35+ Cute & Practical Nursery Bookshelf & Bookcase Ideas

Nursery bookshelves play an important role in creating a nurturing and inspiring environment for little ones. They’re more than just a piece of  furniture.  The nursery bookshelves can be an integral component of a child’s early learning experience.

The bookshelves in the nursery provide a dedicated space to store and display a collection of colorful, engaging, and age-appropriate books. This can foster a love for reading from an early age.

It’s also a chance to display a few toys or other nic nacs. These bookshelves will be an integral part of your nursery decor and theme. 

All in all it may feel a little overwhelming choosing and styling a bookshelf for the nursery wall! 

Fear not. We have your back with these baby nursery bookshelf ideas.

From nursery floating bookshelves to bookshelves with extra storage, here are the best nursery bookshelf ideas. By the end of this post you’ll have the inspiration and motivation to showcase your little one’s book collection and create a visual highlight to the nursery.

Nursery Floating Bookshelves

A floating nursery bookshelf is a stylish and practical solution for children’s rooms. They’re wall-mounted and the fixture is either hidden, or built into the design of the bookshelf.  

Floating bookshelves are a popular option, especially for small nurseries.  The lack of a bracket means you can squeeze them into smaller spaces.  

floating acrylic nursery bookshelf
Source: bea.elle.designs

1. Floating Acrylic Nursery Bookshelf

It’s not just the bookshelves that look like they’re floating, the books do too! These acrylic nursery shelves provide a bit of magic in your baby’s room. 

Not just magical, this nursery bookshelf idea is practical too. You can easily see all your child’s books and toys so you won’t struggle finding a bedtime story while holding baby.  dig around.

If you want to encourage your child to look at books while keeping their space organized, this acrylic bookshelf for nursery wall is a worthy consideration.

faux plants to decorate nursery bookshelf
Source: s.e.w.athome

2. A Touch of Nature 

Here’s a cute nursery bookshelf featuring some faux ivy to adding a touch of natural greenery. These bookshelves not only provide a handy space to store a large collection of books, but add a serene feel to this reading nook. 



floating nursery cloud bookshelf
Source: clippercityhouse

3. Dreamy Floating Cloud Nursery Bookshelf

Bring magic to your nursery with this floating cloud bookshelf. The books are now floating in the clouds! This simple addition will certainly turn any story time into an enchanting adventure. A simple and effective nursery bookshelf idea for a childrens room. 

Feature Wall Nursery Bookshelf
Source: our.home.trio

4. Feature Wall Nursery Bookshelf

If you want your bookshelf to become a focal point in the nursery, incorporate it into a feature wall. This is done simply and effectively in the picture above by painting a color block arch behind the bookshelves.  It instantly adds interest and impact to what started as a blank wall.

This nursery shelf decor idea will be the talk of your Mommy group!

dreamy white toddler bookshelf ideas
Source: littleberrybutton

5. Whimsical, Earthy Nursery Bookshelf for Girls

Introducing a dreamy nursery bookshelf idea—a whimsical haven of enchantment! This bookshelf idea holds not only beloved baby books but sweet memories too.

Decorated with a gender neutral pallate of earthy muted hues, charming animal toys and a sweet fairy doll, the result is beautiful and perfect for an animal-themed room.  The shelves themselves: simple white floating wooden shelves.  

Wall pocket nursery bookshelves
Source: anigmandra

6. Wall Pocket Nursery Bookshelves

For a practical and stylish way to store books in your child’s room try these pocket design nursery bookshelves. By using fabric the world is your oyster when it comes to pattern and color! Simply pick and choose to fit the decor and color scheme of your nursery. 

colorful rainbow nursery bookshelf idea
Source: aicire

7. Colorful Rainbow Nursery Bookshelf

Painting nursery floating bookshelves in bright colors, like these lively rainbow ones above, will brighten up any room. Don’t stick to one color, paint each shelf with a different shade such as bright yellow, pink, blue, green and orange. 

Planning a rainbow-themed nursery or simply want a bold and bright nursery? These nursery book shelves will be perfect! Or place them in a space not currently used, just as they’ve done in the living room come playroom above. 

