30 Gorgeous Easy Nursery Painting Ideas for Baby Boys, Girls & Toddlers

As a mom of (too?!) many little ones, I’ve loved prepping the nursery and getting everything ready for each new arrival.  Nurseries aren’t just regular rooms—they’re magic places where your baby grows and their dreams bloom.

It’s such an exciting journey, creating a space that’s not just cozy and practical, but inspires and sparks imagination. Of course, it’s not without its challenges. Deciding your vision and direction has always been the hardest part for me and this is where the research comes in.

These nursery painting ideas will help get you started. 

From cool murals to calming pastel shades, your chosen color and design can transform the space. Whether you’re looking for nursery wall painting ideas for your newborn or your toddler, let’s make sure their room is as special as they are!

Baby Boy Nursery Painting Ideas

Guess what? Blue walls are not your only option! You will be inspired by this list of baby boy nursery painting ideas – from modern to classic, calming to adventurous. This guide will help you create a nursery with a unique style and welcome your little man in style.

blue and white baby boy nursery painting ideas
Source: morganmcak

Serenity In White And Soft Blue 

Imagine this serene space: soft blue walls, crisp white furniture, and warm wooden accents. I can almost see a little boy slowly drifting off to sleep, surrounded by calm and peace. And the best part? Achieving this tranquil atmosphere is easy with a simple classic color pallette.

disney themed nursery room painting ideas
Source: staceyklein.co

Magical Journery To Disneyland

Have you ever been captivated by Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” ride? That feeling is exactly what drew me to this DIY nursery painting idea. Each stroke, a labor of love by a dedicated mother, transforms the walls into a magical wonderland for her little one. Isn’t it delightful! 

green feature nursery wall
Source: miranda_marri

Rustic Charm: A Dark Green  Nursery Haven

Want a simple yet warm nursery vibe? Take a look at this rich, dark green wall. It creates a beautiful backdrop for a classic rich wooden crib and furniture, giving the whole space a cozy, rustic feel.

I love the name sign hanging on the wall – it adds a personal touch to the room. 

We have plenty more green nursery ideas here.

DIY nursery wall painting idea using stencil
Source: evergracedesigns

DIY Nursery Wall Art With Stencils

Isn’t it impressive how this Mama totally rocked her nursery decor? Just check out the stunning stenciled walls – what a transformation!

What a wonderful DIY nursery painting idea, proving that with a little creativity and effort, you can achieve remarkable results without breaking the bank on wallpaper.

outer space celestial themed nursery
Source: Aliceinsheff

Starry Dreams: Celestial-Themed Baby Boy Nursery

Want to create a magical starry night for your little man? Paint a dark-colored accent wall, like navy blue or deep charcoal, for a dramatic base and add constellation stickers for that magical touch. This baby boy nursery painting idea will turn bedtime into a cosmic adventure!

Love the outer-space theme? We have more out-of-this-world nursery ideas here that will make your little astronaut feel right at home.

horizontal and slanted stripes for accent wall
Source: kristinmccueinteriors

Modern Stripes

Want a modern twist for your nursery without a ton of work? Here’s a fun and abstract nursery painting idea that uses a combination of horizontal and diagonal dark blue lines with gray accent lines. The result is a visually stimulating space for your baby boy.

dinosaur decal for nursery
Source: peony_rose_home

Dino-Mite Nursery Wall

This nursery is a dino-mite dream for a little boy! The dark blue panel and colorful dinosaur decals create a cool backdrop that is sure to spark his imagination and possibly a future love of paleontology.

In time, he can enjoy dinosaur crafts, dino sensory play, books and toys in his very own Jurassic nursery!

black and white nursery room painting ideas for twins
Source: xxtinee

Black And White Elegance

I love this simple monochrome painting idea in this twin nursery. It’s modern and, somehow, dramatic and calming all at the same time!  

Looking for more ideas for you dynamic duo? Check out this list of gorgeous twin nursery ideas

safari themed nursery
Source: at_home_with_taddy

Little Explorer Jungle Nursery

Look at this adorable jungle nursery, it has such a clever and unique painted wall. The dalmatian print is hand-painted. This has to be one of my favorite DIY nursery painting ideas so far, creating a unique spotted backdrop.

