50 Easy Giraffe Activities & Craft Ideas for Kids

Have an animal lover in the house? Try one of these giraffe activities for kids!

My kids love visiting the Zoo. They’ve always been fascinated by wild animals, particularly those from Africa. Giraffes are a firm favorite for all of us. They’re so tall and elegant and simply mesmerizing.

After our latest trip, I decided to find some fun giraffe activities for the kids to conosolodate all that we’d learnt about them.  What better way to enjoy these magnificent and lofty beasts a little longer than with some cute and simple giraffe crafts, easy DIY activities and printables?

So here it is: a long list of simple giraffe activities for kids, including handprint giraffes, puppets, artwork, and even party favors.

Time to grab your crafty kiddo and dive right in.

Handprint Giraffe Activities for Kids

I love a good handprint craft – they make such lovely keepsakes. In just a few years you’ll wonder how those little hands were ever that small. Sob.

So here are some easy handprint giraffe crafts that quickly turn cute little handprints into these majestic creatures. 

For supplies and materials for these activities, check out our recommended product list.

Handprint giraffe craft activities for toddlers

1. Giraffe Handprint Craft

Here’s a cute and simple handprint giraffe activity for kids to get started.  With no paint required, this one is perfect for little ones to get involved with, without the mess. Let them color in the giraffe pattern and help shape the mane, a good test of scissor skills. 

Visit Simple Everyday Mom for more

handprint giraffe birthday birthday card

2. Giraffe Handprint Birthday Card

Know someone who adores giraffes and celebrating their birthday  soon? This handprint giraffe birthday card will do the trick.

Giraffe handprint birthday card from playandgrowmama

For more ways to craft a card using your kids’ mucky mitts, check out these handprint birthday card ideas

Handprint Giraffe Activity for preschoolers

3. Handprint Giraffe Activity

Let the kids have fun with this cheeky handprint giraffe craft. For this one you’ll need some kid-friendly paint, and some googly eyes – to create a cute and silly looking giraffe. My kids are going to love this one! 

Handprint giraffe activity from delawaredoodlebugs

Easy To Make Giraffe Handprint Craft

4. Easy To Make Giraffe Handprint Craft

In this simple handprint giraffe craft, the fingers become the giraffes ears and ossicones – yup, that’s what those horn like structures are called.  See how this easy giraffe activity can help expand your kids knowledge and vocab in a simple and fun way.

Easy to make giraffe handprint craft from nnsearlyon

Fingerprint Giraffe Craft Activity for kids

5. Fingerprint Giraffe Craft Activity

Much like a human fingerprint, the giraffes spot pattern is unique. No one giraffe will have the same pattern.  This easy giraffe activity is an exciting way to demonstrate this to your crafty kids.

It’s also a fun fingerpainting activity, as your kids will be making the spot pattern with their finger prints. 

Head over to Our Kid Things for more

Loving these handprint crafts? 

We have plenty more ideas to try:

Free Giraffe Templates & Printable Crafts

If you’re a busy mom like me, printables are a game changer. They make light work of the prep and allow you to easily navigate more complex crafts.

So if you’re short on time, try one of these free printable giraffe crafts. All you need is a printer, cardstock, and a few other basic supplies. 

For supplies and materials for these crafts, check out our recommended product list.

paper bag printable giraffe craft

6. Paper Bag Printable Giraffe Craft

If you have a couple of brown paper bags hidden away, why not try these adorable paper bag giraffe puppets? Kids love getting lost in their land of make believe so these puppets will entertain them well beyond they’ve finished this simple activity.

Head over to Simple Everyday Mom for instructions

Paper Plate Giraffe Head Craft

7. Paper Plate Giraffe Head Craft

Here’s another simple printable giraffe craft that uses paper plates, one of my favorite crafting materials as a preschool teacher, and as a mom too. 

Use the giraffe template printable linked below and then it’s time to get out some yellow and brown paint. Or skip the painting by using colored paper plates – always a good idea if you’re tight for time or dealing with toddlers who are a bit wild with a paintbrush!

Head over to Simple Everyday Mom for details

Paper Plate Giraffe Craft for Kids

8. Paper Plate Giraffe Craft for Kids

Planning an easy giraffe craft for kids to make this Sunday afternoon? Give this cute giraffe craft a try. This one also uses a paper plate, making a sturdy body to which you then stick on the long legs, tail and the long neck with white school glue or craft glue.