Wooden Nursery Bookshelf Ideas

Wooden bookshelves bring timeless warmth to a child’s room, whether in the form of tree-shaped shelves or simple wall-mounted designs. Here are some wooden nursery bookshelf ideas that combine functionality with natural elegance for a cozy and inviting reading space.

rotating bookshelf for toddlers
Source: the.littlest.learners

8. Easy-Access Rotating Nursery Bookshelf

With its unique 360-degree rotation design, this nursery bookshelf set up is a fun and practical piece of furniture, keeping plenty of books really well organized.  What I really love about this nursery bookshelf idea is that all the books will be at your toddlers eye level and easy to reach. 

This rotating bookshelf also gives two different display choices. Some books can be stored with their spines showing in the classic way, while others can have their covers forward facing. 

DIY Nursery Bookshelf with Roof
Source: ligmetaldesigns

9. DIY Nursery Bookshelf with Roof

How adorable is this barn-style wooden bookshelf! If you’re going for farm theme in your child’s room this is undoubtedly the best nursery bookshelf idea out there. Is Dad a keen DIYer? This one would be easy enough to knock up at home. 

colorful way to decorate a dollhouse nursery bookshelf
Source: thecolourfulchronicles

10. A Rainbow of Books: A Dollhouse Nursery Bookcase

The addition of a roof to a simple white bookcase is all it takes to create this dollhouse nursery bookshelves. Remove the books and you can quickly create rooms for your little one to set up their dolls and furniture.

However, I love the current display, showcasing a vibrant range of books organised by color. However you fashion it, these nursery bookshelves are sure to bring joy to any child.

Tidy Books Alphabet Bookcase
Source: thisfamilylife_

11. Nursery Bookshelf with Alphabet Companions

The Tidy Books Alphabet Bookcase is the superhero of tidiness, turning your child’s book collection into an organized and eye-catching display. You can fix it to the wall or simply use it as a freestanding bookshelf on the floor, meaning your toddler will have easy access to all their favorites.

It’s slimline design means you can fit it into a narrow space – with no space in either of the kids rooms, we had this exact one in the narrow hallway outside their rooms.

I also love the cute decorative letters that add a stylish touch and are useful when starting on phonics and letter recognition.  

Time to say goodbye to clutter and hello to literary magic with this fun and functional toddler bookshelf idea!

dollhouse nursery bookshelf for babies
Source: thechallishome_x

12. Playful Dollhouse Nursery Bookshelf Idea

Another delightful dollhouse bookcase set up for a charming and practical mix of playfulness and functionality. As your child grows and begins playing with dolls, just find a new spot for your books. 

wooden tree nursery bookshelf ideas
Source: no14.the.suffolks

13. Branching Out Into Reading

This tree bookshelf is a fun and practical addition to any nursery or play room, with each branch a shelf for books toys and more. It adds a playful touch to the space and would work well in any nursery.

reading book nook for the nursery
Source: annhbehappy

14. A Cozy and Inviting Reading Nook

Here’s a free standing wooden bookshelf with rounded edges and easy to reach shelves that display books covers forwards – it has all the ingredients of a practical and funtional bookshelf idea for a toddlers nursery or play room.  

Here’s it’s positioned next to a comfy seating area, creating a cozy reading nook and ideal spot to fall in love with reading. 

nursery bookshelf with storage for toys and baby essentials
Source: teresa.lifestyled

15. Nursery Bookcase & Storage Combo

If you’re looking a versatile piece of furniture that can be used for a multitude of different items, look no further than the IKEA cubby and inserts. Such a great nursery bookshelf IKEA hack. 

Use open shelves to display books and the basket inserts for other toys and essentials. Look how it’s currently being used as a diaper changing unit too?

If you’re a new mom thinking of ways to organize your baby’s things, both now and for the coming years, this could well be the answer!

baby nursery sling bookshelf ideas
Source: thekloskyhome

16. Hang in There: A Sling Nursery Bookshelf

Here’s another freestanding nursery bookshelf unit designed for the littlest of bookworms with it’s rounded wooden corners and easily accessible books.  This one has fabric slings for a softer look.  Opt for printed slings to add some color and pattern to the room.  

