45 Cute & Easy Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts for Toddlers

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s a day (or month) full of hearts, love and showing appreciation to everyone around you. What a wonderful thing, right? It’s certainly never too early to share the concept of love and appreciation with your little ones.

And who doesn’t love receiving a cute Valentine’s Day craft from their toddler? Even if you are right there with them creating their heart-shaped masterpiece or cute little lovebug, the finished result will still be something to treasure forever more.

Of course, these Valentine’s crafts won’t be perfect. Toddlers have to grapple with their developing fine motor skills while patience and attention span can be short (or non-existent!)

Crafting itself is a good opportunity to work on all of these and a lovely way to share in your little one’s growth and development. There’s nothing like seeing their pride when they hand over their creation. There’s love in that moment right there!

So, are you ready to have your home decorated with colorful hearts? Or overrun with love bugs? It’s time to take out the red tissue paper, pink pompoms, glitter stickers and heart-shaped everything!

From toddler valentine’s day handprint art, simple heart crafts and homemade valentine cards for toddlers here you’ll find plenty of cute, colorful and easy valentines day arts and crafts for toddlers.

Simple heart crafts for toddlers this Valentine’s

It wouldn’t quite be Valentine’s without lots of beautiful hearts, would it?! So Hearts and heart-shaped crafts are first up on this list of Valentine’s Day arts and crafts for toddlers. Heart-shaped creations also make wonderful Mothers Day Crafts and Fathers Day Crafts too.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

Mermaid simple heart craft for toddlers

Mermaid Toddler Heart Craft for Valentine’s Day

Does your toddler love mermaids? Then this mermaid-inspired craft is the perfect Valentine's day craft to make with your toddler. Older toddlers can help cut out the circles and practice their fine motor skills. Younger ones can just help glue and stick. Why not use a large circular hole punch or buy pre-cut paper circlesand make this craft super easy to prep and create.
Head over to Only Passionate Curiosity for more.
air dry clay simple heart craft for toddlers

Heart Ornaments made with Air Clay

These air-dry clay heart ornaments are the perfect heart-themed activity for the whole family, especially little ones this coming Valentine's. They're super simple to make – sculpt, leave to dry and paint. Now you have cute heart ornaments ready for display!
Visit Rekindle My Dwelling for more.
salt dough handprint valentines day arts and crafts for toddlers

Easy Hand Print Photo Frames

I'm loving this gorgeous DIY Valentine's day craft for toddlers which will make a great gift too: a handprint photo frame made from salt dough. Just follow the steps and add your favorite picture. You could use the same technique to make footprint salt dough hearts if you preferred.
Head over to Seaside Sundays for instructions.
simple heart frame craft for toddlers

Valentine’s Day Heart Photo Frame For Toddlers

This DIY Valentine’s Day heart photo frame craft is easy enough for the tiniest hands to help with. Simply wrap thick yarn around a styrofoam heart shape to make the main structure. A cute and easy Valentine's craft for toddlers that will surely melt a lot of hearts.
Visit Lorenay Lennox for more.
thumbprint simple heart craft for toddlers

Thumbprint Hearts for Valentines Day

Here's a fun Valentine's Day arts and crafts idea for toddlers that'll also make the best gift for a loved one. I can't wait to try this gorgeous thumbprint heart craft with my toddlers to give to their Grandparents – they're going to love it!
Visit Red Ted Art for instructions.
Valentines symmetry arts and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Easy Valentine Heart Symmetry Art for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Have the kids create a pretty patterned and unique heart craft using symmetry painting. A simple Valentine's day arts and crafts idea for toddlers that doubles as a fun learning experience.
Head over to Made with Happy for instruction.
puffy heart cute valentine's day crafts for toddlers

Fluffy Heart Art

Looking for a cute Valentine's day craft for toddlers that will also make a fun sensory experience? Have them make this fluffy heart art. It's surprisingly easy to make – all you need is cardboard, paint and cotton balls.
Head over to Fantastic Fun and Learning for details.
paper plate yarn weaving heart craft for toddlers and preschoolers

Easy Easy Paper Plate Heart Weaving Craft for Kids

Now here's a cute Valentine's day craft for toddlers that will keep little fingers busy for a long time. Little ones will get to practice their fine motor skills when threading the yarn but I think the real test will be patience! You may need to do this in a few sittings to get it done. It'll make a lovely decoration once hung on the wall.
Visit Red Ted Art for instructions.

