Recommended Products for Festive Christmas Activities

Welcome to the festive world of Christmas crafts and activities for toddlers! As the holiday season approaches, engaging your little ones in creative and joyful experiences becomes a heartwarming tradition.

To assist your crafty adventures this festive season, we’ve created a long list of recommended products that promise endless fun and imaginative exploration for your tiny tots.

These carefully selected items, from Christmas stickers to holiday-themed tools, are designed to spark the holiday spirit while nurturing your child’s creativity.

Get ready to create cherished memories and watch your little ones light up with excitement as they start their Christmas crafts!

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finished christmas tree craft activity

Paper & Cardstock

White cardstock

Assorted cardstock 

Blank cards

Festive patterned paper

Contact paper

Construction paper

Christmas printed tissue paper

Tissue paper circles

finished paper plate santa mask craft

Paper plates – used in this paper plate Santa craft mask

Glittered paper

Metallic paper


Christmas present stickers

Dot stickers

Finished Christmas Collage craft activity

Festive foam glitter stickers – you can use to decorate collage crafts like this upcycled Christmas collage.

Star stickers


Snowman stickers

Nativity stickers

Here’s some more Christmas craft inspiration: 

Sticky Embellishments

Washi tape

Finished paintchip christmas cards

Sparkly rhinestone stickers – used to decorate these simple paint chip Christmas tree cards.

Sparkly gem stones

For some fun festive FREE printables, try these:

Other Materials For Festive Crafts

The following are particularly good for Christmas ornament crafts:

Wood slices

Mini clothespins

Finished Christmas ornament using Christmas bauble

Clear plastic baubles – used to create the above festive pompom Christmas ornament

Air-dry clay

Polystyrene stars

Mini wreathes

Battery-operated tea lights 

Shrink film

For more Christmas ornament inspiration try:

Other Embellishments To Accessorize Crafts

Mini doilies






Christmas Snowman card crafts

Craft buttons – used here in these snowman Christmas cards.

Cotton wool balls

Sparkly pipe cleaners

Colored craft sticks

Googly eyes

Christmas ornaments using sea glass

Sea glass – used to create these sea glass ornaments.

Pony beads


Styrofoam balls

Faux snow

Cupcake liners

Useful Tools & Supplies For Crafting

These are good for crafts at Christmas as well as other times of the year:

Painters tape

Number and letter stamps

Paper punch circle set

Paper punch shape set

Finished decorated salt dough Christmas tree ornaments

Festive metal cookie cutters – used in the salt dough ornament craft above

Snowflake cookie cutters

Hot glue gun

Clear drying PVA craft glue

Glue dabber

Toddler scissors

Modge podge

For Christmas-themed sensory activities, try these:

Paints & Pens

Washable finger paint

Powdered tempera paint

Chalkboard paint

Chalk pens

Posca pens

Bright markers

Finished Christmas tree ornament made from pasta and silver paint

Silver spray paint – used to spray these pasta Christmas tree ornaments

Sensory Fun

Water beads

Christmas bells


Fake snow

Christmas sensory play material for kids

Epsom Salt – used in this colored salt Christmas Tree

Ready to Start Crafting

With these recommended products and materials, your Christmas crafts and activities are sure to shine. Whether you’re creating handmade ornaments or personalized cards, these items provide endless possibilities for expressing your creativity and spreading holiday cheer.

Time to gather your little ones and let the magic of Christmas crafting begin!


For more inspiration for other seasonal events, try the following:

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