Framed animal pictures of your little one’s jungle pals decorate the space, while cuddly stuffed friends hang out by the crib, ready for playtime adventures.

colorful baby boy nursery painting ideas
Source: fargedrom

Playful DIY Wall Mural Idea For The Nursery

These nursery walls are a burst of color and creativity. The playful hand-painted wall mural features abstract patterns and bright hues, for a bold, one-of-a-kind space. It’s certainly one of the more unique nursery room painting ideas out there.

We have plenty more baby boy nursery & decor ideas here.  

Sweet Baby Girl Nusery Painting Ideas

Decorating a nursery for your little girl is a thrilling adventure. But with endless color palettes and design themes, how are you going to choose the perfect paint? 

Fear not, from whimsical to serene and from classic to modern, these girly nursery painting ideas are here to save the day.

DIY daisies for baby girl nursery painting ideas
Source: sandiegoplaydays

Sweet Daisies 

Dreaming of sweet boho vibes for your baby girl’s nursery? Try hand-painted daisies on the walls to add precious charm to the space.

pastel rainbow nursery wall painting
Source: Allthingslovelyhome

Pastel Rainbow Magic:

This nursery is a dream come true for pastel-loving mamas! Soft, painted rainbows wrap around the room, taking center stage, creating a haven that is stunning yet calming.

With dramatic painting ideas like this, ensure the furniture and other decor is understated and doesn’t try to compete. These soft pale and neutral hues pictured are spot on. 

rainbow stripes for baby girl nursery
Source: Crysleedesign

Pastel Rainbow Stripes

Loving the rainbow theme but don’t fancy painting an arch? For a simpler nursery painting idea, try rainbow stripes in pastel shades to create a feature wall and beautiful backdrop to the rest of the room.

If the curtains seem a little sheer, and you want to prevent your baby from waking up early or encourage longer daytime naps, consider investing in blackout curtains. This simple change will make a significant difference!

In love with the rainbow idea? We have more rainbow nursery ideas here

green wall with floral accent wall for nursery
Soruce: julieknowlesdesigns

Dreamy Florals And Soft Greens

The gorgeous sage-green paint paired with the oversized floral mural on the sloping ceiling, has a magical, canopy-like effect, creating a cosy space. 

dreamy clouds nursery wall painting ideas
Source: jenniecohenn

Cloud Nine: A Dreamy Twin Nursery Haven

This twin nursery is a dream come true! The hand-painted clouds on the nursery walls are so realistic, they look like they’re floating right above the cribs. It’s the sweetest detail, creating a calming space for the little twincess.

oranges and green accent wall for the baby room
Source: sandiegoplaydays

Cheerful Citrus Vibes

This nursery bursts with summer vibes! A beautiful dark green wall panel adds depth, while hand-painted oranges bring a cheerful touch, matching the crib bedding. It’s a unique and inspiring wall painting idea for a baby’s room.

pink and fruits accent nursery wall
Source: geebungalow

Fruity Fun: Mom’s Hand-Painted Nursery Mural

How cute and colorful is this nursery! Mom did a fantastic job hand-painting a variety of fruit on the walls, creating a bright and happy space perfect for her little girl. What a delightful painting idea to try!

pink and cream simple nursery painting ideas
Source: firsthomechesham

A Sweet Pink Serenity

If you’re thinking of a simple and serene room for your little girl, this nursery may be for you. This baby room features a delightful blend of muted pink and ivory, a classic and charming combination.

simple nursery painting ideas full of history
Source: aria_design

A Generation Of Love

This nursery is bursting with love and family keepsakes. Every corner tells a story, from the wall mural—a heartfelt creation by her great-grandmother—to the dresser made by mom.

This space celebrates both the past and the future and will be such a happy place for a little girl surrounded by the love of her family.

Gender Neutral Nursery Painting Ideas

Planning a nursery but keeping the gender a surprise? Or struggling to settle on a theme and leaning towards something neutral? These nursery room painting ideas for either boys or girls are here to inspire and guide you. 

nursery wall arc accent
Source: deannkristine

A Simple Neutral Nursery

Are you looking for a simple nursery paint idea for your little one’s room? This nursery is a great example! The Mom painted a soft brown arch on the wall to frame the crib and create a focal point in the nursery.  