Visit The Purple Yarn for more

Paper Cone diy giraffe activities for kids

9. Paper Cone Giraffe Craft

My kids will love playing with these super easy paper cone giraffes. How cute are they!

Got lots of kids to entertain? They can each make one and you’ll have a family of giraffes or even a “journey” of giraffes to play with altogether. (Journey or tower is the collective name for giraffes – this is a great way to expand their giraffe vocabulary.)

Jump over to Our Kid Things for more

Two Layer simple giraffe activities for kids

10. Two Layer Paper Giraffe Craft

Here’s a simple giraffe activity for kids that’ll help them refine their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they use a paper puncher to create the spot pattern.  They can also help cut the legs of the giraffe, which are straight and, therefore, straightforward!

Visit Crafting Jeannie for details

Printable Giraffe Craft Headband

11. Printable Cheerful Giraffe Craft

This list of giraffe activities for kids wouldn’t be complete without a hat or headband craft! Another one that’ll keep the kids entertained long after the craft is complete.They can be a giraffe all day long or even all week….

Just print out the giraffe template printable and let them do the coloring. This super simple printable giraffe craft would be fun birthday activity if you were going for a safari or zoo theme (or even if you weren’t)!

Head over to frosting and glue for more

3D Paper Giraffe Craft

12. 3D Giraffe Printable Paper Craft

Here’s a fun way to introduce the concept of 3D to your little one. In this colorful giraffe craft activity, the head and nose of the giraffe stand out from the neck and paper background to give it the 3d effect. 

So simple and cute.

Visit Arty Crafty Kids for instructions

Love free printables?

We have plenty of festive Halloween and Christmas printabes to help you on your way: 

Other Creative Giraffe Activities for Kids

These next giraffe crafts and activities are perfect for world giraffe day, school art projects, learning about the letter G or if you just want a simple craft to do at home. 

For supplies and materials for these activities, check out our recommended product list.

Cardboard Tube Giraffe craft activity

13. Cardboard Tube Giraffe

We’ve done a fair few toilet roll crafts in our house but are yet to try a giraffe craft.  We’ll just need a longer cardboard tube for the neck and some printed paper for the spot pattern. Although I reckon painting the giraffe’s spots could also work. 

If your little ones adore this magnificent creature, then this simple giraffe activity for kids is one to try.  They’ll love playing with them afterwards too.  

Visit Crafts by Amanda for more

Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe

14. Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe

Here’s another DIY giraffe activity for kids to make that uses toilet paper rolls. You’ll also need some paint or sharpies and yellow cardstock paper. Time to gather those empty toilet paper rolls and get creative. 

Jump over to Easy Peasy and Fun for details

Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffe Craft

15. Valentine’s Paper Loop Giraffe Craft

Let your little ones share their love for giraffes with someone else on Valentine’s Day and try this paper loop giraffe activity for kids.  Instead of hearts, just draw on hearts! How cute.

You could also swap the hand drawn hearts for heart-shaped foam stickers.

Visit Out Kid Things for instructions

Need more ideas for Valentine’s Day? Check out this list of sweet Valentine’s Day craft and gift ideas. 

creative Giraffe Button Art Activity

16. Giraffe Button Art Activity

I love mixed media crafts – they’re so tactile for little ones, allowing them to experiment and get creative with different materials. It’s excellent sensory exposure. 

Kids can create a unique giraffe creation with buttons, sequins, paper scraps, ribbons, felt and any other and interesting materials you have to hand.  What a fun and simple giraffe activity for kids.

Jump over to Sweet Silly Sara for more

Corner bookmark giraffe craft for kids

17. Giraffe Bookmark Craft

Do you have a book loving kiddo who also loves giraffes? Or a giraffe lover who loves to read?!  Why not try this giraffe bookmark craft.

It’d also be a good way to encourage some enthusiasm in kids not so keen on reading.  Well, it’s worth a try! 