DIY bookshelf ideas for nursery

Create a personalized and budget-friendly nursery with DIY bookshelf ideas. These projects not only offer practical storage for children’s books but also add a unique, handmade charm to the decor.

rattan bookshelf for the nursery
Source: sevenonesixwooddesign

17. Lovely Rattan Floating Bookshelves

Here’s a rustic nursery bookshelf idea for a toddlers room that’s simple to DIY and a fantastic IKEA hack!  Add some rattan to simple wooden shelves aka IKEA spice racks using wood glue, to create a unique bookshelf with warmth and a vintage feel.  


DIY Nursery Bookshelf With Woodland Design
Source: Tea and Forget Me Nots

18. DIY Woodland Nursery Bookshelf

Ready to give your nursery bookshelf a playful and unique update? With the addition of wallpaper or scrap book paper you can simpley and effectively DIY any bookshelf or bookcase into a gorgoeus bespoke piece of furniture, themed as you choose.

If you’re looking to update and repaint, make sure you use paint suitable for nursery furniture.  And if you like green, these green hues are sure to inspire you. 

DIY Cardboard Nursery Bookshelf
Source: Little Ladoo

19. Easy DIY Cardboard Nursery Bookshelf

This cardboard nursery bookshelf is a fun, eco-friendly way to keep kids’ books in order. It’s made from recycled cardboard, making it light and easy to assemble.  A nursery bookshelf idea suitable for small rooms, while being unique and kind to the planet too. 

Recycled Old Crates to make a Nursery Bookshelf
Source: miamirealtormelissa

20. Rustic Recycled Old Crates Nursery Bookshelf

Recycle old crates by stacking them together to turn them into a bookshelf. Paint them white or pick a color to match your baby nursery theme. Alternatively you could simply sand them down and keep them rustic.  

DIY nursery bookshelf using vintage drawers
Source: addisonmeadowslane

21. From Drawers to  Bookshelves

Here’s a cute nursery bookshelf idea that’ll appeal to those that love the vintage look. (Me! Check out my vintage twin nursery here.)

Upcycled from old drawers and cupboard doors, these nursery bookshelves exude charm while offering a unique and eco-friendly storage solution for children’s books. Not only can you salvage material from historic but delapidated furniture, each drawer will have a story to tell. 

These will add such character to the nursery. 

diy bookshelf ideas for nursery using plant holders
Source: vivianshayhome

22. Planter Boxes Turned Nursery Bookshelf

How beautiful and unique is this nursery bookshelf idea?  The shelves are in fact plant holders bought from a thrift market and repainted white to freshen them up. Have anything similar in your garden shed? Time to take a look and see if you can create a sweet nursery bookshelf. 

DIY book shelf from an old wooden spice rack
Source: letsbekreative

23. DIY Wooden Spice Rack Bookshelf

Another DIY bookshelf idea perfect if you only have a small space on the wall of your nursery.  Simply sand down, paint and decorate an old wooden spice rack.

Voila! A smally and funky bookshelf your little one will love.

Preparing for baby?

You may find the following useful:

Seasonal and Themed Nursery Bookshelves

Theming your nursery bookshelf to the season is a great way to quickly add a touch of personality and charm to your baby’s room. It’s also a simple and educational way to introduce them to upcoming holidays, seasons and other themes.  

Thanksgiving-themed nursery bookshelf
Source: pretothek

24. Thanksgiving Time on the Bookshelf

I love this Thanksgiving-themed nursery bookshelf, sure to bring the holiday spirit into your baby’s room. Complete with Thanksgiving themed books, decorated with cute pumpkins and a cheeky turkey, this bookshelf is ready for the season of gratitude. 

london themed nursery bookshelf
Source: flossieandbean

25. A London Adventure

Have you seen the queen? Well she’s looking right at you! This cute London-themed nursery bookshelf. My favorite are the very British mini embroidery hoops hanging from the hooks.

What a simple and fun way to add a touch of British flair to the nursery decor that’ll help your little one learn some iconic London symbols. 

pink floating nursery bookshelf
Source: hello.little.bird

26. Pink Paradise Book Ledges: to Spread Love and Joy

This nursery bookshelf decorating idea is overflowing with heartfelt warmth and love.  The beautiful mix of pink hues on the off-white wall and simple picture ledge shelves is really rather gorgeous.