Bird Seed Hearts

Here's a simple heart craft for toddlers that'll feed the birds too. They're going to love gobbling those up during the long winter months. A fun Valentine's day arts and craft activity and a lovely learning opportunity for toddlers too.
Head over to Sheri Silver for details.
simple heart craft for toddlers

Watercolor Hearts Bunting

Why not make some heart bunting with your toddler for Valentine's Day with this process art craft? Process art means the emphasis is on the process of creation rather than the end result, but this one combines the two. Little ones can experiement and create with paint however they want on heart-shaped doilies – the process part. Then simply string all the beautiful doily hearts together into bunting for a cute toddler Valentine's Day craft.
Head over to One Simple Party for more.
simple heart craft for toddlers

Fingerprint Keepsake for Toddlers

A mini fingerprint heart canvas that will make an adorable gift or keepsake. A Valentine's day craft for toddlers and even younger ones too.
Visit Red Ted Art for more.
cute valentines day crafts for toddlers

Valentine Hug Craft For Toddlers

Here's a Valentine's Day arts and crafts idea that kids of all ages will have fun making, but will definitely prove trickier for little hands. The heart hug craft has a simple design but making the folds in the arms and legs is sure to challenge a toddler's dexterity. You may need to step in and help – how cute is the end result?!
Jump over to Crafts by Amanda for details.

Valentine’s Suncatcher Paper Plate Craft

How about this colorful heart sun catcher to brighten up your windows this Valentine’s Day – a simple heart craft for toddlers made with craft cupboard staples of a paper plate, paint, tissue paper and contact paper. What a lovely Valentine’s Day arts and craft idea for toddlers. Gorgeous!

Valentine’s suncatcher from adventuresofbobbinandbunny.

Textured Valentine’s Day Heart Craft For Toddlers

This cute Valentine’s day arts and crafts for toddlers is all about texture and is much process art as it is craft. Your toddler can experiment with their own unique patterns and designs when arranging the pasta shapes and dried beans and pulses onto cardboard, cut into the shape of a heart. Then simply glue and paint.

Textured Valentine’s heart craft from ecocraftkids.

Marble Art Heart Craft For Toddlers

Marble art is fun for kids of all ages, even adults (I don’t think it’s just me?!) so why not try this cute Valentine’s day craft with your toddler. Simply drop blobs of red paint or food coloring onto a layer of shaving cream and swirl . Then gently lay paper or card stock over the top, lift off and scrape the cream off. You should be left with a lovely pink marbled pattern, as pictured. More on shaving cream art here.

Marble art heart from growing_up_murphy.

Nature Heart Craft

Here’s a beautiful and simple heart craft for toddlers that love nature and the great outdoors. All you need to do is collect some bits and bobs from outside. Then tuck into elastic bands or string wrapped around a cardboard heart. Such a fun DIY Valentine’s day craft that little ones will love handing out to special friends and family during the month of love.

Nature heart craft from farmhouse_mama_blog.

heart monster valentines day arts and crafts for toddlers

Climbing Heart Monster: Valentine Craft Activity for Toddlers

This Valentine's Day arts and crafts idea for toddlers has the same design as the hug craft but this is a clever climbing version. Your little ones will love playing with their heart monster once complete – such a cute craft and activity rolled into one. It's sure to be a real crowd-pleaser.
Head over to The Keele Deal for instructions.

Tape Resist Heart Craft

Tape over cardboard heart cutouts with painters tape, then it’s time to paint. This heart craft really is as simple as that – ideal for toddlers. You could also write a short message on the back, get your toddler to sign it and you have yourself a homemade Valentine’s card made by your toddler.

Tape resist heart craft from playful_porter.

Tie Dye Coffee Filter Hearts

Who knew one of your cupboard essentials could be turned into pretty Valentine’s Day arts and crafts? The coffee filter paper allows the inks and colors to spread and merge, creating different patterns. What a crafty idea!

Simply cut the filters into heart shapes and start coloring and dying with sharpies. You can also use drops of water, via a pipette, to help the colors move. Alternatively use watercolors.

Such a fun process art project and Valentine’s Day craft for toddlers and preschoolers.

Coffee filter hearts from mighty_merins.

friendship heart necklace for Valentine's day

Valentine’s Friendship Necklaces

This heart craft is perfect for little girls who want to give their besties a sweet necklace this Valentine's day. I'm sure mom would appreciate it too – I know I would! Such a cute Valentine's day craft for toddlers that'll be treasured forever.
Visit Make and Takes for instruction.

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamp {Heart Balloon Painting}

Here's another fun and adorable Valentine's day arts and crafts idea that uses empty toilet paper rolls. Simply squash and bend one to create a heart-shaped stamp, then dip in pinks and purples and print onto the front of a card. Add balloon strings and you're done – simple and just so adorable.
Head over to Kids Activity Zone for instructions.

