41 Easy Father’s Day crafts for toddlers (2 & 3 year olds)

Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to show Dad just how much he is loved and appreciated. Even though he says that hugs and kisses are enough, he’s sure to love a heartfelt, homemade card or DIY gift from his favorite 2 or 3-year-old.

Don’t worry if your crafting skills are limited, mine are too, especially with a little kid or two in tow! All of these Fathers Day crafts are easy enough to make with toddlers,

Of course, you’re going to have to be there to help your 3-year-old with the scissors or keep your 2 year-olds sticky mitts off the furniture and so on,.. but that goes with the territory when crafting with little kids.

Alternatively, make your life simpler still and choose one of the paint-free Father’s Day crafts, that come with a free template, no cutting out needed,..

If you are a regular crafter, you’re sure to have supplies already. If not, well nothing you need is expensive and can easily be purchased online or at your nearest craft store.

I’m sure you will be able to find the perfect toddler craft, card or handmade gift for Dad this Father’s Day.

So, go get your toddler and start making one of these easy Fathers Day crafts or handmade gifts for Dad – what about one for Grandpa too? They’re sure to be impressed! Who doesn’t love a craft made straight from the hearts and hands of a precious loved one?

Cute HEART toddler arts ‘n’ crafts for Fathers Day

Heart crafts should definitely not be restricted to Valentine’s Day. They are perfect any day of the year, as far as I’m concerned and make particularly good crafts for Mothers Day as well as Fathers Day.

For supplies and materials for these crafts check out our recommended product list.

Fingerprint Poem for Father's Day that 2 year olds can make

Heart Fingerprint Poem Printable Keepsake

The short and sweet message with your toddlers fingerprints in a heart shape will surely melt Dad's heart on Fathers Day.
Jump to Momhacks101 for more details
Nail heart crafts for toddlers to make for fathers day

DIY Heart String Art – An Easy String Art For Beginners

This homemade heart shaped string art is perfect for kids who love using a hammer, which seems to be most of them.
This activity is a great test of hand-eye coordination and you'll soon find out how little your toddler has the hard way… Encourage them to "tap" rather than hit the nail and hold the nail in place to minimise random bruises and a potential lost finger!
Joking aside, this one definitely needs careful supervision. When it comes to materials, all you need are some nails, wood and rubber bands.
Jump to Lil Tigers for more information

Thumbprint Heart “I Love You” Bookmark

If Dad loves to read, this heart bookmark, made with your toddlers' thumbprint, will make a lovely gift for Fathers Day (and would make a lovely Valentine's Day gift too).
Jump to tutorial from In The Playroom
Yarn Squiggle Heart Art

Yarn Squiggle Heart Art

What about this bright and colorful heart art for Dad on Fathers Day? Your 2 or 3 year old is sure to enjoy this string and paint project. It's another fun arts & crafts activity.
Jump to tutorial at Arty Crafty Kids

Personalized blowing heart kisses Fathers Day card

I love this Fathers Day card which features your toddler blowing Dad some heart kisses. The biggest challenge will be taking a good photo, but if your little one loves to pose, as mine does, you probably won’t have any problems.

Then simply print and cut out, stick to some cardstock and add the hearts. Wouldn’t this make a cute card for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s too?

FOOT & HANDPRINT crafts for your 2 or 3-year-old to make on Fathers Day

Who can resist a cute hand and footprint craft? Handprint crafts make lovely keepsakes and although you may need a bit of practice to get a good clean print, they’re definitely worth the effort.

Toddlers, as well as older kids, love seeing their handprints turn into animals and other fun creations so will enjoy making one of these crafts for Dad on Father’s Day.

All you need is some baby-safe paint to get started.

For supplies and materials for these crafts check out our recommended product list.

A Beary Father's Day Card for 2 years old to make

Papa Bear Handprint Father’s Day Craft (Free Template)

With a free template and step-by-step instructions, this cute Papa Bear handprint is perfect for Father’s Day. Toddlers will surely have fun turning their handprints into a cute bear that would make every Father, and Grandfather too, feel “beary” special.
Jump to A Little Pinch of Perfect for a tutorial
Footprint Rocket Father's Day Card for 2 years old to make

“I Love You to the Moon and Back” Footprint Rocket Craft (Free Template)

2 and 3 year olds will have a blast painting their feet to create a rocket card for Father's Day. Together with a note saying "I love you to the moon and back", Dad's heart will surely blast to space! .
Visit A Little Pinch of Perfect for instructions
Free Printable Father's Day Crafts for toddlers