Safari-Themed Reading Corner

27. Safari-Themed Reading Corner

Over the years, IKEA spice racks have been a popular choice for various home projects – here’s another simple and effective DIY bookshelf idea for the nursery is no exception.  With the white furniture and beautiful textures, this reading nook could well become your favorite space.

nursery self with autumn theme decor and books
Source: amber.adey

28. A Little Bit of Autumn for Your Nursery

If you’re looking for a nursery bookshelf idea that welcomes the change of season, you’re going to love this autumnal-themed decor.  The golden hues, woodland animals and leafy prints bring the spirit of fall indoors. 

christmas themed nursery floating bookshelves
Source: emmylovess

29. A Jolly Holly Nursery Bookshelf Idea

This Christmas-themed nursery bookshelf for toddlers is a delightful way to add festive cheer to the room. Fill the shelves with classic Christmas stories and add colorful garlands to finish. 

If you want to add some handmade Christmas decor, try making one of these simple nature-inspired ornaments with your kids.

Nursery Bookshelf Ideas for Small Spaces

Even if you only have a small space in your baby’s nursery or playroom, you should still be able to find bookshelves or a small, narrow bookcase that fits. Book caddies also work well as you can move them around as and when you need.

Here are some bookshelf ideas for a nursery with limited wall or floor space that’ll allow your little one to store and enjoy their books. 

Nursery Bookshelves IKEA Hack
Source: alexandramahjouri

30. Fun Nursery Bookshelves IKEA Hack

The IKEA spice racks are nice and narrow ideal for small spaces. Mount them in a narrow wall space or fix to them to the back of your nursery closet door (a space you must utilise if you have small nursery).

If you have the space, try flipping the bottom bookshelf/spice rack so you can hang and display some of your baby’s clothes.  A clever way to use those IKEA spice racks that works well with small spaces too.



rolling acrylic bookcase for the baby room
Source: west_coast_kids

31. Nursery Bookshelves on Wheels

Want to get your child’s book collection rolling with a mobile library? Ideal to move around or temporarily out of a small nursery when you need more space, this Babyletto Presto Bookcase is a practical and stylish solution.

FLISAT Book display for baby books
Source: lovenikkile

32. Accessible Book Bin for Little Hands

This IKEA Flisat book display shelf is a simple and effective small nursery bookshelf ideas. It’s perfectly suited for compact spaces, and easy to manoever if necessary when needed. 

The bookcase allows front-facing book storage at a kid-friendly height, meaning toddlers can easily view and pick out their favorite book for after bathtime.

nursery bookshelf ideas for small spaces
Source: thepatternispink

33. Space-Saving Slim Nursery Bookshelf

Here’s a space-saving bookshelf idea that effectively creates a library wall in small and narrow spaces. This bookshelf is strategically placed behind the door, an often under-utilised space in the nursery. 

Consider this simple bookshelf idea for a nursery tight on space.

small cuby bookcase for the nursery
Source: essentiallyjenni

34. Cute Cubby Bookcase

This small traditional bookcase is a great way to keep books organized and within reach. Its compact size fits perfectly in a corner or at the foot of baby’s crib, and the open design will allow your little one to easily reach their favorite stories and other toys stored alongside.

small nursery bookshelf with storage
Source: macneill_family

35. Nursery Bookshelf with Storage for Toys

If you’re looking for a small nursery bookshelf idea that provides plenty of additional storage for toys too, try the one pictured from Great Little Trading Company.  There’s plenty of space for books at the top while the deep, open cubby at the bottom can be used to store plenty of large toys.

Tips For Styling Nursery Book Shelves

Setting up and styling a nursery that’s both functional and beautiful is an exciting journey.  Having well-styled bookshelves adds a certain visual appeal to the nursery and to the overall aesthetics of the space. 

What I love about the nursery bookshelves is that you can regularly change up the styling as and when.  This allows you to experiment and have fun!