Jump over to Red Ted Art for instructions

paper cup simple giraffe activity for kids

18. Wobbly Head Giraffe Craft

Here’s a uniqueand adorable giraffe craft that kids are sure to love with their wobbly heads and cute faces! You’ll need yellow and brown paper, yellow-painted cups, googly eyes and brown fuzzy sticks (otherwise known as pipe cleaners) for the giraffes neck.

Wobbly head giraffe craft from vinayaka_creations

Giraffe Mask craft for Preschoolers to make

19. Giraffe Mask for Preschoolers

Your kids will find so many uses for this cute giraffe paper plate mask: dress-up games, storytelling and dramatic play. Try this simple giraffe activity for kids after this fun book, Giraffe Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae.

Once the mask dries, your tots will love leaping around the place and re-enacting the story of Gerald trying to dance! 

Giraffe mask for preschoolers play.learn.grow.everywhere

rolled paper craft activity for kids

20. Easy Rolled Giraffe Paper Craft

Here’s a cute and simple giraffe paper craft for kids to make. They can get busy rolling the paper into a cone to make the long, slender neck, then tearing and sticking on scraps of  paper to create the spot pattern.

Easy rolled giraffe paper craft from artcraftstart

21. Giraffe directed drawing

Let the kids learn how to draw a giraffe with this super easy-to-follow giraffe directed drawing. This is a fun way help kids learn about art, attention to detail and boost their creativity. Great future art enthusiasts!

diy Accordion giraffe activities for kids

22. Accordion Giraffe

Making an accordion is a relatively straightforward task. Start with two long yellow paper strips cut from construction paper. Hold them together at right angles to each other and then fold one piece over the other, going back and forth. This video will do a much better job of demonstrating than I can explain.

However, for a preschooler this will be a huge challenge! It’ll take patience and perseverance as well as good finger dexterity and coordination.

When done, it’s time to work on the head. Don’t forget to add those fabulous long lashes!

Accordion giraffe from inthebagkidscrafts

coloring activity for preschoolers

23. Printable Giraffe Coloring Pages

Time for a fun coloring adventure with some cute giraffe coloring pages. Good practice of fine motor to try to color inside the lines.

Head over to Two Kids and a Coupon for more


Bubble Wrap Giraffe Painting activity for preschoolers

24. Bubble Wrap Giraffe Paintings

Who doesn’t love playing with bubble wrap?! Here’s a fun way to use it in this creative giraffe activity for kids. Simply paint the bubble wrap and use it to print the spot pattern on to the giraffe’s body pre-painted on a piece of paper or card. 

Bubble wrap giraffe painting from craftykidsathome

Giraffe Bracelet Craft for Toddlers

25. Giraffe Bracelet Craft for Toddlers

Here’s a fun and unique giraffe activity for kids – make a bracelet! Then they’re giraffe can accompany them wherever they go – Your giraffe-loving toddler would these giraffe bracelet crafts. This DIY giraffe activity for kids is to easy to make and will only require a few materials.

Giraffe bracelet craft from cocukca.sanat

Jeweled Giraffe Activity for kids to make

26. A Jeweled Giraffe Activity for Kids

Here’s another fun mixed media giraffe activity for kids. Here they’ve used a magazine cut out of a giraffe which has been decorated with different scraps of material. You could also draw a giraffe outline or use the giraffe coloring page above. 

Jeweled giraffe activity from popblossomstudio

Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe Marionette

27. Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe Marionette

Want to create a puppet show with giraffes centre stage?  Make these toilet paper roll and accordion giraffes with the kids and then they can have fun creating their giraffe character and acting out a show. t them get into character

Visit Red Ted Art for instructions

Giraffe Rock Puzzle activity for toddlers

28. Giraffe Rock Puzzle

If you have a good collection of smooth stones or pebbles you can challenge your little ones to create a giraffe outline with them. They can then draw on the dot pattern with sharpies. Simple!

Giraffe rock puzzle from hellowonderful_co

Rainbow Giraffe Painting Canvas Art Idea

29. Rainbow Giraffe Painting Canvas 

For artistic older kids, this gorgeous and colorful giraffe rainbow painting is one to try.  Pencil the outline onto the canvas first, before getting out bright colored paint and brushes. 

Jump over to Easy Peasy and Fun for tutorials

Love crafting with your kids?