A FREE DIY Father’s Day Printable That Will Melt Hearts

This easy Father's Day Craft will make a great keepsake and decoration for your home. Simply print out the template and add two of your toddlers footprints to make a heart shape.
Visit A Daily Dose of Mom for detail instructions
Cute and Easy Fathers Day crafts for toddlers

Turtle Handprint Father’s Day Card

Using your toddler's hand, you can easily make this Turtle Handprint Father’s Day Card. This is even better if Dad is into wildlife, loves sea creatures or scuba diving. Sticking the cotton balls on the turtle cut-out will make a great sensory activity for the kids too!
Jump over to Red Ted Art for more
Rocket ship fathers day crafts for toddlers for grandpa and Dad too

Handprint Rocket Card for Father’s Day!

This homemade Father's Day card is perfect for your rocket loving 2 year old as well as older kids. It's a simple and fun craft that will make Dad feel out of this world!
Go to Red Ted Art for more details

For more cute rocket-themed crafts, check out these fun and easy transportation crafts for kids.

FREE PRINTABLE Fathers Day crafts for toddlers

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might be pushed for time but don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. For some super easy Father’s Day crafts for 2 and 3-year-olds, take your pick from the ones below that all come with a free printable or template. There’s everything from questionnaires to coloring pages.

For supplies and materials for these crafts check out our recommended product list.

free printable fathers day crafts for toddlers to color or paint

Father’s Day Coloring Pages & Bookmarks {Free Printable}

If Dad is a bookworm, this printable pack, which includes a set of bookmarks, might be your activity of choice for your 2 or 3 year old for Fathers Day.
Head over to Live Laugh Love With Me for details
Free and easy Fathers Day crafts for toddlers to answer

FREE Printable ‘All About My Daddy’ Kid’s Interview!

This Father's Day questionnaire will make a great keepsake! Interview your kids, and be shocked with their funny and sweet response. Dad is sure to enjoy reading these.
Visit Where the Smiles Have Been for instructions
Printable Father’s Day Card You Can Color

Printable Father’s Day Card You Can Color

These Father’s Day Card templates are or the superhero Dads out there! To make it even more special, once colored in, write a personal message and get your 2 or 3 year old to sign it.
Visit Crafts by Amanda for more details
Free Printable Coloring Pages fathers day crafts for toddlers

Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages

There are so many different coloring pages to choose from here, from cute characters, funny quotes and so much more. For toddlers that love to color, one of these Fathers Day coloring pages will be perfect.
Head over to Cendu Param for more details
free and printable crafts for toddlers to make for fathers day

All About My Dad Printables (+ Grandpa & Special Person)

Another Fathers Day activity that will amuse, as you find out what your 2 year old really thinks of Dad. There are lots of different templates to choose from, kids of all ages will enjoy sharing the good qualities of their Dad and Grandpa too.
Jump to Literacy Learn for more

Fathers Day CARDS for toddlers to make for Dad (with free templates)

Homemade cards are one of the sweetest way to show someone you care; a simple card goes a long way, So a toddler-made card for Dad on Fathers Day is sure to be loved and cherished throughout the years. Although some of these may look a little tricky, fear not, they all come with free templates.

For supplies and materials for these crafts check out our recommended product list.

Rocket Card crafts for toddlers to make for fathers day

DIY Cutout Rocket Card

If you're looking for a fun and easy Father's Day craft, for your rocket loving toddler, look no further. With some crayons, sequins, craft paper, and a picture of your 2 or 3 year, you are set to go!
Visit DIY Thought for more
Baseball Fathers Day Card craft for 2 years old

Baseball Glove Photo Pop-Up Father’s Day Card

This handmade baseball pop-up card is surely a home-run hit for all Dads out there! Another easy Fathers Day craft that only requires a few materials. Kids will really have a fun putting this card together for Dad.
Visit The Soccer Mom Blog for more
Easy craft for 2 years old to make on Father's Day

DIY Dog Themed Fathers Day Card For Dads

This Father's Day craft is perfect for toddlers and Dads that love dogs. With a free printable template and few art materials, little kids are sure to have fun making this card.
Visit The Inspiration Edit for instructions
Football Craft (Free Template)

Football Craft (Free Template)

This Father's Day Card is perfect for football fans. Simply download and print the free template, grab some colored paper and glue.
Visit Crafting Jeannie for details
Easy Fathers Day Bear Craft card toddlers can make