Here are some tips and rules that’ll help guide you when styling your nursery bookshelf. 

personalized items to decorate nursery bookshelf
Source: mrstiffanyclaire

#1 Add Personalized Items

Enhance your nursery bookshelf by adding personalized items, such as monogrammed bookends, personalized plush toys, wood name signs, sentimental items and more. The possibilities are endless!

This helps create a space that’s both stylish and personal to your little one.

#2 Layer Framed Art

Layering artwork and picture frames is a lovely way to decorate the nursery bookshelves. You can choose framed pictures of different sizes and styles or use the same frames throughout for a more uniform look.

Rather than fixing the pictures to the wall, simply place the pictures on the bookshelf, leaning against the wall. In this way you can easily move them around and change them up, combining them with different books and/or decorative items as you please.

adding real or fake plants on nursery bookshelves
Source: s.e.w.athome

#3 Add In Greenery

To bring a touch of nature into the nursery, place potted plants or faux greenery on the bookshelves. Whether you’re decorating a nursery floating bookshelf or a simple bookstand, these natural elements can provide a sense of serenity to the space.   

It’s particularly effective for jungle, safari-themed or green nurseries.

#4 Symmetry

Creating a sense of balance and harmony is essential in nursery design, any home decor for that matter. One of the ways of doing this is through symmetery.

When styling your nursery bookshelves, experiment with arranging items in a symmetrical way. This can be done by grouping them together or by placing items of similar height and width on opposite sides of the shelf.

#5 Style Books by Height

Another way to create a visually appealing bookshelf is to style your books based on height. This will create a sense of order and uniformity on your shelves.

Grouping Books by Color
Source: thecolourfulchronicles

#6 Group Books by Color

Again, for visual appeal and to create a more cohesive look, try arranging the books by color. Another bookshelf idea for a children’s room that’ll make it easier to locate specific books when needed.

#7 Use Baby Accessories as Decor

Baby accessories can add style to the nursery bookshelf. Use cute plush animals, baby shoes or mittens and small toys as decorative items on the shelves. A simple yet effective nursery bookshelf decorating idea that’ll add a playful and charming touch.

Decorating the nursery Shelf to the Season
Source: emmylovess

#8 Decorate Your Shelf to the Season

Embrace the changing seasons by decorating your nursery bookshelves accordingly. Add fall leaves and pumpkins to your shelves in the fall, or snowflakes and tree ornaments for Christmas.

This is budget-friendly and a fun way to display crafts you’ve made with your baby or toddler. 

(We have a selection of Fall crafts aimed at young toddlers while here are some eggciting Easter activities for babies 6+ months.)

#9 Use What You Already Have

If you don’t feel like buying new items to style your nursery bookshelf, get creative by using what you already have around the house.

One of my favorite nursery bookshelf decorating ideas is to use vintage treasures and family heirlooms to add interest and appeal.  Things that are super special and potentially breakable so need to be kept out of reach of older siblings. 

Check out my vintage nursery for some ideas. I’ve used small vintage trunks in the nursery closet which could also be used in the bookshelf.

Displaying Books Facing Forward
Source: bea.elle.designs

#10 Display Books Facing Forward

Create a display with the book covers facing forward. Not only can this add pops of color to the room, but it’ll be easier for little ones (and bigger ones) to see and choose their favorite picture book.

#11 Experiment and Enjoy!

There are so many creative ways to style and decorate the nursery shelves which means plenty of time to experiment. This may feel overwhelming and can be frustrating. I know how it is when you want things to look a certain way! But enjoy the process and know that you can change it whenever you want…

Which of These Nursery Bookshelf Ideas Your Dreaming to Make?

Nursery bookshelves are not just for storing books, they create a haven for imagination and learning. They allow children a window into another world and encourage a love for reading.   

These bookshelves also allow you to have fun with the decor. You can regularly add cute new toys, handmade pieces, family photos, an element of nature (faux plants or natural) or theme them to the season.  The nursery bookshelves can become an integral part of the aesthetics too. 

For more ideas when it comes to the decor, we have more shelf decorating inspo here

So, let these nursery bookshelf ideas inspire creativity in your room design so you can spark curiosity and joy in the heart and mind of your budding book lover.


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