Recommended Products for Toddler Crafts & Activities

Engaging toddlers in creative and stimulating activities is essential for their growth and development. Crafts and activities provide opportunities for toddlers to explore their senses, express their creativity, and develop fine motor skills.

Additionally, these activities can be a fun and bonding experience for parents and children alike.

Here’s a guide to the must-have products for toddler crafts and activities that will inspire creativity and learning.

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Paper & Cardstock

White cardstock

Black cardstock

recommended paper products for toddler crafts

Assorted colored cardstock – as seen in the lovely handprint flower craft above

Contact paper

Construction paper

Glittered paper

Metallic paper

Large paper pad – suitable for finger painting and other crafts

Easel Paper

8.5 in x 11 in printer paper

Coated paper 

Free-standing easel

Paper plates

Colored tissue paper

Here are some fun crafts to inspire you:

Drawing Supplies

recommended art materials for the kids

Coloring pencils 

Jumbo crayons

Palm grip crayons – egg-shaped so perfect for those first first scribbles for very young toddlers)

Easy grip chalk – also ideal for tiny hands, these chalks feature large rounded plastic handles

Jumbo chalk 

Chalk markers/paint 

Window crayons

Whiteboard/dry erase markers

Chalk pens

Posca pens

Bright markers

Dot markers

Paints & Painting Accessories

Powdered tempera paint

Non-toxic craft paint

recommended paint materials for some art activities

Washable finger paint – as seen in the finger painting activity above

Vegan baby safe paint

Sponge brush set 

Squeezable brush paints

No spill paint cups

Painting apron

Here are some fun painting activity ideas:

Stickers & Sticky Embellishments

Dot stickers

Star stickers

Washi tape

Googly eyes

Sparkly rhinestone stickers

Sparkly gem stones

Other Arts & Crafts Materials

Colored Wooden Craft Sticks

Mini doilies




best art materials for some educational activities

Pompoms – as seen above in this dinosaur pompom craft activity


Craft buttons

Cotton wool balls

Pipe cleaners

Sparkly pipe cleaners

Colored craft sticks

Christmas ornaments using sea glass

Sea glass – used to create the sea glass ornaments above

Pony beads

Cupcake liners

Wooden clothespins

Rubber band 


Sensory Fun

Water beads


Air-dry clay


Styrofoam balls

Useful Tools & Supplies For Crafting

Number and letter stamps

Paper punch circle set

Paper punch shape set

Hot glue gun

Clear drying PVA craft glue

Glitter glue

Glue dabber

art materials to use for crafting and activities

Masking/painters tape – used to this pretty Valentines fingerprint canvas resist art

Round wooden ornaments

Self-inking stamps

Bubble wrap

Honeycomb paper

Brass paper fasteners

Looking for more crafts? Take a look at these:

Toys & Tools for Building Fine Motor Skills 

materials for fine motor skill activities

Mega blocks – these are wonderful toys to use to practice and strengthen fine motor skills. 

Jumbo lacing beads

Plastic salad knives

Toddler scissors


Reusable Sticker Pad

Toddler fine motor toolset

Toddler sized rolling pins

Playdough tools

Supplies For Building Gross Motor Activities


Play silks/dance scarves

bubble machine for some outdoor fun

Automatic bubble machines

Bean bags

For more indoor and outdoor fun activities:

Activity Sets for Creative Play

Crayola coloring board
Travel water mat
Magic water coloring book

Magnetic doodle board – a fun activity when you’re on the go. 
Magnetic wooden dress-up dolls

Household Supplies You May Already Have At Home

Elastic bands

Dry pasta

Cookie cutters

Cocktail sticks

Plastic straws as seen above in this clothespin car craft.

Kitchen utensils 

Muffin pans

Ice trays


Let’s Start Crafting

Choosing the right products for toddler crafts and activities sets the stage for a world of creativity and learning. These recommended items will not only entertain but also contribute to their development of essential skills.

Time to dive into the world of colors and imaginative play with these must-have products for your next craft activity and watch as your toddler’s creativity grow through these fun and educational experiences.

For more toddler craft activities for different occasions, try these:

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