Teddy Bear Card for Father’s Day

A Teddy Bear Card to make every Papa Bear feel special and loved. This 3d art craft has your toddler's picture and a sweet message written inside.
Visit The Soccer Mom Blog for instructions
homemade fathers day tie crafts for 2 to 3 year olds

DIY Father’s Day Tie Cards to Make with 2 or 3 Year Olds

Isn't this shirt and tie card one of the cutest crafts for toddlers to make Dad on Father's Day? You could really get creative here and try and copy the pattern of Dad's favorite tie – that's sure to make him feel loved and appreciated.
Go to Honey and Lime for details
easy Fathers Day Nailed It crafts for toddlers

“Nailed it” Craft for Father’s Day

A hammer and nails crafts, that doesn't involve using either hammer or nails (unlike the heart string art above)? This one is possibly more suitable for a toddler to make for Fathers day! This "Nailed it" card is simple and sure to enchant Dad's heart.
Visit Made in a Pinch for details
Cute and fathers day crafts for 2 year olds

FREE Printable Father’s Day 3D Monkey Card

Another easy Fathers' Day crafts for 2 year olds that will take just minutes to make thanks to the free template and a video tutorial. I just love the message, it's simply adorable.
Go to Swag Grabber for more details.
homemade fathers day Monster Card crafts for Dad

Easy DIY Father’s Day Monster Card (Free Printable)

Not only do 2 year olds love rockets, they also love monsters, right? Kids of all ages are sure to love making this homemade card for Father's Day. (It'd also make a cute Halloween craft).
Go to Inspiring Saving for instructions
easy Marble Paint Fathers Day crafts for toddlers

Easy Marble Painting Art Card For Toddlers On Fathers Day

This unique homemade Father's Day card is made by painting with marbles. It's a type of process art, which we tried a while back with my 2 and 3 year old. Needless to say they loved watching the marbles roll back and forth making patterns with the paint.
For this card, you simply use painters tape to mark the text before adding the paint and marbles, then once dry, remove to reveal.
Head over to Little Ladoo for details
fathers day toolbox crafts for toddlers for grandpa and Dad

DIY Toolbox Card for Father’s Day

Whether Dad is traditionally handy with tools or not, this easy Father's Day craft for toddlers will make him feel special in so many ways. This is one way of telling them that he's a big help in fixing day to day problems.
Go to Only Passionate Curiosity for more details

DIY Fathers Day GIFTS for 2 and 3-year-olds to make

Even if Dad only wants some quality family time on Father’s Day, you’re not going to be able to resist making one of these gifts with your toddler Remember, they don’t need to be perfect, a heartfelt, homemade DIY craft from your 2 or 3-year-old is sure to melt Dad’s heart.

For supplies and materials for these crafts check out our recommended product list.

Hand Paint Craft for 2 years old to make on Father's Day

Finger Paint Art: “I Love You Daddy”

This “I Love You Daddy” craft uses tape resist technique. Simply use tape to shape the letters on blank canvas or card and then let your toddler go mad with paint over it. You could use a paintbrush, but finger painting would also be fun! Allow to dry, remove the tape and, voila, the words are revealed.
Visit Fantabulosity for more details
homemade fathers day picture frame crafts

“DAD” Salt Dough Picture Frame

There are so many fabulous crafts you can make with saltdough – check out these gorgeous Christmas ornaments if you have a minute.
So why not try this handmade salt dough picture frame with your toddlers this Father's Day. It's a sweet personalized keepsake that Dad can keep or display in his office for years to come.
Visit Soccer Mom Blog for instructions
Dad Stache Jar with free printable fathers day crafts for toddlers

Dad’s Stache Jar Gift With Free Printable

Another craft idea for Fathers, and even Grandpas, that love chocolates. Click the link for the free printable label. A lovely easy homemade gift for toddler to make on Fathers Day – the main difficulty will be persuading your 2 or 3 year old not to eat all the chocolate!
Head on to Oh My Creative for more
Paperweight Rock for Father's Day for 3 year olds to make

Dad Rocks Paperweight

Rocks Paperweight is a fun craft for your 2 or 3 year old to make for Father's Day and only requires a few supplies. In fact, you might already have everything you need at home or in your backyard.
Collecting rocks for this craft project will be a fun activity for outside. For more fun in your backyard or garden, check out these easy outdoor activities.
Visit Crafts by Amanda for instructions
easy Seasoning Jar Labels for Fathers Day crafts for toddlers

Father’s Day Seasoning Mix Jars (Free SVG file)

