29 Best Activities & Learning Games For A 4 Month Old Baby

Wondering what to do with a 4 month old all day? Here you’ll find 25 simple activities for 4 month olds.

The 4-month mark is a big milestone.  The newborn baby days are over,  your baby is becoming more social and their personality is starting to show.

You’ll find your baby is looking for more stimulation so you’ll need some simple activities up your sleeve to keep your 4-5 month old busy. 

As their vision develops, a 4-month-old is becoming more aware of their surroundings, and you are hopefully getting those nice rewarding smiles when you walk into the room. They are starting to reach for objects and possibly even rolling over. 

A 4-month-old is beginning to explore. Playing with your baby will help to support and encourage their development.

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What to do with a 4 month old all day?

The best thing to do with your 4 month old is to provide them with active stimulation, in between the main daily activities involved in looking after a baby.  

When your baby is content and looking to engage with you and their surroundings, offer additional stimulation.  Talk to them, sing and read books to your baby.  Provide them with new and interesting objects to touch, shake and explore.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to be engaging.  Having your baby accompany you as you do other household chores will engage and entertain too.

From physical and sensory activities to tummy time and outdoor activities, below you’ll find the best activities for 4 months old to inspire you and start you on the journey.

Do I need to play with my 4-month-old all the time?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to play with your 4-month-old all the time.  However, it is necessary to play with them at some point every day. This is vital for their development.

Playing with your 4-month-old will teach them to socialize and encourage them to reach those important milestones. However, it’s also important to allow and teach your baby to play independently.

And if you are wondering what to do with a 4-month-old all day, remember that your 4-month-old still needs quite a bit of sleep.  The play windows remain fairly short in between naps.  Be sure to offer stimulation when your baby is alert and awake and watch for cues that they’ve had enough.

best daily activities for 5 month old

Can babies watch TV at 4 months?

A 4-month-old baby should not be watching TV.  Although your baby may love staring at the bright colors and the movement on the screen, their brain is unable to make sense of it. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, screen time before 18 months can have a negative effect on children’s language development, reading skills, and short-term memory. It can also lead to problems with sleep and attention. 

Experts, therefore, recommend that screen time should be avoided before the age of 18 months. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some uninterrupted time to get things done. 

Babies can learn to be independent and entertain themselves.  Instead of reaching for the remote, set up some toys and board books on a blanket and let them explore or try an activity chair or bouncer. 

how to keep 5 month old busy to help develop milestones

4 months baby development 

All babies develop at different rates but this is a guideline of what your baby should be starting to do by 4 months old.  Reaching these developmental milestones will be aided by the simple activities mentioned in this post.

Visual perception

By 4 months old your baby’s vision has developed enough to be able to focus on things, and they’ll be seeing different shades of color.

If you move something across in front of them, they should be able to follow it, as well as recognizing familiar faces and favorite toys. 

Sound perception

Your baby should by now be able to recognize and react to familiar voices and pinpoint where a sound is coming from. When you speak your baby should turn to you, and they may even start responding to their name. 

what to do with a 4 month old all day to encourage language and communication skills

Social skills, language and communication 

Facial Expressions

You should start seeing your 4-month-old baby making different facial expressions. Get your camera ready as there will be lots of smiling! They’ll also start to show different emotions such as frustration and irritation. 


The babbling also really begins at this stage as your baby is practicing their language skills.

You’ll get expressions of joy, squeals of delight, raspberry blowing, and plenty of babbling as your baby starts to talk to you and themselves. 

Gross motor skills

By 4 months, your baby should have good head control when held upright. They should have developed enough core strength in their neck to raise their head whilst lying facedown. 

Legs are strengthening, enabling them to push against a surface, and they may be attempting to roll over.

Fine motor skills

Their hand-eye coordination should have reached a stage where they can pull things towards themselves and grasp objects, which will most likely go straight into their mouth!

How can I help my baby learn?

There are many simple things you can do with your baby at home to help them learn. You don’t need to worry about eduacational activities for your 4 month old as such.  Play and interact with them as much as you can, and you can’t go too wrong. 

Talking to your baby, making eye contact and facial expressions, as well as listening and responding to them, will help them learn about language and communication.