Bookmark these for another time:

Preschool Giraffe Activities

Here are some simple giraffe activities for preschool to keep little hands busy while actively learning.  The previous crafts and creative giraffe activities listed will help refine those fine motor skills. Now here are some with a specific learning concept in mind, perfect for preschoolers.  

For supplies and materials for these activities, check out our recommended product list.

G is for Giraffe activity for kids

30. “G” is for Giraffe 

Here’s a cute giraffee activity for kids learning the soft “G”.  Ideal for those that love glitter. So that’s all of them, right?! My daughter will love this one…

Jump over to Crayons and Spice for details

scissor cutting giraffe theme activity

31. Giraffe Hair Cut

Rather than just cut along the dotted line, why not trim the giraffes mane?! An easy giraffe activity is a fun way for kids to hone scissor skills while pretending to be a hairdresser.

Simply make a giraffe head out of cardboard and then attach color paper with zigzag, straight and wavy dotted lines.  Then it’s time to get cutting.

If you have a classroom full of preschoolers, they can do this in turn. When one child is finished, pull all of the mane off and start afresh with new dotted lines for the next child to have a go at. 

Giraffe hair cut from totslab

craft stick and clothespin giraffe craft

32. Craft Stick Giraffe Craft

Clipping on the clothespins in this simple giraffe activity for kids will be great for little ones to develop fine motor skills, specifically helping to strengthen their pincer grasp, necessary for good pencil grip.  

Gather yellow craft sticks, clothespins, cardstock and a brown or black marker and you’re away.

Visit Our Kid Things for details

Finger Puppet Giraffe activities for kids

33. Finger Puppet Giraffe

This giraffe finger puppet craft will make a great role playing activity for kids at preschool. 

Finger puppet giraffe from toddler_s_house

34. Read Giraffe’s Can’t Dance

If you’re looking for a book about giraffes, look no further than Giraffe Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae. It’s a wonderful story that will have little ones giggling and grooving!

Join Gerald the Giraffe’s journey as he discovers that everyone has their unique rhythm. It’s a heartwarming story about embracing individuality and the joy of dancing to your own beat.

Time to gather your kids and get them ready for a giraffe storytime full of laughter with some important life lessons thrown in!

Number Sorter giraffe cut out pattern

35. Giraffe Number Sorter

What a cute and clever DIY giraffe activity for kids to practice counting and number recognition. Simply count the dots and find the number to match.

Giraffe number sorter from our.play.and.diys

Giraffe Spot Counting Cards

36. Giraffe Spot Counting Cards

Learning how to count will never be boring with this giraffe spot counting activity for kids! You can really get creative with your counting spots. Why not try clay, fruit loops or colored beads?

Giraffe spot counting cards from planningplaytime 

Giraffe Alphabet Matching activity for little kids

37. Giraffe Alphabet Matching

Here’s another matching activity, this time lowercase letters to the equivalent capitals. Cute, clever and simple to recreate wtih a few sheets of cardboard.

Giraffe alphabet matching from littleredoctopus

Feed the Giraffe Activity for Kids

38. Feed the Giraffe Activity for Kids

This DIY giraffe activity for kids is another easy way to incorporate learning with fine motor control and finger dexterity.  You could turn this into a color or size sorting activity, using different colored/sized pompom balls or simply stick to counting. 

Once you’ve set it up, it’ll provide some simple no-mess fun time and time again.

Feed the giraffe activity from cintaandco

Learn some giraffe facts

Here are some simple and fun giraffe facts for kids, ideal for circle time fun. They’d also be great to discuss before or after another giraffe activity or craft.

  • Giraffes are the tallest land animals in the world. They can reach heights of up to 18 feet (5.5 meters)!
  • Baby giraffes, called calves, are born as tall as an adult human, around 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall!
  • Their necks can be as long as 6 feet (1.8 meters). They use their necks to reach leaves high up in trees.
  • Giraffes have unique coat patterns with brown spots. No two giraffes have the same pattern, just like human fingerprints!
  • Their hearts can be as large as a basketball! This big heart helps pump blood all the way up their long necks to their brains.
  • Giraffes are herbivores and eat mostly leaves and twigs from trees. Their favorite food is acacia leaves.
  • Giraffes communicate with each other through different sounds, like moos and hisses.
  • Giraffes sleep standing up and only for short periods of time. They take short naps that last around 5 to 30 minutes at a time.


