Monkey Paper Plate Craft using handprints

21. Monkey Paper Plate Craft

This sweet monkey craft idea that uses your child’s handprints – what a clever idea!  This craft come activity has a lot of different elements to it, from painting, to cutting out and finally sticking.  It’s an ideal monkey craft for preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills.

So grab paper plates, some toddler-friendly paint and brown paper and get started.

Monkey paper plate craft from misseugesada.

Monkey Christmas Ornament

22. Monkey Christmas Ornament Craft

If you enjoying making Christmas ornaments with your kids and are looking for something a little different, why not try a simple monkey craft ornament?  All you need are big wooden beads, some small beads, googly eyes, string and some cotton balls.

These will look so adorable hanging on the Christmas tree!

Monkey Christmas ornament from oceanchildcrafts.

For rustic and natural ornaments, try these nature-inspired decorations

Accordion Monkey Arms and Legs arts and crafts for preschoolers

23. Accordion Monkey Craft

Teach the kids to make paper accordions by folding paper back and forth, to make the arms and legs of this simple monkey craft. Once that’s done, cut the various shapes out for the monkey’s body and head and glue them to assemble. 

How about adding a banana to one of the monkey’s hands? That’d make a lovely finishing touch. 

Accordion monkey arms and legs from craftyfoxstudio. 

Yarn Wrapped Monkey Craft for 2 year olds

24. Yarn Wrapped Monkey Craft

Here’s another easy monkey craft for preschoolers made from a toilet paper roll. This one involves wrapping colorful yarn around the tube to make the body, a good test of fine motor skills. Then add a monkey face on top and curly tail to finish.

Yarn wrapped monkey craft from dittepelle.

For another fun way to use yarn in a fine motor activity, check out this apple paper plate lacing craft

Disposable Foam Cup Monkey Craft

25. Disposable Foam Cup Monkey Craft

Got some left over foam cups from a kids party? Why not try these cute foam cup safari animals.  One is a very serious looking monkey!  You could easily perk him up a little though.  

Disposable foam cup monkey craft from kidsactivitiesblog.

Easy Monkey Activities for Preschoolers

Your little one will certainly go crazy for these exciting monkey activities for preschoolers. From learning about letters to sensory activities, this section is sure to inspire you with some suitable educational activities with a monkey theme. 

For supplies and materials for these activities, check out our recommended product list.

Monkey Name Activity for preschoolers

26. Monkey Name Activity

Here’s a creative and fun way to help your little one practice the spelling of their name. This monkey activity for preschoolers will surely keep your little ones entertained as they learn.

Jump over to Simple Everyday Mom for more.

DIY 5 Little Monkey Puppet Craft and Activity for little kids

27. 5 Little Monkey Printable Puppets 

If your little one’s love the children’s rhyme, “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed”, try this cute monkey puppet craft. They’re going to love acting out the rhyme with their puppets which may save your bedsprings…

Jump over to Rainy Day Mum for details

monkey ice cream sensory activity for preschoolers

28. Ice Cream Monkey

On a hot summer’s day, treat your little ones with some super yummy and refreshing ice cream monkeys.  They’d also be perfect for birthday parties with an animal theme.

You’ll need chocolate ice cream, candy eyes and candy melt wafers or chocolate buttons for the snout and monkey ears.

Preschoolers will love assembling their edible monkey craft.  The question is, can they put it altogether before it starts melting!

Ice cream monkey from kidsactivitiesblog

monkey theme snack activity for kids

29. Spunky Little Monkey Snacktivity

Here’s another tasty treat and monkey activity for preschoolers and a healthier choice for snack time than the last. Simply grab some bread, chocolate spread, blueberries and bananas and you’re set.

Monkey snack activity from plantingseedsthroughplay. 

Color by Number Monkey Activity for preschoolers

30. Color by Number Monkey Activity

This printable color-by-number monkey activity for preschoolers is ideal to practice color and number recognition, and counting too.

Head over to The Typical Mom for more.

yummy monkey pancake

31. Cute Monkey Pancakes

Here’s a special monkey-themed treat for breakfast or afternoon tea or when you need a break from all the monkey arts and crafts for preschoolers. Yum!

Monkey pancakes from createbakeshake.

For delicious snacks of the spooky kind, check out these Halloween treats – from sweet and sickly to fruity and healthy, there are plenty to choose from.

mixed media monkey art activity for little kids

32. Monkey Activity using Mixed Media

I love this mixed media monkey craft and activity which will allow preschoolers the chance to explore various textures while strengthening their motor skills. They’ll to need to think outside the box and use their imagination as they add the various layers to create their own unique monkey masterpiece.

Monkey activity using mixed media from yonghwahussen.

monkey puzzle craft for kids

33. Monkey Puzzle Felt Characters for Storytelling 

Do you know the book Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson? Here’s a fun monkey puzzle craft idea that’ll get your preschoolers involved in storytelling. Cut the felt ahead of time and have your little ones assemble the pieces.

Once you’re done, it’s time to read the story.  As you read, the kids can move the characters around to act out the story.  

Monkey puzzle felt characters from storybooktique.

counting monkey activities for preschoolers

34. Feed the Monkey with Bananas Activity

Here’s an easy monkey activity for preschoolers that’ll help with counting and number recognition. The ideas is to feed the correct number of bananas into the monkey’s mouth, according to the number you write down.

Feed the monkey with bananas activity from tinytots.craft.hub1

Monkey Sensory Bin Table ideas

35. Monkey Sensory Bin Table

M is for Monkey! This monkey-themed sensory table is such a fun activity.  Little ones get to explore different textures while learning fun facts about monkeys. To prepare this sensory monkey activity for preschoolers, fill a bin with rice, beans, different monkey toys and jungle pieces.

Monkey sensory bin table from learn.through.wonder.

If you’re looking for more sensory activities, we’ve plenty more:

Which Monkey Craft Will You Try With Your Preschooler First?

Of all the African animals, monkeys are by far the most entertaining.  So if you’re looking for a fun animal craft, it has to be one that’s monkey-themed. 

The question is, which of these mischevious monkey arts and crafts for preschoolers to choose? My kids have been watching over my shoulder and, of course, they want to try them all. 

Whichever simple monkey craft you go for first, you’re sure to have some wild animals running around the house before you know it…

Happy monkeying around!


Keep your toddlers entertained through the seasons with these fun activities:

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