Make an inviting space with color, patterns, shapes, and different textures for them to explore.

Encourage your baby to play with baby books, read with them, and look at the pictures. Touch and learn books with different textures are brilliant for this. 

And remember for a baby, things never get boring! They love repetition and it’s the best way to learn. 

Daily activities for 4 month olds

Here are some super simple daily activities for 4 month olds, many of which you may already be doing.   

Baby pull up activity for 4 month old baby

1. Baby pull ups

The development of motor skills starts with building muscle tone.   This means allowing your baby the opportunity to move as well as exposing your baby to different movements.   Baby pull ups is one such way. 

Move your 4 month old from lying on her back to sitting up simply by holding her hands and gently pulling them into a seated position.  This will aid the development of core muscles, arm and shoulder muscles.

Older siblings can try this too. My elder daughter loved doing this with her baby sister, as you can see in the photo above.   Of course, I was there to closely supervise.

2. Assisted standing

Another movement based daily activity for 4 month olds, this time working the leg muscles.  Simply support your baby in a standing postion.

Try holding their body while they push up with their legs. You can do this on the floor as they’ll be well supported.

Or, on a soft surface like the bed, hold their hands and see if they can support themselves when you pull them up. At 4 months old they’re likely to slump down quickly, hence the need for a soft, cushioned landing!  

This excercise can also help relieve constipation and help your baby poop!

story time as a daily activity for 5 month old

3. Story Time

The importance of reading to young children is well documented. It introduces new concepts, builds listening skills and helps develop vocab.  The younger they start the better.

So if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to add storytime as a daily activity for your 4 month old. Perfect as part of a bedtime routine, but you really can’t read too much to your baby. If you can, try to find time in the day too. 

Let your baby hold the book if they want to, point at the pictures, and make sounds. Animal noises and other funny noises you can add in are sure to engage and delight!

peek-a-boo to keep your little ones entertained

4. Peek-a-boo

Adored by all babies, peek-a-boo is such a simple way to keep your little one entertained. It is great for social development, building gross motor skills, and helping your baby to understand object permanence, the concept that something exists even if it can’t be seen.

It works well using a scarf over your head or hiding behind a chair or curtain and popping out. 

5. Blowing raspberries

Whilst changing your baby’s clothes or diaper, blow raspberries on your baby’s tummy. A simple daily activity for 4 month olds that’s sure to get some smiles and maybe even a giggle at the unusual sound and the tickly sensation.  It’ll also encourage them to make their own noises. 

6. Talking to your baby

If you have a dog or another pet, you’re probably used to having a one-sided conversation.  If you don’t, it may seem daft to talk to your baby.  But it’s not!

It’s so important to regularly talk to your 4 month old.  You are everything to your baby and he wants to hear your voice.  It is vital for social and emotional development, and the babbling and baby coos you get back will be him copying sounds. 

If you’re not sure where to get started, try running through your mental list of to-dos – I’m sure you’ll have plenty!  Or simply narrate what you’re doing, as you go about your day.

twins practicing to sit as part of gross motor activity

7. Holding/propping your 4 month old in a sitting position

Babies can normally sit unaided around the 6 month mark but need plenty of practise getting to that point.  You can help your baby develop the upper body and back muscles by holding them upright  in a sitting position, an important daily activity for 4 month olds. 

There are many ways to do this.  Just holding your baby on your lap or in front of you is all you need to do.  Alternatively you can use some kind of support cushion (pictured) or seat for some hands free time!

A foam baby seat does the job too and has the option of a play table add on, making it a versatile accessory (great for baby led weaning).

8. Singing

Singing to your baby, particularly nursery rhymes, is a great way to engage and entertain. As well as introducing your baby to rhythm, it is thought to help develop language and communication skills

You probably find yourself singing and humming to your baby to settle and calm them so it’s probably in your repertoire of daily activities for 4 month olds already. 

If you feel a little shy, but some music on and sing along.  You’ll soon find out which are your baby’s favorite songs.

how to keep 5 month old busy using kitchen utensils

9. Exploring different objects

Babies love to explore different objects and they do so with their hands, feet, and mouths.  Give your baby interesting yet safe objects in different shapes and textures – squishy, soft, fluffy, hard – and leave them to play. 