Giraffe Shapes Craft activity

39. Giraffe Shapes Crafts

Here’s an exciting way to practice shape recognition with little ones. The giraffes head and body uses triangles, squares, circles and rectangles.  

Start by handing your preschooler all the shapes they need to complete the giraffe activity. Then one by one, call out the shape they need and allow them to find it before showing them where it goes. 

Giraffe shapes crafts from lovelearnlibrarian

More Giraffe Activities for Kids

Here are some more exciting giraffe activities. Less crafty, but from sensory to games and outdoor giraffe activities for kids with plenty of opportunity for physical movement, there’s something for everyone! 

For supplies and materials for these activities, check out our recommended product list.

40. Make DIY “giraffe” stilts to walk like giraffe

Here’s a simple tutorial to make some stilts out of tin cans.  Kids can then enjoy mimicking the long strides at an elevated height, just like giraffes.

 simple giraffe activities for kids

41. Giraffe dress up

Kids are going to have a blast with a giraffe dress up activity! They get to create their own giraffe costume using paper, fabric and stickers to add spots, a long neck, and cute giraffe ears. It’s a simple, fun way for kids to express themselves and enjoy imaginative play.

42. Pin-the-tail on the giraffe

Gather your little ones for a game of pin-the-tail on the giraffe! Blindfolded little explorers can take turns trying to locate the right place for the tail to go.  This is always a popular game for birthday parties, bringing bringing laughter and excitement to the jungle adventure.

Giraffe Sensory Bag activity for babies, toddlers and kids

43. Giraffe Sensory Bag

Sensory play is great for strengthening fine motor skills and practicing hand-eye coordination. Through this colorful giraffe sensory bag you can introduce new textures and colors to infants without the mess of water or danger of small parts. 

Young toddlers will have an exciting time moving the pompoms around the bag, giving the giraffe it’s own unique spot pattern (or just playing and exploring!).  

Head over to Taming Little Monsters for details

Giraffe Sensory Play for preschoolers

44. Giraffe Sensory Play

Here’s another fun and engaging sensory activity that’s sure to keep the kids busy while you do some chores. Trace a giraffe on a piece of cardboard and supply some yellow playdough.  Then offer a selection of different natural items from inside and out for your kids to give their giraffe some spots.

Giraffe sensory play from allthemumery

Do you love offering your kids sensory activities?

Give these a try:

Yummy Giraffe Treat Activity for Kids

45. Yummy Giraffe Treat Activity for Kids

Tired of all the crafting and reading giraffe books? Take a break and enjoy this yummy and simple giraffe activity for kids to make too!

Giraffe treat activity from littleslovelearningblog

cloud watching outdoor giraffe activities for kids

46. Giraffe Cloud Watching

Lie on the grass and look at the clouds, encouraging kids to identify shapes that resemble giraffes. They can discuss what they see and share their imaginative thoughts.

47. Giraffe Scavenger Hunt Safari 

Scavenger hunts are fun for both indoor and outside play and you incorporate any animal or item you want. So why not organize a safari-style scavenger at home or outside in your backyard or park.

Hide giraffe toys or cut-outs around the area and provide kids with binoculars (a home-made pair or even a single toilet roll will work too!) to spot them.

48. Giraffe Nature Walk

Take a nature walk and encourage kids to observe trees and plants and think about which they could eat as giraffes. They can mimick how they eat, walk and move around, all while looking about them for predators! 

49. Giraffe Yoga Poses

Incorporate giraffe poses into a kids’ yoga session. Mimic giraffe movements and stretches.

50. Giraffe Dance Party

Play music and have a dance party where kids can move like giraffes, with high steps and stretching up to reach those high-up leaves.

Looking for more simple kids’ activities?


Which Giraffe Activity for Kids are You Going to Try First?

Giraffes are such beautiful zoo animals and there’s so much to learn about them. What better way to learn and enjoy them than with one of these easy giraffe activities for kids of all ages. 

Once you’re done why not try some more animal crafts or activites? How about some fun monkey or cute bunny crafts?  Since dinosaurs are such a hit with kids, we also have plenty of cute and easy dino crafts and activities too.

Happy crafting!

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