Homemade toddler Valentine’s cards

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving a homemade Valentine’s card, especially when your toddler is the creator. These toddler Valentine’s cards use fun and simple techniques, and are ideal to make at home. But if you’re looking for preschool Valentine’s card crafts look no further – these are just the ticket too.

Family and friends will love receiving any of these cute card creations. Make a load and send to extended family too. It’s time to spread the love!

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

homemade valentine cards for toddlers using red tissue paper

Tissue Paper Heart Cards

Toddlers will certainly have fun making this 3D Valentine's day card which involves ripping and scrunching up tissue paper. A fun sensory activity that works on fine motor skills and the result: a cute homemade Valentine's card.
Jump over to Rainy Day Mum for more.
love monster homemade valentine cards for toddlers

Easy Love Monster Card for Valentines

Want a unique and cute craft for kids to make this Valentine's Day? Grab colored construction paper, glue and scissors and try these adorable love monster cards with your toddler. I can't wait to try this with mine!
Jump over to Red Ted Art for more.

Heart Hands Construction Paper Valentine

Looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day card made by toddlers? Give this handprint card craft a try.
Head over to A Mother Thing for more.

Handprint Heart Valentine with Poem

Make a sweet keepsake with this heartwarming Valentine’s Day handprint craft and card for toddlers complete with gorgeous poem. There are three templates you can choose from or maybe make them all. What do you think?
Head over to Simply full of delight for more.
valentines day arts and crafts for toddlers using bubble wrap painting

Valentines Dotty Hearts Craft

Try some fun process art and use bubble wrap to print a dotted pattern on paper, then cut hearts out of the pattern and stick to your card. I love the textured look the bubble wrap gives. Cute and simple – a perfect preschool Valentine's card craft.
Visit Rainy Day Mum for instructions.
valentine's day handprint card crafts for toddlers

Simple DIY handprint heart card

If you're running out of time try this cute simple DIY Valentine's card with your toddler – you can knock it up in minutes.
Visit All About Baby Blog for details.

Valentine Handprint Crafts for Preschoolers

Why not try one of these free Valentine handprint craft templates with your toddler or preschooler? Stick them to the front of a card or why not frame one. Whichever you choose to do, one of these will make such a lovely keepsake. I just love the Mommy one. (Hint, hint, to any of my family reading!)
Visit Home School of 1 for details.
valentines day arts and crafts for toddlers

Handful of Love Card

How adorable is this 3D hearts-in-a-hand paper craft and card? All you need for this toddler Valentine's card are your child's handprint and some cutout construction paper hearts.
Visit Taming Little Monster for more.
sign language toddler valentine's day handprint art

Sign Language Handprint Card

There are so many ways to say "I Love You" and this sign language handprint Valentine's Day card made by toddlers is no exception. Not only will it be a fun arts and craft activity for Valentine's Day, but a great way to learn some sign language. A wonderful preschool Valentine card craft.
Head over to Taming Little Monsters for more.
cute berry toddler valentine's day handprint art

Strawberry Handprint Valentine’s Card

"I Love You Berry Much" – you can't say cuter than that! A fun handprint craft and homemade Valentine's card for toddlers to make.
Head over to Taming Little Monsters for more.

Valentines Love Bug crafts for toddlers to make

If you’re looking for super cute Valentine’s day arts and crafts for toddlers why not try a Love Bug? There are loads of different options and materials you can use to make them – all as adorable as each other.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

toilet paper roll love bugs for valentine's day crafts for toddlers

Toilet Roll Love Bugs for Valentine’s Day

Turn some old toilet paper rolls into little Love Bugs. Your toddler can create their own unique design by customizing with sequins, pompoms, pipe cleaners and heart stickers. What a fun and cute Valentine's craft for toddlers.
Jump over to Red Ted Art for details.
popsicle stick love bug valentine's day crafts for toddlers to make

Love Bug Valentine Craft for Kids

Here's another adorable Love Bug craft for toddlers to make this Valentine's Day. Won't it make an adorable gift for Mum and Dad this February?
Visit Easy Crafts for Kids for details.

Butterfly Handprint Craft for Valentine’s

If you want to try some Valentine’s Day handprint art, then this sweet butterfly craft is worth a look. It’ll make such a gorgeous keepsake and a lovely way to remember how small those little hands were. It’s sure to make hearts flutter!

Butterfly handprint craft from mistbarrett.

Love Bug Footprint Family

What about making a whole family of adorable footprint Love Bugs? All you need for this Valentine’s day craft is some cardstock, googly eyes, a black sharpie and, of course, your toddlers feet.

Love bug footprint family from wokinghamrocks.