The rest of the room is finished in a calming neutral color palette. Simple yet so stylish. 

yellow stripes nursery wall painting ideas
Source: geebungalow

Yellow Stripe Sunshine Delight 

Brighten your baby’s world with sunshine yellow stripes. This simple paint effect has transformed the nursery into a cheerful haven. Doesn’t it feel like warm rays of the sun are enveloping the cot?

terracotta orange nursery wall
Source: thejones_home

An Unexpected Terracotta Magic

Want to try something a little gutsy in your baby girl’s nursery? You’re not alone! This Mama took a chance with a terracotta accent wall, and the result is amazing. Deep orange isn’t a common choice, but it creates a warm and inviting space.

This painting idea may inspire you to embrace bold colors when decorating your nursery.

circus inspired diy nursery painting ideas
Source: dominiquejohnsoninteriors

Cheerful Circus-Top Nursery Walls

This nursery is like a circus act in the best way possible. Instead of the usual red, Mom picked a sunshine yellow and white theme. It’s so bright and cheery.

I’m sure there was a lot of painter’s tape involved, but that crisp striped ceiling sure was worth it. I’m just loving this DIY nursery painting idea!

limewash easy nursery painting ideas
Source: thehousewoman

Textured Nursery With Limewash Painting

I’m absolutely obsessed with those walls! Limewash is such a genius idea – it gives a soft, textured finish with a cool, chalky feel that’s far from overwhelming. One of the best and most unique nursery room painting ideas I’ve ever come across.

Nursery Painting Ideas For Toddlers

If you’re planning to update your nursery now that your little one is a little older, here are some fun nursery painting ideas for toddlers.

From vibrant murals to playful patterns, these designs will not only stimulate the imagination but create a nurturing environment for growth and development.  With a splash of paint and a little creativity, you can quickly transform the space. The possibilities are endless!

pastel rainbow room for toddlers
Source: thethriftyteacherlady

Sweet & Simple DIY Toddler Room Makeover

Who wouldn’t love this toddler room for a little girl or boy? Mom gave it a makeover herself and it didn’t break the bank.  It’s such a lovely choice of colors, with warm pastels complementing the existing grey-blue panelled wall, and the black spots throughout. 

It’s such a simple and effective DIY nursery painting idea.

simple baby boy nursery painting ideas
Source: mumlife_holly

Less is More: A Fun & Functional Nursery

Bright blue walls with playful scallops set the stage for this little one’s world. Favorite toys and books, along with a simple and functional bookshelf, complete the picture.  

If you’re unsure how to store and display all those books and toys, here are plenty more bookshelf ideas to inspire.

vintage blue toddler room
Source: katecheney_

Vintage Classic Toddler Room

If you like the vintage vibe, this muted blue paired with classic and simple furniture, layered with cozy textures is worthy of consideration. I love the rustic checkered rug – it really adds timeless charm to this little boys room, making the space feel just right.

boho painting idea for girl toddlers
Source: sophieellaandme

Boho Rainbow And Floral Bliss

Just look at this cute boho-inspired toddler room—it’s an absolute delight! And those flower decals? The earthy browns and soft beiges perfectly match the two-tone nursery wall, giving this room an incredible vibe.

fun and colorful nursery painting ideas for toddlers
Source: our.home.le.fleur

A Toddler’s Colorful Wonderland

Stepping into this toddler room feels like jumping into a giant coloring book! The walls are bursting with fun and playful doodles, and here’s the kicker: they’re all painted!

But here’s the best part—you can also get them as decals, because guess what? The mom sells these! Seriously, as a little girl, this kind of room was totally my dream. Click the link below the photo to recreate this fun wall idea with complete ease. 

under the sea toddler room for boys
Source: sophiecarroll_22

Under The Sea Escape

This little adventurer’s room is diving deep into some under-the-sea fun. The walls are painted a calming shade of blue, and those perfect waves? They’re all thanks to a clever stencil! I love this easy DIY nursery painting idea for room full of ocean adventures.

Inspired By These Nursery Room Painting Ideas? Let’s Paint!

With a little planning and creativity, you can transform your nursery walls into a magical space that sparks your child’s imagination and fosters a sense of wonder.

Remember, the most important ingredient is love. So, choose colors and themes that resonate with you and your family, and don’t be afraid to add personal touches that make the room truly special. Enjoy the process of creating a cozy haven where your little one can thrive and grow.

Next step: choosing paint. Make sure it’s non-toxic and low in VOCS. Check out our nursery paint guide here.


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