35 Best (And Cutest) Valentines Handprint Art Ideas For Toddlers

What better way for little ones to show their love for family and friends this Valentine’s Day than some cute handprint art for toddlers?

Handprint crafts may be a little testing but are totally worth the blood, sweat and tears. Or should I say paint, dirty clothes and tears…

No really, they are worth i! Handprints add such a personal touch to any craft and make precious keepsakes too. There are plenty of toddler crafts I’ve made with my 4 little ones over the years that have had a few days or possible weeks on display. And then been swiftly dumped in the garbage. (Shhhh….)

But the handprint crafts will be treasured forever.

I hope you enjoy these toddler Valentines Day handprint art ideas. They’re too gorgeous for words! They’re also budget-friendly and use simple materials you probably already have at home.

Happy handprinting and happy Valentine’s!

Valentine’s flower handprint art crafts

I love freshly cut flowers. But they don’t last and are expensive too. These flower handprint art ideas for toddlers to make will be around forever though. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to get one of these handprint crafts this Valentine’s day.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

flower in a jar Handprint art for toddlers

Toddler Valentines Flower Handprint Card Idea [Free Template]

Here’s a toddler Valentines Day handprint art idea that is sure to melt someone’s heart. Great for siblings to do too – they can make a vase of handprint flowers each. An ideal Valentines gift for Grandma perhaps?
Head over to Simple Everyday Mom for details.
handprint pillow Valentine's art idea for kids to make

Toddler Made Handprint Pillow Craft

Looking for a unique Valentine’s day handprint art idea for your toddler? Give this handprint pillow a try. It’ll make such a sweet and sentimental gift for mom or Grandma. A simple handprint craft and gift for Valentines that’s functional too.
Head over to The Country Chic Cottage for instructions.

Toddler Valentines Day Handprint Art & Craft

Aren’t these beautiful? A cute little handprint craft for toddlers to give out to friends and teachers this Valentine’s day. They could write a sweet note on the back too.

Cutest handprint flower crafts from easypeasyandfun.

Cactus Toddler Handprint Art Idea

Rather than a flower, why not try some handprint cactus art with your toddler this Valentine’s day? Oh, and don’t forget to add a note like “Hug Me” or “I’m Totally Stuck on You”. That’s sure to get a giggle!

Cactus handprint art from raising_5.

Handprint Flower Craft for Toddlers this Valentine’s

How about putting your little one’s handprint flower in a real pot? Don’t worry, it’s not real soil, but pompoms on top of rice, to give the base stability. It won’t grow (of course!) but this toddler Valentine’s day handprint art will be a wonderful remembrance of your little one’s love for someone special.

Handprint flower craft from mummyto_2.

Toddler Valentine’s Day Handprint (and Footprint) Bouquet

Here’s a much easier way to do try some toddler handprint art ideas this Valentine’s. Instead of cutting around each finger, cut a much larger area. This’ll halve the time it takes and means you can create a huge bouquet of hand and footprint flowers.

Your toddler can also help with the cutting if they wish. What a gorgeous handprint art idea for Valentine’s.

Valentine’s day handprint and footprint bouquet from hayleyhiggins.

Sunflower Handprint Card Idea

How about a toddler-made sunflower handprint card this Valentine’s? I love the message too. This one would certainly brighten up my day. What about you?

Handprint Sunflower art from play_discover_and_learn.

Flower Handprint Flower Art for Toddlers

Here’s a different way to make a flower with your toddlers handprint. Each finger becomes a flower, just add the flower head once the handprint is complete.

Experiment with different colors and create some bright and beautiful toddler Valentine’s Day handprint art.

Handprint flower art craft from farmhouse_mama_blog.

Toddler Handprint Art Ideas For Valentine’s

Here are some cute handprint art projects to make with your toddler this Valentine’s. Give them as gifts to loved ones or simply put them on display at home. There are so many gorgeous toddler handprint art ideas here to try this Valentine’s.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

handprint tree hearts for toddlers to make this Valentine's

Handprint Heart Tree Craft

Here’s a tree full of heats for Valentine’s day. Because as the saying goes, love never stops growing right? The best part: you don’t need to paint your toddler’s hand so it should be a little less messy than other handprint crafts. Such a simple toddler Valentine’s day handprint art project for the month of love.
Head over to Kids Activity Zone for details.
handprint art canvas for toddlers to make