A soft silicon spatula, a wooden spoon, a soft bristled brush, a fluffy hat, a feather and so on.  You’re sure to have plenty of things of interest at home for your baby to explore.

Hand them to your baby while in their bouncy chair, lying on their back or during tummy time.

Not only does this allow your baby to experience different textures and shapes, it’ll help lay the foundation for proprioreception, the sense of body awareness.  They’ll begin to understand that different objects need a different grip to be handled securely.

Simple sensory activities for 4 month old baby

Sensory play activities are so important for young children. Even at 4 months old, you can easily offer your baby plenty of opportunity to explore new and interesting textures and sensations on a daily basis, helping to develop their sense of touch.

Here are some easy sensory activities for a 4 month old baby to try at home.

sensory play to keep 5 month old busy

10. Sensory bottles or bags

Homemade sensory bags or bottles are a safe and convenient way to offer sensory activities for a 4 month old baby.  You can make these with anything you have at home. 

You want to create something unique and interesting in some way.  E.g. that’s visually stimulating, has an interesting texture or is nice and noisy when shaken.

Sensory bottle and bag ideas

You can make a simple sensory bottle slash noise maker with pasta, rice or beads in an plastic bottle (with tightly fitted or taped lid).  Make a few for some homemade musical instruments.

Or try pompoms or sparkly sequins floating in water to mesmerise and stimulate the visual senses.

You can make a sensory bag by sealing shut or a plastic bag or with a Ziplock. Try colorful blobs of paint which can be poked at and squished, water beads (unsafe at this age otherwise) or any other items with interesting textures.

Sensory balloon eggs are also simple to try and easy to make. Fill regular balloons with a different things from the kitch, pine kernels, flour for example, tie the top and get squishing!

(They’re also kind of egg shaped, so a fun and simple Easter themed activity for your little one.)

bath time as a fun sensory activity for a 5 month old baby

11. Splashing and enjoying the water

If bathtime is part of your regular bedtime routine, you’ll baby will probably be enjoying this simple sensory activity for a 4 month old on a daily basis.  Babies tend to love splashing in the water.

You can also squeeze water from a sponge over their tummy or squirt water over them with a baby bath toy.

12. Exploring different textures

You’re sure to have many interesting textures around the house that your 4 month old will enjoy exploring.  Try lying your baby on  a big fluffy rug with just their diaper while on their back or during tummy time.

Or when on their back, place different materials, like aluminium foil or shredded cardboard (from packing boxes) under their feet. Try a tray of water so that when they kick their legs they splash the water.

After bathtime, what about a bit of tickling with a feather?  The possibilities are simply endless!

It should go without saying, but don’t leave your baby unattended during any play sessions. 

For more sensory fun when your baby is a little older try:

Tummy time activities for 4 month olds

Tummy time is an important daily activity for a 4 month old, for all young babies in fact.  Tummy time can also help relieve and calm gassiness.

tummy time helps strengthen baby's muscle

Why is tummy time so important?

Tummy time is important for your baby’s physical development.  Laying your baby on their stomach for brief periods (a few minutes is plenty) whilst they are awake, helps strengthen neck muscles as well as the arms and shoulders.

These are all muscles necessary for rolling over, crawling, pulling themselves up, and eventually walking.

Some babies love tummy time, and others not so much. I had one who absolutely hated it! So here are a few ideas to try and keep your little one distracted and entertained whilst on their tummy. 

playing with water makes a fun sensory activity for 4-5 month old

Tummy time activity from lovevery.europe

13. Tummy time with a tray of water

Don’t save water play just for bath time.  Your 4 month old is sure to love splashing around at any time of day and this is a particularly good way to encourage a baby not keen on tummy time.

Simply fill a shallow dish with water and put it in front of your baby. Your baby can touch the water and splash their hands in it. You could also add some toys, like rubber ducks or a little plastic ball to push or float around

14. Tummy time with a water mat

You can also buy a water mat designed for tummy time. This is simply a plastic mat, with floating objects inside. Fill it with water, seal, and lie your baby on top to squish and enjoy. 