Other cute Valentine’s Day arts and crafts for toddlers

Still looking for more cute Valentine’s day crafts for toddlers? Here are a few more ideas.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

Valentine’s Day Handprint Tree Craft

Doesn't this tree look like it's exploding with love? I can't wait to try this toddler Valentine's day handprint art with my little ones, but I might change it up a bit. I fancy turning those thumbprints into cute little hearts.
Jump over to Mombrite for instructions.
thumbprint love canvas valentines day arts and crafts for toddlers

Valentines Fingerprint Canvas Resist Art

This uses the tape resist paint resist technique, where you stick your design onto blank canvas, paint around and over it, then peel it away to reveal the white letters or picture. However, instead of using painters tape, the Valentine's craft pictured used vinyl, cut with a cricut. The red, pink and blue pattern is made up of fingerprints. Isn't it gorgeous?
Visit Artsy Fartsy Mama for instructions.
Toilet paper roll owl craft for Valentine's Day

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s Owl Craft For Toddlers

Another toilet paper roll craft this Valentine's, but this time some sweet owls with heart wings, feathers and eyes. Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy this Valentine's Day arts and crafts idea.
Head over to Red Ted Art for more.
DIY valentine's day crafts for toddlers using toilet paper rolls

DIY Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box Craft

Grab some more empty cardboard tubes and make a cute treat box this Valentine's. Such a fun DIY Valentine's day craft for toddlers that they can gift to their little friends and other loved ones, filling them with their candies of choice.
Head over to Honey and Lime for instructions.
hear wreath Valentine's craft

Easy Valentine’s Day Wreath Craft for Toddlers

Here's a Valentine's Day arts and crafts idea perfect for the littlest of toddlers. Simply cut out the inside of a paper plate, then your toddler can choose and stick heart stickers and other embellishments to make a paper plate heart wreath. So easy and so effective and a good way to strengthen fine motor skills.
Head over to Made with Happy for instructions.
cute valentine's day gnome crafts for toddlers

Valentine’s Themed Gnome Papercraft

When you think of Valentine's, gnomes might not be the first thing that comes to mind! But how can you resist these adorable little guys with the heart-shaped hats?Glue a popsicle stick to the back, and your kids will have cute bearded puppet friend to play with. Super cute and will provide plenty of entertainment too.
Head over to Frosting Glue for instructions.

Handprint Hug Craft For Valentine’s

How cute is this Valentine’s day craft for toddlers? Whoever receives this is going to feel so loved.

Handprint Hug from little.miss.kaye.

Valentine’s Day Bouquet

I love receiving flowers any day of the year, but they only last so long. Why not try Valentine’s Day handprint craft with a difference and give a bouquet of hand and footprints? If you make it with more than one child, simply label each flower with their name.

Valentine’s day bouquet from hayleyhiggins.

Celery Stamped Flowers

Looking for a unique, art project with your little ones this Valentine’s? Try stamping with celery so create roses in bloom. This Valentine’s craft is more suitable for preschoolers but is perhaps something you could do together with your toddler.

Celery stamped flowers from play_and_learn_with_rhys.

Heart-Shaped Binoculars

How adorable are these heart-shaped binoculars? Toddlers are sure to love exploring the world through these heart-shaped “lenses” on Valentine’s day.

Heart-shaped binoculars from our.familyfable.

Heart Windsock Craft Activity

For something a little different and with a practical aspect, why not try this heart-themed windsock craft with your toddler this Valentine’s Day? They’ll enjoy watching these pretty streamers flutter in the wind. A fun craft that’ll help them learn about the weather.

Heart windsock craft from romantichomeschooler.

How do you make a heart with toddlers hands

Handprint crafts can be a little challenging but are normally worth it for the adorable keepsake you end up with. When it comes to handprint hearts there are a number of different options.

One way is to place one hand down on an angle, then make another print with the other hand at the opposite angle with the palm overlapping the first.

There are a few examples of heart handprint crafts throughout this list of Valentine’s day arts and crafts for toddlers.

Related post: 23 Best paints & materials for baby hand & footprint crafts

How do you make a heart with 3 hands?

Making a heart using 3 hand prints is surprisingly easy and sweet to make, since you can use your hand, daddy’s hand and your toddler’s hand.

Simply trace around your hands onto construction paper, cut the handprints out, then arrange as below to form a heart in the middle. Adorably sweet, right?

Valentine’s Day

I do hope you’ve enjoyed this compilation of Valentine’s day craft ideas and are inspired to go and create with your toddler. Whether you go for some sweet Valentine’s Day handprint art, a bunch of gorgeous love heart flowers (stamped by celery) or decide on one of the cute DIY greetings cards there are plenty of simple projects to choose from.

Happy Valentine’s!

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