DIY Handprint Heart Canvas for Valentine’s

This handprint heart craft will make a gorgeous gift any time of year but is particularly fitting for Valentine’s Day. Who wouldn’t love to receive this! You could change the “xoxo” with a sweet note to personalize it further.
Head over to Burlap and Blue for details.
salt dough handprint art ideas for toddlers to make this Valentines

Easy Hand Print Photo Frames

Your toddler’s handprint and photo in a handmade handprint frame? That’s something that will be treasured forever without doubt. This toddler Valentines’ Day handprint art project will make such a lovely gift for someone special.
Visit Seaside Sundays for instructions.
flower pot Toddler handprint art ideas for Valentines

Handprint Flower Pot for Toddlers to make

Does mom or dad love gardening? How about making this handprint flower pot with your little ones? A cute toddler Valentine’s Day handprint art project that can be used all year round.
Jump over to Where the Smiles Have Been for instructions.

Family Handprint Collage For Valentine’s Day

Here’s a gorgeous Valentine’s Day handprint art idea for all the family to join in. And such a beautiful way to capture a moment in time, when your toddler’s handprint was small enough to fit into your palm.

Family handprint collage from hilderhouse.

free valentines handprint art bundle

Cute Valentine’s Day Handprint Craft (Free Templates) for Toddlers

If you're looking for a sweet toddler handprint art idea for Valentine's with minimal effort, take a look at these free templates. You can choose a bouquet of flowers, sweet owl or a love bug. Or wait! How about doing them all?
Download our free templates here

Ice Cream Handprint Art Craft

All kids love eating ice cream all year round. Day! So they’re sure to love making this handprint craft this Valentine’s Day. Use a glittery heart sticker for the cherry to complete the look.

Ice cream handprint art from craftswithmissjenna.

Salt Dough Handprint Heart Ornament

Here’s another salt dough handprint art project, with glitter! Because glitter makes everything perfect, right? A cute toddler Valentine’s Day handprint art project that’ll look gorgeous on display at home. Bonus, you can also hang it on the Christmas tree!

Salt dough handprint heart ornament from bestideasforkids.

Toddler Valentine’s Handprint Card Ideas

Are you planning to give out sweet homemade card this love season? Take a look at these toddler Valentine’s Day handprint art ideas. Receiving one of these adorable cards decorated with a sweet handprint is sure to melt someone’s heart.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

strawberry handprint card idea for Valentine's Day

Strawberry Handprint Valentine’s Card (free template)

Nothing is sweeter than saying “I Love You BERRY Much!” Just follow the instructions and you’ll have a cute handprint card for Valentine’s Day!
Visit Taming Little Monsters for details.
Toddler Valentines handprint card ideas

A 3D Toddler Valentine’s Handprint Card Idea

Grab some construction paper in pretty shades and shower a loved one with this handful of love Valentine’s card. A sweet handprint card keepsake for toddlers to make this February.
Visit Taming Little Monsters for more.
Sign Language Handprint Card Idea For Toddlers

Sign Language Handprint Card Idea For Toddlers

Say “I Love You” in sign language with this lovely card this Valentine’s Day. A cute and easy handprint craft that your kids will love making.
Jump to tutorial at Taming Little Monsters
Toddler Valentines handprint card idea for kids to make

Handprint Valentine Card For Kids

Here’s a sweet toddler Valentine’s handprint card idea. Your toddler will write, or should I say dictate, five reasons why they love or enjoy the person they’re making the card for, one on each finger. This handprint art idea could be a little amusing too!
Head over to family focus blog for more.
Valentines handprint poem for toddlers

Handprint Heart Valentine Poem Card For Kids

These Valentine’s day handprint art templates, complete with poems, are perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon activity. There are different templates to choose from, or why not try them all!
Visit Simply Full of Delight for more.

Handprint Hug with Note Card

Here’s another gorgeous handprint art project for toddlers to make this Valentine’s Day. What better way for your toddler to show someone how much they’re loved. Young kids will be so excited to give this to someone special this Valentine’s.

Handprint hug from little.miss.kaye.

Handprint Note Card For Valentine’s

How about sending cute handprint note cards out this Valentine’s Day? A lovely card for Grandparents perhaps? Your toddler might need to dictate there message to you but this will be a fun toddler Valentine’s handprint card idea to try,

Handprint note card from thejoysharing.

handprint poem for Valentine's day craft

Handprint Poem – An adorable handprint heart keepsake

Another toddler Valentine's handprint card idea that comes with a sweet poem. It's such a sweet and perfect way for the kids to tell someone they're special.
Visit Messy Little Monster for details.