You could also easily make your own with a large freezer bag, or plastic wallet, just make sure you seal it properly! 


mirror sensory play for babies up to 1 year olds

15. Tummy time with a mirror

Babies also love looking in a mirror and will be fascinated by their own face looking back. Not only will this keep your baby entertained, but it is also great for social and emotional development. 

16. Mini Airplanes!

The airplane game is great fun for young kids and this is the baby/toddler version, hence the “mini”.  Of all the tummy time activities for 4 month olds mentioned, this is the only one where you play an active part.

Lie on your baby with your knees tucked up towards your chin. Now place your baby, tummy down, onto your shins while you hold their hands or by the waist.  So your baby is flying a bit like an airplane.

Now you’re in position, the world is your oyster!  Talk to your baby, pull faces.  You can also gently move your legs so baby moves up and down, helping to develop awareness of body position.

You’ll probably be rewarded with smiles and a bit of dribble!

(For older kids, extend your legs up and they must balance on your feet, while you hold their hands. Then encourage them to let go to fly like an airplane.)

Physical activities for 4 month old

Incorporating some physical activities for your 4 month old is a fun way to spend time with them and will help them develop gross and fine motor skills.  These will also help strengthen cognitive reasoning.

work on hand-eye coordination by letting baby reach for toys

17. Reaching for toys

Hold your baby in your lap and get them to reach for a toy. Help them to switch it from one hand to the other, working on hand-eye coordination. 

Alternatively, a play mat offers them this opportunity. They’ll be constantly reaching out and trying to bat and grab on to the toys.

balloons keep babies entertained, this makes a fun daily activity for 5 month old

18. Balloon bashing

There is something about kids and balloons, and babies are no exception, they are fascinated by them.  

Simply tie a ballooon to your baby’s bouncy chair and let them get bashing.  Your baby will love trying to grab the balloon, knocking it around, and will be encouraged to move with it. 

It’s such a fun physical activity for 4 month olds – look how much my daughter loved it!

Top tip: to try and avoid the balloon popping, try not to over fill it.  

19. Wrist and foot rattles

Wrist rattles are a fun age-appropriate toy for this age.  Simply strap some to your baby’s wirsts or ankles for some simple fun and stimulation in an instant.  The more your 4 month old moves, the more noise they’ll make. 

Great for sound perception and encouraging your baby to keep moving. 

20. Let’s get ready to roll!

If your 4 month old is attempting to roll, this is a physical activity in itself and one you can encourage.  Hold toys or items of interest just out of reach to encourage them to move and roll to reach it. 

You may find your baby is trying one side more than the other. Help them with that side first or if they tire, try switching to the other side.

Brain development activities for 4 month old

Cognitive development is constantly unfolding in your baby’s brain.  Incorporating some simple educational activities for your 4 month old to enrich this development is important. 

Plenty of the activities already mentioned also have a cognitive element, but here are a few more. 

puppet show to entertain and interact with your 5 month old baby

21. Puppet shows

Hand or finger puppets are a lovely way to interact with your baby. Talk to your baby as if it’s the puppet, move it in close to your baby, and let them touch and explore it. 

22. Source Of The Sound

Using a baby rattle or musical instrument, make noises in different places to see whether your baby can identify where the sound is coming from.

Try above their head, behind their back, and even hidden under a scarf or towel to see if they can follow it. 

Let your baby also have a go with the rattle, they will love creating the noise and it will help them learn about cause and effect. 

Montessori activities for 4 month old

The Montessori concept places a strong emphasis on developing life skills through hands-on learning. The environment should invite your baby in and encourage them to explore and be independent.  

There’s also the “practical life” Montesorri concept, that focusses on self-care and care of the environment.  

It’s simple to offer some Montessori activities to your 4 month old at home that align with these principles.  

sensory play using different materials as daily activities for 5 month old

23. Sensory treasure basket

It is easy to create your own Montessori treasure basket at home with regular household items.

You can use anything that is safe for your baby to hold and put in their mouth, but try to give your baby a variety of textures, sizes, weights, and colors to explore.