Why not whip up these seasoning mix jars for the master griller in the house? Your toddler can help label the mason jars then fill them up with Dad's favorite seasoning mix. If Dad loves cooking on the fire, this one is bound to be a favorite Father's Day gift.
Go to Sustain My Craft Habit for the guide
Easy craft for 2 or 3 year olds for Fathers Day

Easy DIY Word Canvas Art Project for Kids & Adults

Here's another easy craft for toddlers to make as a gift for Father's Day. They're sure to have fun time deciding what to write for Dad and then painting and putting the letters together.
Jump to The DIY Nuts for more
Adorable Mug for fathers day crafts for 3 year olds

Father’s Day Mug: Daddy & Me Fingerprint Coffee Cup

Using your child's fingerprint, you can make this sweet Father's Day mug. Just add a cute "Daddy and Me" note to finish this adorable keepsake gift.
Visit Crafts by Amanda for details
Adorable and Easy Fathers Day crafts for toddlers

Colorful Painted Popsicle Stick Picture Frame!

If you have popsicle sticks stashed in your craft box, then why not turn them into colorful picture frames to gift for Father's Day. With the frames complete, you can have fun taking pictures of your toddlers, and choosing some to go in the frames.
Jump to Sustain My Craft Habit for more

For more fun with popsicle sticks, check out these easy and fun toddler activities to do at home.

Dishwasher safe Sharpie mugs for homemade fathers day crafts

Sharpie Decorated Mug

If you like the idea of making a mug for Dad or Grandpa but the earlier one looks a bit tricky, this Fathers Day craft may be the one you need. Simply let your toddler get creative with sharpies and some plain white mugs, bake at a low heat and you're done.
Don't worry if they aren't neat like the ones in the picture – those mugs surely weren't done by a toddler! Scribbles and squiggles will be a modern art version.
Visit Vanah Lyn for more details

Fathers Day crafts for toddlers for Grandpa

Even though there is also a special day for Grandparents, Grandfathers are often celebrated on Father’s Day, hence these fathers day crafts for toddlers to make for grandpa. Of course, any of the Fathers Day crafts in this list will be suitable, but the ones below seem particularly fitting for Grandpa.

For supplies and materials for these crafts check out our recommended product list.

Personalized Tie crafts for toddlers to make for fathers day

Father’s Day Tie Craft

Ties always remind me of my Grandpa, who wore a tie every day, come rain or shine, work or play. Although my toddlers rarely see their Grandpa, my Dad, in a tie, it still seems a fitting craft for the older generations!
The idea is to decorate a tie especially for Dad or Grandpa, so your 2 or 3 year old can either get creative designing their own, or use their Dad or Grandpa's tie for inspiration.
Visit Kids Activities Blog for more
Free Father’s Day Poem Printable (for Dad or Grandpa!)

Free Father’s Day Poem Printable (for Dad or Grandpa!)

This Father’s Day Poem Printable set is perfect gift to Dad. There are a few options to choose from, so your child could pick what they want to make.
Visit Simply Full of Delight for details
Grill Apron fathers day crafts for toddlers for Dad and grandpa

Kid Made Handprint Grill Apron

If Dad loves to grill, then this handprint apron is a great gift! This is a cute and sweet project to make for Dad and even Grandpa.
Visit On My Kids Plate for instructions
homemade fathers day crafts made from nuts and bolts

Nuts & Bolts Father’s Day Card for the DIY Dad

If Dad or Grandpa like tinkering around the house or in the garage, they're sure to have some loose parts in their toolbox that you can use to make this Fathers Day card with your 2 or 3 year old. They're going to love creating this craft and giving it to their special Dad or Grandpa.
Go to Red Tad Art for more details
homemade fathers day trophy crafts for toddlers to make

DIY World’s Best Dad or Grandpa Trophy

This DIY Trophy craft for Father's Day is so cute and super simple to make. You can personalize the greeting on the front for Dad or Grandpa and fill it up with their favorite treats.
If you don't have any plastic cups on hand, why not try using an empty toilet roll and paint it gold or yellow. Toilet paper roll crafts are a favorite in our house – there are so many to try and, of course, like most families, we have an infinte supply.
Jump to Drug Store Divas for instructions

Which of these easy Fathers Day crafts are you going to choose for your 2 or 3-year-old?

Father’s Day is such a special occasion to show Dad how much he is appreciated, as well as Grandpa. With this list of easy Father’s Day craft and gift ideas for toddlers, we’re sure you’ll find something your toddler is going to love making, and dad or Grandpa will love receiving.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know which craft you’re most excited to try with your toddler.


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