Nuts About You Valentine’s Handprint Card

This toddler Valentine’s Day handprint art idea may seem a little nuts… because it is! A cute handprint card that’s not too tricky. Paint your toddler’s hands brown, then print them onto white cardstock. Then paint the acorn hats to finish.

Nuts about you Valentine’s handprint card from crafty_morning.

The Kissing Handprint Pop-Up Card

This toddler Valentine’s handprint card idea was inspired by the storybook “The Kissing Hand”. It has an accordion-folded strip of paper that displays a heart that pops up when the card is opened.

If you’ve read the book with your toddler, this’ll be a great little handprint art idea to try with your toddler.

The kissing Hand pop-up card from buggyandbuddy.

Toddler Handprint Love Bugs & Other Animal Art Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Who said Valentine’s Day crafts have to be all hearts and flowers? They can be sweet little bugs or adorable animals too! Check out this list of cute and easy toddler Valentine’s Day handprint art ideas that could also be made into cards too.

For supplies and materials for these festive crafts/activities (delete as app) check out our recommended product list.

Ladybug Handprint Art For Toddlers

Ladybug Handprint Art For Toddlers

Are you looking for a fun bug craft to make with the kids? Why not try this cute ladybird (or ladybug, depending on where you’re from) with your toddler this Valentine’s Day.
Jump to tutorial at The Inspiration Edit
dinosaur Toddler Valentines handprint card ideas

Dinosaur Handprint Craft

All little kids seem to love dinosaurs. And if it gets them inspired to create, then why not try a cute handprint dino craft this Valentine’s Day. Simply add a few words like “Roar means “I love you” in dinosaur” or “My love for you will never go extinct”. Simple and so cute.
Head over to Easy Crafts for Kids for instructions.

Toddler Monkey Handprint Craft

Here’s the perfect toddler Valentine’s handprint card idea for a cheeky monkey to make! I love the little message too – perfect for a loved on this Valentine’s.

Handprint monkey valentine craft from crafty_morning.

paper plate bee craft for kids.

Paper Plate Toddler Bee Craft

Time to get busy busy busy and spread the love with this bee-utiful and oh-so-sweet toddler handprint art idea for Valentine’s!
Head over to Messy Little Monster for instructions.

Owl Handprint Craft & Art For Toddlers

“Owl Always Love You”! Construction paper wings, printed with your toddler’s handprints and you have a cute owl. Write a message on the back and your toddler will make someone’s Valentine’s Day very special. Such an adorable handprint art idea for toddlers.

Owl handprint craft from craftmonsterz.

butterfly Handprint art for toddlers

Butterfly Handprint Craft for Little Kids

A little bit of paint and creativity can transform a handprint into something cute – just like this butterfly craft. A toddler handprint art idea for Valentine’s Day to make your heart flutter.
Head over to Easy Crafts for Kids for more.
flamingo Valentine's card craft for kids

Handprint Flamingo Card For Kids [Free Template]

Here's a Valentine's handprint card idea for toddlers that love pink. There are a couple of those in my house! It may look complicated, but all you need to do is download the free template and you're all set. Add a personalized note and give it to a flamazing person…
Head over to Simple Everyday Mom for instructions.

“You’re My Lobster” Handprint Craft

If you’re a fan of the TV show “Friends”, you’ll enjoy doing this Valentine’s Day handprint art with your toddler. All you need are some basic crafting supplies: a paper plate, red paint and some googly eyes. And, of course, your toddler’s hands.

Lobster handprint craft from theottawamama.

Handprint Love Birds Valentine’s Art Idea

No doubt your kids will love trying this handprint art idea this Valentine’s Day. Add a paper straw or craft stick and turn the love bird into a puppet. Your toddler is sure to love playing with them.

Handprint love birds craft from kidscraftroom.

Toddler Handprint Lion Card Idea

Want to tell someone special that they’re “Roar-some” or simply “A-Rawr-able”? Then try this toddler Valentine’s handprint card idea. It’d be perfect for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day too.

Handprint lion card from ourtripswithtwo.

Toddler Valentines Day Handprint Art

I hope you’re enjoyed these toddler handprint arts and craft ideas for Valentine’s. They’re perfect for little ones but older kids would enjoy them too.

From handprint card ideas to gifts and Valentine’s Day-themed decor, they’re are so many to choose from. Time to gather your supplies and get stuck in!

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