Some ideas include:

  • Wooden spoon, spatula, whisk
  • Silk scarf, ribbon
  • Bean bag, soft ball
  • Rubber bath toys, toy rattle, foam block or bell
  • Wooden baby toys
  • Old spice container
  • A small mirror your baby can safely hold
  • Stacking or sorting cups
  • A soft brush

Place a number of items in a soft-sided basket or box on the floor within reach of your baby and let your baby decide what they are going to reach for.

At 4 months, your baby won’t be able to sit unaided, so try this during tummy time or while well supported.

24. Explore nature – sensory – grass, leaves, pine cones etc

Here’s a lovely and simple Montessori activity for 4 month olds that’ll help foster a love for the environment.  Gather different items from outside, such as a pine cone, a rock, sticks, crunchy leaves, or any other natural material you can find with different textures.

If it’s a nice warm day, you can do this with your baby and explore them as you go.  It can be a collect and explore activity for your 4 month old.  Let your baby touch and hold the objects and play with them safely.

In the cooler months, bring your hoard from nature inside for the exploratory part.

25. Observing chores

Observing chores is in keeping with the Montessori concept of looking after yourself and your environment. It may sound boring (and of course, it is boring for us mums) but don’t underestimate what your 4 month old will find interesting!

Remember that everything is new to them and the world will hold constant fascination.  

Set your baby up in a position where they can see – bouncy chairs are great for this – while you prep the dinner, load the dishwasher or fold laundry. This is a great time to chat and talk to your baby too.

Outdoor activities for 4 month olds

Being outside in the fresh air and with nature is good for everyone, mom especially.

(There’s nothing better than blowing away the cobwebs if you’re baby’s waking up frequently at night! Likewise if they’re an early riser…)

Although this is easier in the summer months, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the great outdoors in the winter too. You’ll just need to make sure your baby is well wrapped up.

Being outside is a wonderful sensory experience for your baby with all the new sights, different sounds, smells, and even differences in temperature.

Read on for things to do with a 4-month-old outside.

26. Go for a walk

Pop your baby in the buggy or baby carrier and simply go for a walk. The fresh air and change of scenery will do you both the world of good and your baby will love watching the world around them.

You can enjoy a quiet walk to the park or do some window shopping.  

outdoor sensory experience for 4-5 month old

27. Play on a blanket or on the grass

Another very simple outdoor activity for 4 month olds.  Take a blanket and move your play outside.

Try some tummy time and your 4 month old will have a whole new world to explore.  They’ll love trying to reach for the grass or leaves.

When they tire of that, let them lie on their back under a tree.  The dappled light on a sunny day will be mesmerizing.  Lie next to your baby and enjoy. (And try not to fall asleep!)

fun outdoor activities for 4-5 month old with Mom or Dad

28. Visit a playground

Playgrounds are great for exploring and experiencing new sensations, surfaces, and textures.  It’s definitely worth a short trip in the car if there’s nothing close by.

At 4 months, start with the swings, your baby will love the swinging sensation and smiles are guaranteed. If there are no baby swings, carry your baby in a wrap and swing with them attached.  Safe for them and relaxing for you.

As your baby gets older and more independent they can start exploring other play equipment. 

29. Bubbles

Children love bubbles and are fascinated by them from an early age. Bubble-making machines are great for this, but of course, there is nothing wrong with the old-fashioned blowing bubbles yourself!

Watch your baby as his eyes follow the bubbles as they drift away.  Blow some close enough for your 4 month old to reach out and attempt to touch them.  This will strengthen visual skills and aid the development of hand-eye coordination. 

help develop your 4-5 month old baby through different activities


Ready to start on the best activities for 4 month olds? 

These are some really simple developmental activities to keep your baby busy and stimulated at home. Hopefully, this list of educational activities for 4 month old shows that you do not need a huge number of toys and expensive props.

The best things are often what you already have at home. 

This is a really exciting time in your baby’s development, you’ll find that you are getting so much more back from them. It may even feel like you’re beginning to communicate, and you’ll really notice their little personality starting to come through. 

By playing and engaging with your active baby on a daily basis you are encouraging this development and nurturing their newfound skills.

It’s also a lovely way to bond and have fun together. Enjoy!

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